30 Latest Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Your Partner Will Love

Feb 09, 2022

Less than a week to go for Valentine’s day. It is the day when you can express love to the one you have always been thinking of by making him feel more special and loved. It’s when you can spend the day with your partner just basking in each other’s presence. Our new generation takes this day as an opportunity to cherish the bond, and express their love and care for their partner. In our daily lives, we all are busy, and giving time to each other and expressing love is something that people take time out for. It is all about the little things and expressing your heartfelt feelings to your partner.

Unique Valentines's Day Gift Ideas

You can express to them your love by simply telling them how you feel about them, taking your partner on a surprise date, or cooking something special for them. And lastly, buy them something they always wanted for themselves and have an eye on. If you are still clueless and haven’t planned anything yet, then don’t cha worry, we have done the hard work for you and to make things easier, we have curated a list of unique gift ideas that will make your partner go ‘awww’ or will definitely love and use. 

1. Reasons 'Why I Love You' Notebook

Get her/him this notebook and write all the reasons why you fell in love with the other person or what was the first thought that crossed your mind when they came into your sight. Reading the reasons you love them will make your partner cry tears of joy. We are also sure, they will keep the notebook as a lovely gesture from your side if and when they need assurance of your love.

2. Caricature or Watercolor Style Portrait

A lovely portrait of both of you as a caricature or watercolor style will be another unique and lovely present to your partner on this day of love. You can select something else also as a subject, something that your partner will love and cherish forever. A caricature will be a fun gift option as the art is to exaggerate the subject and make it look funnier.

3. Memory Jar

This is a present that you can handmade and gift it. Your partner will appreciate the thought and the efforts you will put to make this jar. Take a mason jar and fill it with paper chits. The paper chits will contain a few of the memories which you both have experienced together. You can keep the jar half empty, and keep filling it as you both move forward in life. This is something that both of you can do for each other and with each other to make your bond stronger.

4. Wooden Engraved Guitar Pick

Source: Get Name Necklace

This is an ideal gift for a partner who loves to play guitar or is a professional guitar player. You can get it customized with his/her name initials or a word or a small quote that will remind them of you. 

5. Fanny Bags

Bags are a good gifting option, and if your partner is into bags, go for a fanny pack as they are very much in trend and it looks very fashionable too. It’s a small pouch that is worn around your waist like a belt or across your shoulder to carry wallets, keys, and a few of the necessities hands-free. 

6. Aroma Therapy Diffuser With Essential Oil Set

An aromatherapy diffuser disperses essential oils into the air and fills the area with a natural fragrance. It’s a perfect romantic present for your partner, as then he/she can use it when you both will have another date. The fragrance will set the mood of relaxation and will set a vibe to relax and make them feel comfortable and cozy. There are loads of choice of essential oils, get your partner according to their taste and preference. Not everybody will love all kinds of fragrances. Some might like the strong ones, or some might go for the mild ones. Gifting the correct fragrance also matters as it will show your attention towards your partner’s favorites. 

7. Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie gift basket is a great present for a food lover, especially a cheese and meat lover. But, nowadays, people are customizing a charcuterie board according to their taste and likings, you can also do it for your partner. Charcuterie is a process of preparing, prepping, and artfully assembling cured meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and crackers on a wooden board. A perfect Charcuterie gift basket has everything for a little date night at home or a sunny day picnic out there in a park. 

8. Bathtub Caddy

Imagine your partner, coming back home after a long day and all they need is a long bubble bath where they can just unwind and relax. What will make the whole bathing session more relaxing and fun is adding a bathtub caddy, where they can either take a glass of wine or a book or a scented candle or their iPad to do a little bit of Netflix and relax or they can just take it all. A bathtub caddy seems to be a fancy present but, it will become an important part of their life because after that long haul day, you do want to have a relaxing ‘Me-time’ and your partner would appreciate this thought of yours. 

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Are your partner into cooking and they just love to cook breakfast for you? A breakfast sandwich maker is a great present for them as it is making their job easier and is saving so much time. Instead of just cooking for you, they can enjoy the breakfast with you too as the sandwich maker will help wind up the cooking part earlier than what it used to be. The sandwich maker can be used for lunch and dinner sandwiches, as your partner can customize the sections according to their preferences. 

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10. Craft Beer Club Subscription

Do you have a partner who cannot go without his beer and his fridge is always filled with beer cans? Then this subscription is a perfect present for your partner. There are many craft beer subscriptions online, get one that will suit your partner’s need and too much of anything is bad, so this will make him check his consumption rate too. This gift will show him that you love and want him to take care of his health too. 

