25 Bachelorette Party Games That Are Actually Fun!

Jul 27, 2022

The idea of the bachelorette itself fills us with fun, games, and stress-free time for the bride and her tribe. Imagine if just a thought of it makes you excited about it, then how much fun would you all have in reality, right? 

Planning for a wedding is not just meant for prepping and packing, the bride also needs to relax and have fun at the same time. She deserves a night to remember with her girlfriends filled with laughter, entertainment, and everything naughty before she becomes Mrs from Miss. While food and drinks are definitely the main things, but it's the party games for bachelorette that set the mood and alleviate the fun to another level. To maximize the fun and minimize the wedding planning stress, we have cataloged some of the best games that promise you a night none of will ever forget, will being throughly entertained. 

From board games to drinking games to bra pongs, we have added all these for your endless pleasure. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Bachelorette Party Games

1. All the fun games for bachelorette party can be played in any manner you and your friends want to play.

2. The rules of the games should be decided beforehand.

3. All the props, gifts, and tasks should be ready before the commencement of the party.

4. The style of playing these games is purely yours, you can twist it in any way.

5. Everyone should take a pledge to play with full honesty to have the maximum fun.

6. The answer to all the questions should be noted before you start the game so the players get the maximum punishment or drinks in compensation if they say something wrong.

7. You can order props online from websites like Etsy, Amazon or the Knot Shop to save time.

Bachelorette Party Game Ideas That Are Actually Fun

Once you finalize the date and venue of your party, this curated list of games for bachelorette party will ensure the bride and her gang the best ideas that can eventually help them in effortless planning and execution for their happening night. 

1. Scavenger Hunt

Hunting had never been so easy, whatever it could be for. Hence, this is one of the most competitive yet interesting games for a bachelorette party. This game can be played in many ways, either in teams or only the bride-to-be or the bridesmaids whose name the bride will pick from the bowl. There are various types of scavenger hunt available online like the bride hunt, bachelorette hunt, photos hunt, and bridal scramble hunt. You can choose accordingly and get printable and ready-to-play scavenger hunt cards from the internet or websites like Etsy or Amazon, or you can also write the tasks if you have time.

Do assign a person to check the time and another person to honor with the gifts later.

How to play?

The selected players or the teams just have to pick the scavenger hunt card and complete the mentioned tasks in the suggested period. The one who completes the task before time or who does the tasks accurately would be the winner of this game.

2. Take a Sip

Now is the time to take your fun to the next level by taking a sip. Though these  drinking games for bachelorette party needs no preparation, but a lot of beverages or mocktails as per everyone's preferences. You can prepare the questionnaire yourself or you can also take them from Google. The questions could be asked from anyone at the party with the tray of shots placed at the center.

How to play?

You can prepare the rapid-fire questions that could be anything from dirty secrets to anything fun or get the already-available questionnaire from Google and print it. First, start with the bride and then ask the bride tribe one by one. The wrong answers or if somebody doesn't give the answers need to compensate by taking a sip or a glass of shot, whatever is pre-decided for the game.

3. Guess Who

The bachelorette night is the most thrilling night that spill the beans for all and make the party memorable, and this is one of the best games for bachelorette party. You just need a small chit of paper, lots of colorful pens, a punch bowl or a rectangular-shaped vase, or any cowboy-style hat. For punishment, you can decide on anything like a shot to drink or show your last chat with your boyfriend, or cash prizes.

How to play?

Gives 10 mins to everyone for this game and before initiating let everyone take their piece of paper and keep a pen handy. In those ten minutes, everybody has to write their personal or never revealed secret on that paper. After 10 minutes, everybody has to fold that paper and put it into the glass bowl. Now, one by one everybody will pick the shuffled chits from the bowl and read that secret loud, and share the name of the person that chit belongs to. If the answer is right, the reader will get a gift or drink; if the answer is wrong, the other person will drink or share a gift.

4. Finish the Line or Sentence

This game will save you from all the hard work you did in other games and ease you with comfort. This could be played anytime in between the celebration or just to pass time after the party. Other than the bride, all have to play this game. And for that get those to finish the line or sentence cards from the website or internet. 

How to Play?

Distribute all the cards and a pencil or a pen to all the participants and let them complete the line or sentence in the context of the bride. Once everyone is done with their answers, the bride can ask one by one and note down the right answers and later the winners should be honored with a gift, or a tight hug.

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5. Bachelorette Bingo

While planning for fun games, how can we skip 'The Bingo Card'. Just like playing bingo cards is always fun, the same fun you can have while playing bachelorette bingo. With the creativity in steep, the internet is flooded with a variety of bachelorette bingo cards like bridal shower gifts bingo, lingerie shower bingo and bachelorette bingo. You can choose according to your theme or interest and the number of cards you require for your party.

