51 Blouse Back Neck Designs For Every Bride

Nov 23, 2022

Be it sarees or lehengas, both are incomplete without the blouse. And ladies are more concerned about the blouse than the saree or skirt, be it for daily wear or some special event and if it is a wedding then every decision is being taken very carefully. From the fitting to the cut, to the different types of sleeves, to the front neckline to the back neckline, the pattern, etc; every detail is important to get made the designed blouse you visioned. We often are more focused on the length and cut of the sleeve; full, 3/4th, puff hands, frill hands, and other styles; and the front neckline.

But the back design of the blouse can also be a game-changer and become the highlight of your whole look. It does require a lot of research as to what cut, sleeve, and design pattern will suit you and the design of the blouse should reflect your personality. When deciding on your wedding ceremonies, you would want something different and unique.

Blouse Back Neck Designs

The new designers in the design industry are so creative that nowadays with a bit of research you will get an endless number of designs and styles by which you can get inspired for your ceremonies. The back neckline designs if selected and designed properly will add to your charm and will set a trend too. From traditional to modern to the mixture of both worlds, Pyaari weddings present to you some amazing designs to die for.

1. Back Blouse for Tassle Lovers

The back with a tied dori is a common design when it comes to the style of blouses. But it is one style that has evolved. There are so many different styles of the back with the concept of tied dori. One of the dori styles which came into trend is the reverse strap dori back design. For the pom-pom or tassels lovers, opt for this design with the dori on the lower back and a strap on the upper side with adornments.

2. A Deep V-Neck Blouse With Hanging Pearls in ZigZag

Sara Ali Khan made her Cannes debut in an exquisite hand-embroidered multi-panel skirt with a resplendent blouse design with intricate work in crystals, pearls, and resham work.

Source: Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

3. A Reverse V-neck Blouse with Multiple Doris

Another back design with the dori is the reverse V-neck style. It looks stunning if designed right and you can add more than one dori or some adornments at the end of the strings to make it look more appealing.

4. Bralette with Floral Work

Source: Aliaa Bhatt

Made from handwoven Maheshwari silk, this metallic silver saree is designed by Vaishali S Couture. The highlight of Alia's look is the textured blouse featuring floral work with Swarovski embellishments.

This unique bralette is a perfect pick for a summer wedding and you can pair it with a lehenga, palazzos, or saree. It's definitely going to stand out and get all eyes on you!

5. Inverted V-neck Blouse with a Single Dori

The blouse with a V neckline tied up with a single dori gives the lehenga a modern and sexy look. The brides who would love to flaunt their back, go for this design.

6. Inverted V-neck with a Fabric Strap

You can also go with an inverted v-shape blouse with a fabric strap in the same color or contrast. 

7. Backless Blouse with Double Dori

The OG backless blouse with double dori looks sexy. Especially, with a simple saree or lehenga, this back neckline style can never go wrong.

8. Zig-Zag Blouse Design with Pearls Adorning Sleeves

Source: Studio 149

You can try the criss-cross or zig-zag dori style too. This comes in different shapes in the back, V neck, U neck, etc. If you are not very keen on showing skin but you like the concept of doris, this can be the style for you. 

9. Deep Neck Blouse with Ruffled Edges

Source: Bespokeblouses Designer

The blouse's back design with a simple deep back with ruffled edges and a single dori will give a vintage vibe to the look.

10. Back Blouse with Abstract Designs & Cutouts

The new era brides are unique and experimentative with their outfits. For the brides who are not very keen on the dori styles or knots try designs with geometric cutouts or abstract cutouts in the back.

Source: Sruthi Kannath

With a fully covered back also you can add patterns or adornments to make the whole look stand out. 

11. T-shaped Blouse Design

A back T-shaped gives the outfit a different look and will definitely make people look at it twice. With a minimal-looking saree or lehenga, this design will add a dramatic touch to the whole look.

12. Halter Neck with Hanging Ghungaroos

We all have seen halter necks on the front side but a halter neckline at the back equally looks stunning. Take inspiration from Indian actor, Kriti Sanon’s blouse design shining like a diamond. 

13. Deep V-neck Blouse with a Hoop

A back design with a deep V-neck with a hoop in the middle holding on to both sides of the top also looks good and is in trend. You can use a jeweled hoop to make it look bolder.