11. Morse Code Bracelet

Morse code is a method of sending messages by keying in a series of electronic pulses. One round bead on the bracelet represents a "dot" in code, and one long bead represents a "dash". The beads together transmit one word or more. And the message is known to the wearer only. Isn't it unique? Morse code bracelets are a growing trend that sends a clear message of style. There are people who like to own things with a personal message, and what better gift than a morse code with a message from you to your partner that will stay between you two only. It is such a romantic gesture, and it is like a love letter, just in a form of jewelry and with a shorter message. 

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12. The New York Times Sweetheart Sunday Crosswords

Are you one of that couples who love to do things together or like to have a routine that you love to do every week or day? The New York Times Sweetheart Sunday crosswords consist of 75 crosswords and it is a perfect gift for your partner with whom you can sit and solve the crosswords. And it is very cute when a couple has their own thing or a routine which they do, it makes the bond strong and keeps things between them spiced up. 

13. Custom Paw Print Ring

Source: Etsy

This present is more on a personal level and might not be related to you but as said earlier, more than the present the thought counts. A custom ring with your partner’s furry friend’s paw print will definitely make an emotional gift. His/her pup is an important part of their life and a gift like this shows that you too care and love them and understand the love they have for the little one. After all, love is about being unconditional, right?

14. Scannable Music Plaque

Source: UBuy

Every couple has their own sets of music lists which they relate to or dance to. There will be a song where if they are married, will be their first dance song, which will always hold a special place in their life. If not married, there might be a song, which they jam to or might have been dedicated by their other half. A scannable music plaque is a great gift for your partner to whom you might dedicate a song. You can choose the song according to your preference, whether you want to dedicate a new song which suits them or the song which you both love to listen to. It is another romantic and unique gift option for your partner that they will cherish forever. 

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15. Water Proof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Source: Unicun

Another perfect gift, for your music enthusiastic partner, is a Bluetooth shower speaker. It is a fun gift option to present as a valentine’s gift. Next time your partner who loves to listen to music while taking a shower will thank you for this present. It is like presenting a small luxury present that will save their phone from getting damaged in the water.  

16. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

The Ember mugs are another luxury item that your partner would not buy for themselves, but if gifted they will definitely use it. And especially, if your partner keeps reheating their hot beverage time and again, then this is the perfect gift for them. It is a cool thing to gift and something worth investing your money, as it is not just a fancy mug, but a tech-forward thing that your partner will love and will never stop using. 

17. Travel Blanket

Source: Unicun

An ideal gift for the partner who loves to travel or travels on a regular basis for work purposes, this Travel Blanket is something that they can take with them every time they are out traveling. There are loads of options to choose from whether it is the choice of fabric or the texture or the knitting style and there are few that come with their own bags. If you and your partner love to go camping and loves traveling, then also it’s an ideal gift. The travel blanket as a present from your partner will make them feel loved and cozy every time they use it. 

18. Personalized Eye Mask

In our day-to-day life, work hours can get hectic, and sleep hours get reduced. As a lovely caring gesture, gifting a set of eye-mask will make them appreciate your care and thought towards them, and to add a personal touch, go for a personalized eye-mask set. 

19. Charging Station Organizer

After the pandemic hit our lives, work from home has become a thing, and mobiles, laptops, and other gadgets like earphones and speakers need to get charged often. This is a perfect, useful gift for your partner who carries a few gadgets which they need to charge on a time-to-time basis. This will be a small luxury present that they will definitely love and won’t go on without it in their daily life.

20. Personalized Grooming Kit

Source: Borden Wallace

A personalized grooming kit for your partner will help them keep all their necessary grooming/makeup items in one place and when traveling, they do not have to hustle about shifting their products from one place to another. It is another perfect useful gift that they will love.

21. Folding Garden Stool With 5-Piece Took Sets

Source: Picnic Time

The 5-piece toolset with the folding garden stool is an ideal present for a partner who loves gardening. This present will be a beautiful and thoughtful addition to their gardening collection or maybe this present might motivate them to start gardening that they might have been keeping on hold for their reasons. 

22. Heart-Shaped Planter

Another gift for plant or gardening lovers will be a heart-shaped planter; and why not a heart, it’s Valentine’s day after all. You can go for any shape and size and it would be more adorable if you gift your partner the planter with a few small cute plants ideal for the planter.

23. Desktop Photo Calendar

Source: Artifact Uprising

There are times in a relationship when two people are not able to meet and talk or spend time with each other all the time. Also, there are long-distance couples who meet only once or twice a year, for those couples, this is a perfect gift and Valentine’s day comes on the second month of the year, so a calendar with pictures of you two for every month is absolutely romantic. 