How to play?

Give everyone their bingo cards and a pencil to mark. Depending upon your card theme and options, you have to play. The one with all the marked bingos will be the winner of the game. 

6. Pin the Kiss

This could be the real entertainment and fun-filled game of your party. Only a big picture of any of the bride's favorite celebrity or crush, a big long satin piece of cloth, and lipstick makes everything for this game.

How to play?

Hang or display the picture at the appropriate place or a table so that kissing could be easy for all ;) The participants have to kiss the lip of that picture but with blindfolded eyes. One by one the bridesmaid will come with the lipstick applied and a piece of cloth on their eyes. The good kisser will get the prize. 

You can make this game more colorful by keeping the lipsticks in different colors!

7. Never Have I Ever

Being with friends and knowing a friend are two different things. For this game too, the cards are available online - one is for all, tasks based and another is for the bride. You can choose to play whatever way you want. For the compensation, you can have big cupcakes or doughnuts to eat all in one bite.

How to play?

Place the cards in the center and let everyone pick them one by one. They can read the sentence and let the selected person answer the question. If the answer is right then the player will eat the cupcake and if the answer is wrong the selected person has to eat the cupcake.

8. Naughty Writer

This could be the dirtiest game you could ever play for your bachelorette night that guarantees endless laughters. Just get a piece of paper and pens and the big bowl for collecting the chits is all you need to play this interesting game.

How to play?

Give everyone paper and a pen. Let them write the naughtiest thing they want to write about the bachelorette party games questions for groom or the bride. Then put your chits in the bowl and wait till everyone completes their writing. After reshuffling the chits, the bride has to pick one by one and read the chits and guess who has written that naughtiest thing. The right guess should be awarded and the wrong one could be compensated with whatever you decide - a drink shot, or anything more interesting.

9. Beer Pong

If bored from all the card games, then the beer and prosecco pongs game would be refreshing. You can charge up the energies of all the bridesmaids by showing a lovely gift hamper for the winner and boosting them to give their best. 

How to play?

Place the beer glasses or Prosecco glasses on the table in a triangle or circular or pyramid shape. Keep all the balls in a basket near to the player. The one who will put the maximum number of balls in the glasses will get the personalized  gift hamper curated by the bride.

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10. Truth or Dare

The bride and her bridesmaid might be the closest or know everything about each other, but playing truth and dare is always fun. There are chances that new revelations could come out or new secrets could be processed so never miss these dare games for bachelorette parties especially when it is a girl's party. But, remember to prepare truth and dare questions in advance to save time later.

You can also do a truth or dare scratch card game, where the player has to scratch the card and tell if whatever written on the card is truth or not. The scratch card could also give a dare that the player has to do.

How to play?

Just an empty glass or wine bottle is required as a prop. All the players have to sit in a close-knit circle shape. Anyone from that circle can spin the bottle. At last, when the bottle stops spinning, the player it is pointing to has to choose the task, she is willing to do.  

11. DIY Jenga

Playing Jenga on regular days and bachelorette nights are two different things. Here, you are going to play it with a twist. With the permanent or normal marker, each Jenga has to be marked with a task to do. 

How to play? 

After making the Jenga tower, one by one all the players will take out one Jenga and will do the task written on it, and in case they refuse to perform, you can punish the player with any weird drink or eatables. When the last person will take the Jenga or accidentally fell the tower while taking out his Jenga, she has to be punished with the entire leftover drink or eatables.

12. Swing your Ding-A-ling

We have added mostly every type of bachelorette games for party so that your night could not be any less of laughter or entertaining elements. This 'Swing your Ding-A-ling' game is super fun and will make your work a little harder than other games.

How to play?

You need a few big and heavy fruits for this game like oranges, pineapples, or mangoes. All the players will have to tie one fruit with a rope to their waist. Then with the help of tied fruit knock the other fruit on the floor as far as possible. Watching them struggle to go a long way would be fun for all the guests.

13. Bra Pong

If you feel bored from other games then try this naughtiest game which is going to be super challenging for all. These games for bachelor bachelorette party, you need five big cup-size bras, a corkboard or chairs to tie the bra, and ten ping balls. 

How to play?

Hang the bras on the corkboard in the vertical direction or any way you wish to. If you don't have the corkboard, you can tie the bra with the back of the chair. All the players can play this game and the one with the most landed balls will win the game. 

14. Toss a Ring

Toss a ring is another interesting indoor game to get your girls packed with limitless excitement. Get several bottles or glasses you can and a few rings. Place them on the floor or a table while maintaining an equal distance between the bottles. 

