Top 10 Valentine's Day Ideas For Long-Distance Couples

Feb 09, 2022

Around the globe, valentine's day is one of the awaited days for expressing love and warmth to the person for whom you feel violin in your heart. The planning for this day starts early in February and the purchasing of gifts even before that. The fun and excitement of meeting in person is something that we all have experienced but what if your partner is far away on this day, maybe because of the pandemic or staying on two different sides of the world. It does not mean that one cannot celebrate this occasion. The idea and feel of the celebration would be different and new, but it can be special. The long-distance couples strive to do the best and exceptional for their partners and we are here to cater to them with more ideas and help them to make their virtual celebration a thousand times more memorable and cheerful. And this fact is universally believed, when we put our heart into something, the result is so much better than what we expect and desire.

Valentine Day Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

It is absolutely easy and achievable, when in person, the couples have a thousand ways to make their partner feel special and over the top by bringing them presents, surprising them with breakfast in bed, going to movies, taking them out for dining followed by a long drive, or visiting their favorite holiday destination. But if you are in a long-distance relationship, then these ideas for expressing love become a little complex. As the pandemic has restricted even the couple who stay in the same state or area to becoming a long-distance couple, the essence of the celebration varies but it is not impossible to feel or make the best out of it. It will keep you and your partner so engaged that you will feel less of that lonely nagging feeling inside and feel loved and needed. Your partner would love and appreciate your gesture if you incorporate any of these ideas for the virtual celebration mentioned below:

1. Plan a Virtual Movie Date

Watching a movie in multiplexes has been great. But during the pandemic, a new way to celebrate your day is by virtually connecting for a movie date via Netflix or online streaming. The love birds can make a new addition to their memories by watching a movie together, virtually, and having nachos or popcorn treats along. It will help you both feel the closeness even being afar. And a big thanks to technology, for presenting the new features in these OTT platforms where you can watch movies together on the same screen but your laptop or TV.

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2. Send Your Loved One Handwritten Letters

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Yes, you can go by e-mail or WhatsApp but it won't be as special as that handwritten letter from you to them! The thought behind writing a handwritten letter is to feel and get the old-school vibe. The letter is not a mere letter but the piece of your heart and efforts that your partner will appreciate and always keep close to their heart. It will create a vintage vibe by letter writing and then sending the letter by post and waiting for the reply. So, why not try writing letters to make your partner feel extra special this Valentine's! 

3. Go on a Virtual Date

Yes, you read it right! Go for a virtual date! This experience which you may never have experienced before could be possible on Valentine’s day. This idea is functional in many ways. The first and foremost is to get connected via video call and cook their favorite dish live and show them. This will make them appreciate your kind gesture and thought behind all this. It will be more remarkable if both of you cook at the same time while being on a video call. Another one is to order each other's favorite dish and have the fun of virtual dining or you can only order for both. To make it fancier you can also decorate the table with their favorite flowers, candles, crockery, etc, or anything from their favorite list. 

4. Wear their Favorite Color and Share Lots of Pictures

This is another unique yet cute way to celebrate valentine's day in a long-distance relationship. Make your partner feel appreciated by wearing their favorite colored outfit and sharing lots of pictures to express your love for them. Sometimes these small and simple gestures keep the sparks alive of the relationship and make your partner feel important in your life.

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5. Play Online Games

Nobody likes to do monotonous things on Valentine's Day especially when your partner loves to have fun and is the adventurous one. Playing online games is a superb idea and it will be so much fun. This valentine you can play online games to make the virtual celebration, a never-ending celebration. This would be a good time pass and a unique experience for both the lovers.

6. Send Them Gifts

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The feeling of receiving and unpacking gifts is above and beyond anything and valued most especially when the couples are far away from each other. It holds a special place in a long-distance relationship. It is more emotional than exciting when you give them anything that they love the most or would appreciate the most. Gift them something useful, something which they can keep using so that it can remind them of you.

7. Play your Favorite Music in the Background During your Virtual Dinner Date

What could be the best way to make your partner feel special on Valentine's day, rather than playing his/her favorite music? Or a better option, prepare a performance for them. Select a song that both of you like to hear or find suitable for your relationship. 

8. Make a Short Video for Them

There are many gifts that you can choose to give your partner this Valentine but creating a video with your photos and videos from the time when you were together is always a winner. It's a great idea to save a memory for a lifetime. Sometimes, these small videos are a great help when your partner will miss you or will crave your presence. And the efforts in making that video will be returned to you in the form of love, respect, and appreciation from your beau’s side. 

9. Surprise your Partner in Person

We believe that surprises are something that everybody loves to receive and what will be a better gift than you at their doorstep with a big flower bouquet or their favorite box of assorted chocolates or a cute soft toy. It will be super adorable and exciting and lovely and whatnot!  If possible and if the situation permits you to commute then do plan a surprise visit to your partner and celebrate this day together, in person. 

10. Expressing Gratitude for Being Together

This is the most important of all, expressing gratitude and being together for each other even in the toughest of times is what we call love. You can choose any medium via which you can express your love. Call them, or video call or if you are not very expressive and open but do want them to feel that warmth, send them a message. There is no correct procedure when it comes to expressing gratitude or love to your partner, it just has to be from the core of your heart. 


There is something in the air around Valentine's Day. The desire to be with your partner, and make every little effort to bring a smile to their face is inevitable. Whether near or far, the love you feel for each other on Valentine, or any other day of the year is unmeasurable. Gone are the days when you could only celebrate and make the other feel special by being next to them, in person. There are multiple ways to celebrate and make them feel loved, virtually too. We have listed above a few tips to be with each other, even if you are in a long-distance relationship. Make the most of every moment, every day!

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