24. Japanese Snack Box Subscription

Source: Urban Tastebud

Who doesn't like to eat snacks, and when you know that Japanese Snacks are known to be delicious! Get your foodie partner a Japanese Snack Box subscription, and get unlimited attention and love in return because food is bae. This is a unique gifting option for all the people who have a foodie partner and love snacks and it is a fun thing too.

25. Yeti Coffee Tumbler

Source: Yeti

A Yeti coffee tumbler is another ideal present for a workaholic partner or the partner who needs to be at their workplace early in the morning but they cannot start their day without their coffee. You will get loads of options in this department and you can gift them a personalized one too, to add a romantic touch.

26. The World of Jane Austin Puzzle

For couples, who love their us-time by playing crosswords, puzzles, or quizzes, this is another ideal gift for your partner. Especially for her, Jane Austen is a perfect gift for a literature person and can set a fun mood while solving this together. The 1000 piece puzzle will definitely make her look at you in a different light and appreciate your thoughtfulness, and if this is your first Valentine’s day, then go for this. 

27. Book Stand Pillow

Source: UBuy

If your partner is into books, then gifting them books is the easiest option, but how about a book stand pillow? Books might be their thing but things related to books like a comfy pillowy stand which they can keep on a sofa, or in their bed while reading. And little presents like this makes you look attentive towards your partner and of course, they will love your attention. 

28. Personalized Bookmarks

Another gift for a book lover partner, are bookmarks. Book readers are absolutely finicky about their books and the pages and where they end up reading, so for them, there is no such thing as too many books and bookmarks. Gift them a bookmark, with customization or you can personalize it and make it on your own. The personal touch that you handmade it for them, is the romantic gesture and might get them teary, you never know! 

29. First Edition Book Cover Art Print

Source: Uncommon Goods

People who love stories, books, movies, love to collect anything related to that. Another perfect Valentine’s gift for the story-loving partner of yours can be a First Edition book cover of their favorite book which they might have grown up reading or which they think has changed their lives. A poster of the first edition is hard to find and gifting them will show how much importance they have in your life. 

30. Surprise Couple Photoshoot

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Who doesn't like to dress up nicely and go for a photoshoot, and with your partner, it definitely becomes more special, like a cherry on the cake. Ask your partner to get dressed up nicely, or if you have set up a theme in mind, tell them that and just take them to the location and surprise them. You can arrange a cozy photo shoot at your place too, for personal moments to get captured more naturally. A beautiful location or venue will be great, as the drive to that place can be a romantic long drive and you can have a dinner date after the shoot. But, arranging it at your place will also be something personal and romantic. The pictures can be more of a raw side of you two that the photographer can capture. These shots will definitely, be cherished forever and your partner will remember this with fondness forever. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Now that you have a few ideas for you to scout through, let us talk you through about a few things before going for that gift. 

1. Go for a Safe option: If this is your first Valentine’s day, go for something unique but safe, like a coffee mug or a book or something which in your first meet must have figured out that he/she will like. Do not go overboard with jewelry or something extravagant.

2. Keep their personality in mind: Before going for that gift, which you think will be perfect, ask yourself will this suits their personality. The gift being unique is not the only thing, it should suit and keep up with his/her personality. 

3. Observe your partner: Pay attention to their everyday schedule, you might notice if they are missing out on some necessary office item or stationery which they might have been keeping on hold for a long time. Gifting them that particular thing which they will use eventually shows that you do observe and are attentive towards their likes and dislikes.

4. Ask away: Ask them directly. If you both are in a long-term relationship, asking them directly shows the comfort you both have with each other. And believe us, it will save you so much time and energy, and your partner will be happy. A win-win situation!

5. Research: People forget that research has the power to turn a simple idea into a masterpiece. You will see that there are loads of options to gift your partner and eventually narrow it down to something they will definitely love. 

6. Start a little early: If you are really into gifting your valentine something unique, start researching, prepping, and assembling everything at least two-three months before the D-day. The hard work and zeal will definitely pay off, that is your partner will appreciate your gesture, and who knows might reward you in their own way which you will appreciate. 

7. Budget: Valentine’s day is the day of love. This is the day where you show and express your inner feelings to your beau. That doesn't mean that you will go out of budget. Set a budget and then go for research according to your budget and then select a present. Spending extra bucks do not show love, the thought and attention about the gift will show your love to your partner. 

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Gifts can be anything which you gift him/her with your pure heart and the love you carry for them. A small flower from the garden also can make their day and they will still love you the same. But, sometimes gifting something out of ordinary like flowers, cards, soft toys on Valentine’s day, is what will make you special for them and will show the efforts you want to take for them. Apart from gifting, love is about giving them time too, and even if you are far from each other, just give them a call and with the world where we are right now, you just have to press a button to talk and converse.

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