How to play?

Each player will be given three chances to place as many rings as they can over the bottle. The one with the maximum number of rings on the bottle will win this game.

15. Drop your Panties

Let’s have some more fun with this naughty game for your girl's night. Ask everyone to bring an unwrapped panty as a gift for the bride. Drop all the panties in one basket and blindfold the bride's eyes. 

How to play?

Remove the piece of cloth from the bride's eyes first. Then the bride has to unwrap the panties and guess who giftet her that panty. With every wrong answer, the bride can share any one secret of that player with other guests.

16. Bachelorette Balderdash

This is yet another quiz round for everyone present at the party. These ready-to-play cards are available online, so get them printed on nicely bridal theme paper and get lots of colorful pens for everyone.

How to play? 

Distribute the cards and a pen to all. Assign 15 minutes to complete the answers. After completing the tasks all the players can put their answers in a bowl. Then the bride will pick the cards one by one and can share the right and wrong answers.  

17. Guess the Kiss

We all love and adore kisses, no matter from whom you are getting them. So this game is also similar, but with a twist. Get one any color lipstick or more than one and instruct all the players to apply the same.

How to play?

The bride has to cover her eyes for 5 mins. Meanwhile, all the players can apply the heavy coating of that lip shade. This game will be more fun if all the players will kiss the bride's face or on her hands at the same time. And later the bride has to judge who kissed her and where. The right answers would be appreciated by all and the wrong one could be punished with whatever you decide.

18. Cold Feet

Now this is a very easy and can be played indoors as well as outdoors. The challenge is to put yout feel in the cold water for the longest time. Any small tub or bathing pot can work.

How to play?

The selected players or all the players can play this game. Fill the tub or vessel with cold water and lots of ice cubes. Each player has to keep their feet inside that water for a longer time. The one who will sustain it for the longest time will be the winner of this game.

19. Guess the Toy

This is the easiest yet most interesting game that could be the ice breaker for all! You have to add all the sex toys or soft toys or any lingerie in one big basket. And let the bride make the right guesses by picking each of these toys one by one. 

20. Play the Dare Card

We have another fascinating game idea to make your bachelorette night full of fire and wild tasks. If anyone refuses to accept the dare in truth and dare game, then this dare card game has to be made mandatory to play and keep up the vibe of that night. You can also choose to write the dares yourself. It could be anything from sharing your sex life to kissing a waiter or getting a selfie with the manager. The only motive of this game is to have fun.

How to play?

There are a variety of dare cards available online, chose accordingly so the task of this game should not be matched with the other game cards. You can write everyone's name on a chit and place them in a bowl. After shaking the bowl well, give the bride or the winner of the previous game a chance to pick a chit. The selected candidate has to do the dare mentioned in the card. And later give gifts to the winner and punishment to the losers.

21. This or That

This is the super easy game with no rules and fixed pattern. You just need to prepare a few questions on bride likes & Dislikes like in brands, makeup, bags, outfits books, designers, gadgets, childhood memories or any personal things etc.  And you are ready to play.

How to play?

Either you can make hand holding boards or use a notepad or marker boards to note down the score and show this or that with signs. One by one ask question to every player and note down the score. The one with the most right answers would be the winner of the game.

22. Rapid Fire Questions

Everybody is aware of the fact that rapid fire is a real fire game to play. The players  will be asked certain question and the one with the most rapid answers would the winner of the game. The questions could be on anything from relationships to memories to fights or achievements. 

23. Kill, Marry, Hookup

You can play this game on your bachelorette with a twist. You need a blind fold and 3 boards with the name of KILL, MARRY AND HOOKUP.

How to play?

Call the player and cover their eyes. Ask them to pick any board when the name of any actor or ex-boyfriend or any familiar name will be announced. The Picked board then has to be shown all and let the fun begins. The boards need to be reshuffled every time after player comes.

24. Name the Tune

Music can keep the party throughout entertaining and warm. If you are tired of card based games and looking for something that could be played while resting or sitting, then name the tune is the best option. For this you need to prepare a list of 30-40 tunes and add them in a pen drive or in your phone or any folder in your system. Just assign the duty of one person to keep playing or changing the tunes from your system or phone. The players has to listen and name the tune, thats it!

25. Lightning Fast

This game is a great way to see into someone's inner psyche. You will show the player a word  or a picture or any object. They must reply with the first thing that pops in their mind when they read that word, picture or object. From funniest to dirtiest all answers should be accepted.


Keeping the fun element on the top of our list, we have suggested games that could be easily executed and performed by all. We hope you liked our curated list of games and bookmarked the same. Don't forget to have lots and lots of fun while playing the games and making memories that you will never forget.

Edited & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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