10 Stay-at-Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas For You

Feb 10, 2022

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited event all year round as the couples love to celebrate the union of their friendship, love, and trust. While we are stuck in a global pandemic, we cannot really relish the advantages of the outdoor setting and decor, luscious food, and some crazy activities. So, we need to think of different and unique ways to celebrate this Valentine’s Day while staying indoors. The right way to rejoice in the existence of Valentine’s Day in 2022 will be to stay at home and become all creative with exclusive thoughts and ideas that can make your day a lot better and of course, a memorable one too. 

Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Home 

The upsurge of the global pandemic should not stop anyone from cherishing and creating moments for life. How you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day is purely your choice while we are governed by national rules and regulations, it is quintessential to stay within the social norms as this is certainly a health emergency. But, these social restrictions must lead to the creation of better memories by reliving and cherishing moments in the comforts of your room where it is just you and your partner. 

If you get the chance to revel in the abundance of togetherness without out-of-the-box preparations, you can undeniably go through this list of top 10 unique ways of Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Home. 

1. Rosy Red Decor 

A room that is lit with scented candles, heart-shaped balloons, a beautiful dinner table, and corners full of crimson flowers would be the ideal way to celebrate your Valentine's Day while staying indoors. It is not always about having lavish passageways or gorgeous anterooms because sometimes, a small cozy room with ounces of love oozing from every corner is a state of peace, contentment, and the ultimate romantic setup. You do not really need to book exotic places to have that perfect rendezvous with your best half because you just need a heart that beats for the other person; an ear that is receptive to mature conversations and a vision that you hold for all your tomorrow(s). You can together create this rosy decor for each other while staying in the comforts of your room or maybe, one partner can plan an enchanting fairy tale and picturesque beauty for the other amidst the limited resources one has on this Valentine’s Day. 

2. Netflix Nostalgia 

Another excellent at-home Valentine’s Celebration would be binge-watching a series of movies on Netflix with your partner under the warmth of the blanket. This Valentine’s Day spend your time at home with your partner. Be playful and tease them by dedicating classic songs or maybe, dedicating a movie for the night. Sit with a tub of popcorn, your favorite ice cream, and start your movie marathon. Look for the movies that made you go head over heels and are now a timeless classic. Sing songs with your partner, express your love amidst your watching session, feed each other, and talk with one another in each other’s love language. 

While we always watch movies that we love as it has lately been each one of our ‘most conventional pastimes’, this time select movies that your love would want to see. This will make them feel loved. Dedicate your “me-time” to a more original and eccentric “we-time” and soak in the glory of love and togetherness. 

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3. All White Decor

Source: Setting For Four

We have given you a scrumptious idea of decorating your room with vibrant roses and scented candles but we also have another great alternative to the rouge setup and that is going, all white. White bedsheet with white curtains, white flowers in a serene, scenic nude vase with eatery like a wiener roast during the numbing pangs of the winter season. You can sit by the campfire on your house’s terrace or backyard where you have yellow lights on and white decor.

This is going to be one out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day as many of you would never have imagined yourselves celebrating this day sitting indoors without much help, all by yourselves, a twosome reminiscing all other Valentines that have been celebrated with utmost pomp and show. This would not only add that touch of charm and elegance but would also satisfy your taste buds. A happy physical self leads to a happier emotional, social, and psychological self. This idea of having a peaceful and achromous yet vivid and prismatic detailed decor with a wiener roast arrangement is a stupendously mind-blowing idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day with a touch of glamour and light. 

4. Gaming Gala 

There must be a lot of couples who just love being adventurous and maybe, gaming is their kind of being romantic. They are not about gifting roses or working day and night to get that perfectly decked-up setting on a chilly evening; maybe, they are just as simple as being in their pajamas and running through a marathon of video games. When Leo Tolstoy said that “I think if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts”, he immediately hit the right chord for every single couple out there. As romance can never be objective and what may be love for us might not be as lovely for you, similarly how could we forget our couples who love to hike, climb mountains, swing through the trees, and lay on a couch playing the most daring of the games online. 

While pomp may be just as important as having a heart for love, it may not be the only quintessential element to love. 

5. Dazzle. Drizzle. Dance 

The ultimate Valentine would be to dance your heart out on the most romantic songs ever. Gift each other outfits that you would be wearing on the night of Valentine and dance in those attires with the love of your life. This dance will act as a gangplank to connect you two even more with your hearts and emotions forever. An evening full of delightful drinks, succulent starters, and delectable dinners along with a heartwarming session of “rock n’ roll” is going to metamorphose a quiet winter evening into a dazzling frosty night.

