All the Rage: Red Wedding Dress

April 19, 2021

Indian weddings don’t have a something new, something old, something borrowed, or something blue. We tend to stick to reds. What are the reasons most brides have a red wedding dress and is it a faux pas if you don’t? See our insights below:

Significance of the Color Red

According to the HuffPost, the color red has several meanings, such as “fear and fire, wealth and power, purity, fertility, seduction, love, and beauty.”1 In indian culture, red is auspicious and represents the starting of a new life- a new life as a married woman. According to astrology, Mars is the planet in charge of marriages and since Mars is red, it plays into the tradition of new brides donning red lenghas on their wedding.

Pic taken by: Sidd Rishi Studio and Rolling Canvas

Do I Have to Wear Red?

No, you’re not forced to wear red on your wedding day if red just isn’t the color for you. For some brides, there’s just something classic about wearing a red lengha on their wedding. However, many brides nowadays want to stand out and wear a dress that they haven’t already seen a million times. An option might be to opt for other colors, but have hints of red in your wedding dress, whether on the blouse or the embroidery. Keep in mind that no matter the color of your dress, the color red will still be a part of your wedding in your henna and in your sindoor. So feel free to browse the unique new lenghas out there and know that while your lengha might not be red, it doesn’t stop your day or new life from being auspicious.

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Are you more of a traditional bride that’s in love with the red lenghas or a new modern bride that’s looking for something out of the box? Let us know!

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