14. Buttoned Up Blouse Design

A back with buttons with different styles and cuts is also in trend nowadays.

15. Back Blouse Designs or Cutouts With a Bow

Another famous trend going around is a bow. We have seen a bow in the front, and on the sides of an outfit; a blouse with a bow on the back looks gorgeous. And with the shape of the bow and placement the whole look changes. The new-age brides can go for a deep U or V neckline with a bow in the center.

16. Reverse Sweetheart Neckline with a Bow

Source: Studio East6

A reverse sweetheart neckline at the back with the bow in the center will give your look a dramatic look.

17. Glittery V-neck Blouse with a Long Bow 

The dramatic bow look will enhance the whole look and if you are open with flaunting your back then go for an open back with two strings; a dori on the top and the bow at the lower back.

18. Blouse with a Keyhole Cutout

A back with a keyhole cutout and a bow is something to try with a sleeveless or halter neck in the front.

19. The Fully Covered Blouse Back

The brides who are not very comfortable with showing off the skin, but love to experiment a bit, in a wedding, a covered-up back is absolutely fine, as we have good designers who know what will look good and a good one will definitely know how to make it look good. The buttoned-up back with full coverage is very much in trend.

20. Blouse Back with Patchwork/Embroidery 

A covered back with a patchwork or embroidered design on it in some contrast color looks good.

21. Blouse Back with Sheer Detailing

Source: Kresha Bajaj

A blouse with a net or sheer fabric covered with details will look outstanding at your reception. A boat neckline with intricate detailing on the back.

22. Net Blouse with Intricate Detailing

Source: Reynu Taandon

Exuding an alluring charm in every glance, this triangle blouse's back neck design is crafted with exquisite hand embroidery and detailed workmanship that's perfect for the modern bride. 

23. Triangle Blouse Back with Hand Embroidery

Source: Seema Gujral

This blouse covered with sequin and crystal embellishments paired with a fish-cut lehenga designed by Seema Gujral is an ideal pick for your sangeet or reception night. 

24. Architectural Blouse Back Design

Indian actor Pooja Hegde in this architectural blouse design done by Manish Malhotra looks gorgeous. With unique cuts, this back blouse design is perfect for a millennial bride. 

25. Blouse Back Design with Bejeweled Detailing

Source: Tarun Tahiliani

Never seen a more beautiful blouse back design than this one with lace and jeweled detailing that makes it a statement blouse.  

26. Blouse Back Design with Tassels and Dori

Source: House of Blouse Dot Com

If you are open to experimenting, then this sultry blouse back design with tassels and dori should be your pick for a mehndi or roka ceremony. 

27. Back Blouse Design Handcrafted with Crystals

Source: Kalki Fashion

This back blouse design handcrafted with crystals and diamond floral motifs should be an ideal pick for your roka or reception. The v-neck design at the back accentuates the beauty of the blouse and adds it to the list of one of the trendiest blouses. 

28. Spaghetti Straps with Multicolored Flowers

Source: Papa Dont Preach by Shubhika

Spaghetti straps aren't just the sassiest but also the cutest blouse designs for your mehndi night. This Papa Don't Preach blouse back design is the epitome of sheer elegance. Not just the spaghetti straps, but the sheer fabric strap adorned with multicolored flowers and embellishments makes it one of our favorite blouses. 

29. Embellished Mirror Work Blouse with Fabric Strap

This mango yellow blouse design in an inverted V-cut shape, with an embellished mirror work fabric strap and hanging pearls, look great for a haldi/mehndi ceremony. 

30. Full Sleeves Blouse with Thread Tassels and Dori

This full sleeves blouse with a glamorous backless blouse adorned with tassles and a dori looks great for your reception outfit. 

31. Hand Embroidered Backless Blouse with Three Doris

Source: Torani

This emerald green floral and hand embroidered backless blouse in hand woven chanderi fabric with three doris looks great with a saree or lehenga. 

32. Bejeweled Blouse for the Modern Bride

Source: Ensemble India

This peach blouse with a jewelled champagne design made by Ridhi Mehra looks very attractive for a sangeet or reception night. 

33. Full Sleeves Blouse with Crew Neckline

This blouse design is one of our favorites and very comfortable to wear. You can go for a plain blouse as it's featured in the photo below or go for an embroidered one, it's definitely going to look very classy. You can pair it with a saree, lehenga, palazzo or skirt. 