This dance is going to remind you of all the memories that you have spent together over the years; the spectacular dinners that you have had, the sessions of shopping that you did, and a number of conflicts that you consciously overcame. This day will turn into a moment that will live within you for eons. This will be a day for you both to celebrate you two in all its purity and chastity; with affection, respect, and kindness. 

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6. Write and Recite 

A strong emotional bond is a result of uncomfortable conversations, mature discussions, and open confessions. The couple can spend a fantastic Valentine’s Day by having broad-minded communication where they can experience flexibility and a sense of acceptance in their relationship. There, ideally, should not be hesitation in discussing difficult topics like your failures, shortcomings, flaws, finances and those little details that are turning out to be a stimulus of disagreements in your relationship yet there should be days on which you cherish each other or celebrate one another. You can sit together and take a personal diary and favorite pen and write down whatever you feel is worth accepting in the other person. While being picky about each other’s weaknesses, it is equally necessary to understand one another’s strengths and greatest qualities. You need to help each other build self-confidence and self-love which helps in the overall growth of the relationship. 

Well, once you have written the qualities of each other, you can narrate how you get that butterfly feeling every time you look at them, how your heartbeat races at the mere thought of them being around you, and how you just cannot stop smiling when you see them laugh irresistibly on the lamest of your jokes. 

7. Cook Together 

Most hearty relationships flourish over a bowl of yummy, mouthwatering, and lusciously flowing sausages and a plate of neutral breadsticks. A happy Valentine’s Day would be incomplete if couples do not enjoy a table of heavenly meals. One crazy idea for celebrating your Valentine’s Day in the most beautiful way is cooking your favorite dish together. 

Come on guys, spice things up! You need to think out-of-the-box when it comes to spending an extraordinary Valentine’s Day at your home, at your leisure, in your comfort zones. 

Movies and art have opened for us the welcoming gates to the culture of romance. Your kitchen can be a place of utmost love and comfort if you two are together. Even if it is cooking something as simple as two-minute noodles to a full-fledged three-course meal, you can show your culinary skills while brewing romance throughout the cooking process. You can read different menus together, plan future meals and make a chart of ‘what needs to be cooked next’. This will also help you analyze what favors whom, who loves Italian the most, and who would have Chinese as the former choice. Valentine’s is not just about decorations and glitters, it is also about learning new techniques and skills with each other. You will be like a pair who loves to choose different colors of love and romance. This act of learning how to cook is in many ways breaking the gender roles that have been set by society. You do you and thus, be bold and unapologetically celebrate your day the way you want to and not how someone else wants you to. *Mic drop*

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8. Camping Date Night

Well, we know a lot of you would have planned on going for an adventurous trekking activity or hiking. Now that the pandemic has restrained couples from going for intrepid activities, we have brought the idea of creating a camping couch at home. The couple can create a couch that is decorated with a camp-like sheet that will render a splendid environment. This will create a setting that is different, new, and unique. 

Having a camping experience on your couch with the love of your life, good meals, and maybe watching a romantic movie together inside the camp, what else do you want this Valentine’s? Spend your night sitting on the couch under the colorful tent with lights and smiles that widen with each passing moment and hearts that are intermingled. You can have a mature conversation or plan your next camping destination. Book your tickets for the desired place and soak in the luxe feeling of having some serious travel goals. This camping couch intimacy is well-hyped and not overrated; it fathers a sense of closeness that is surreal and organic. 

9. Plant Futures Together 

Gardening is, in general, an exceptionally constructive art that successfully renders the world a better place to live in. You can plant a pot of green gold in your garden or in your backyard. Gardening is an activity that brings people together with stronger bonds and relationships. You are able to connect well over a pot that will help you get into deeper conversations and understanding. It also supports the pair in deciding what is more relevant in one’s life while what is not that significant. The more you spend your time gardening, the more you will be able to comprehend the likes and dislikes of each other. This may sound like a difficult task but it is in reality, the most fun task to undertake. You will be able to connect well with nature. 

Planting greens is probably one of the most ingenious thoughts that make the relationship worth working on and it is similar to planting a future together; to work together towards a common goal of learning and growth. This is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. 

10. Treasure Hunt Marathon 

Another crazy way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is undergoing a treasure hunt organized within the premises of your home. You can give some gifts to your partner and organize a hunt wherein one out of the pair is provided with hints and riddles and he/she runs around the entire house looking for the gifts. This will build a sense of the healthy relationship between the two as they are going to have a lot of fun pondering over where the treasure really is; this will also create a friendly relationship between the two people cracking jokes on each other and fusing happiness with an element of quirkiness and playfulness.

This is a great way to share Valentine’s Day and enjoy some quality time together. 


We hope that through this article, you have got ideas more than one if you are planning to celebrate Valentine's day at home. Let us know which one you would be opting to make your day, more special and memorable. 

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