Source: Sabyasachi

34. Net Blouse with Pearl Embellishments

Source: Aza Fashions

This fully covered ombre net blouse with pearl embellishments and embroidery looks perfect for a roka or other pre-wedding festivities. You can wear it with both - a lehenga or a saree. 

35. V-shaped Multi-colored Organza Blouse

Source: Aza Fashions

This v-shape multi-colored organza blouse with a colorful strap and hanging pearls at the back looks very attractive. You can go for this design for your sangeet or reception night. 

36. Sleeveless Blouse with Sequin Embroidery

Source: Aza Fashions

This Seema Gujral sea green lehenga with a blouse back featuring assorted sequin embroidery proves that glitters will always rule the wedding charts. You can either opt for a sleeveless design or go for a half or full-sleeve design for your reception night. 

37. Noodle Strap Blouse with a Narrow Strap

This noodle strap blouse design is what you need to look all sexy. This design is a bit bold, and not everyone can wear it, but it will definitely turn heads around. 

38. Mirror Embellished Dori Blouse with Latkans

Love latkans? This mirror embellished dori blouse with huge latkans will grab everyone's attention for sure. 

39. Scalloped Blouse Back Design with Blingy Details

We can't stop drooling over this scalloped blouse back design embellished blingy details and mirror latkans. 

40. Blouse Design with Broad Embellished Belt

If you are bored of doris and zips and latkans, go for a broad embellished belt tied as a bow will look very appealing. 

41. Backless Dori Blouse with Pom Poms

This sultry backless dori blouse with colorful round pom poms is enough to add beauty to your outfit. 

42. A Fully Embellished Blouse

Source: Beginnings For You

A fully embellished blouse with hanging pearls and a fully embellished dori will amp up your bridal blouse. 

43. Conceptualised Blouse with Pearls

This unique conceptualised blouse with pearls embellished on a net fabric is a piece that you will love for your pre-wedding festivities. 

44. Chikankari Blouse with Bejeweled Neckpiece

Source: Ensemble India

This Tarun Tahiliani oyster ombre chikankari blouse with hanging pearls at the bottom and a jeweled neckpiece-like design on the upper side will make this blouse look very appealing and unique.

45. White Lace Blouse With Deep V Neck

This deep v-neck for the blouse back design with lace and pearl buttons on the bottom strap looks very offbeat and attractive. 

46. Cross Back Blouse Design

Source: Abhinav Mishra

This blouse design is something that you do not see on an everyday basis. This cross blouse back design is going to get you a lot of attention because of its unique cuts. You can adorn the cross straps with mirror embellishments or embroidery.

47. Blouse Design with a Chiffon Cape

Source: Aza Fashions

This Tarun Tahiliani pink blouse design with a chiffon cape goes well with flowy lehengas. 

48. Floral Embroidered Blouse with Sheer Panel

Source: Aza Fashions

We love this floral embroidered blouse enhanced with a sheer panel that goes well with a saree or lehenga.

49. Geometrical Blouse with Cutwork

Source: Mrunalini Rao

This contrasting geometrical blouse with cutwork looks great, especially with hanging latkans or the top and bottom. 

50. Scalloped Blouse Featuring Three Doris

Image via @juhigodambe

Amp up a simple design with a backless scalloped blouse featuring three doris.

51. Princess-cut Blouse with Puffy Sleeves

Source: Maanvi Gagroo

Indian TV actor, Manvi Gagroo looked stunning in a Fuschia Pink lehenga at her reception. The lehenga featured intricate embellished floral patterns, but it was her princess-cut blouse with puffy sleeves that stole her hearts!


The back neckline of the blouse looks really stylish if you give some thought to it. There are so many designs and cuts out there. And new-age designers also like to experiment with the looks of an outfit and there is no end to creativity. Do not hesitate to try something new, after all, it is your wedding, and which bride does not want to stand out with her outfits? But always remember this, comfort comes first. Being a bride you will be the one who will get the most tired and with all the outfits you do want to look outstanding and pretty but not at the cost of losing your comfort and peace of mind. So, to all the soon-to-be brides, start your research and note down the designs, and ask your Masterjee to be ready with his scissors. 

Co-Authored By: Gayatri Guha

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