30 Bride & Bridesmaids Songs For A Power Packed Dance Performance

Aug 05, 2022

Weddings are no fun without some music and dance and there is a song chart for every event, especially for weddings. As per relations, situations, and events, we choose songs for performances, and similarly, there are numerous songs to select from for the bride and her bridesmaids. This is one of the most awaited dance performances at a wedding. 

Every bride wants her bridesmaid to be by her side, to hold her, assure her, and celebrate with her. The bridesmaids are like a family the bride has chosen over the years. From fighting every obstacle in their life together to achieving and living her dreams - they have seen it all.  

Trending Songs and Dance performances by the bride squad the internet loved

For the bride, the moments spent with her gang during the wedding - from planning to execution, are a way to have a gala time and for the bridesmaids, these performances are a way to express their love for their friend who is soon going to start a new journey. So, without wasting any time, let’s look at some of the trending songs and dance performances of the bride and the bridesmaids to make your day. And for the to-be brides, save this article for future references!

1. Chaudhary by Mame Khan 

The song was released around 10 years ago in Coke Studio season 2, but around 2 years back a group of bridesmaids made this song a trend with their beautiful and coordinating moves. The whole dance is a treat to watch and was so natural and simple that everyone will enjoy their performance. After this, the internet saw uncountable reels made of this folk song and added this song to the list of bride and bridesmaids' dance performances. 






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2. Ye Ladki Hai Allah

The song that has been a part of the wedding music chart for quite some time now, is this SRK-Kajol melody from K3G. How can we forget the charm of SRK in this? It is perfect for the bride and the bridesmaid dance performance, given the starting lines:

Banno, ye mehndi kya kehna..

Banno, ka joda kya kehna..

Banno, lage hai phoolon ka gehna..

Banno, ye aankhein kajra ri..

Banno, lage sabse pyaari..

Banno, haye jaun main waari waari..






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3. Barso Re Megha

Without any doubt, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looked stellar in this song and the voice of Shreya Ghoshal is just pure melody. It will be super fun and amazing to dance to this song with your bridesmaids. The song is very much in trend right now and for all the right reasons. Whether it is the vocal, the music, or the beats - it will capture the heart of anyone being a part of your wedding celebrations.






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4. Jalebi Baby

One of the remakes that became more famous than the OG is Jalebi Baby by Tesher. There's another version with Jason Derulo that also came, but the first remake made it to the wedding chartbusters. With the blend of English and Punjabi words, the song has a desi feel to it and with those amazing beats, it just makes you want to stand up and groove. Take a cue from Alia Bhatt and her friends performing at one of their friend's wedding events with pizazz. 


Another performance that went viral on this song was by this bride and her bridesmaids. Their captivating smile and coordinating moves won our hearts. 






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5. Say Na Say Na

This song will never go out of the wedding music charts. Even if you watch the actual video of the song it is played at an engagement party. The beats of the song are what make you want to move and it is a perfect song for the bride and the bridesmaids. You do not have to choreograph also, just play the song and have fun moving with the beats. 

6. Din Shagna Da

Anushka Sharma made this song a trend! We witnessed a phase where almost every bride was walking down the aisle on this song. We even saw many dance performances on this beautiful song that has a very soothing melody. It has a wedding feel to it and can make you overwhelmed with bittersweet emotions. 

7. Dhol Yaara Dhol

When talking about soothing music that will be ideal for a dance performance at a wedding - then Dhol Yaara Dhol is the one. The soft vocal of Shilpa Rao and the folk beats make this song a perfect pick for a Sangeet night with your bridesmaids. 






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8. Chitta Kukkad

We have heard so many versions of this song, starting from the original soundtrack released on 1988, and amongst all, this one by Neha Bhasin is going viral at weddings for all the right reasons. You can do a bride and bridesmaids performance on this or all you bridesmaids can do a surprise performance dedicated to the bride.






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9. Gulabi Aankhein from Student of the Year

For the bridezilla and her bride tribe, this song is a perfect pick for your Sangeet night. The bridesmaids can start with this one, introduce the bride in between, and from there, go for a superb choreography together. Take a look at this video, and how beautifully they have used the chairs as a prop.

10. Lagdi Hai Thaai

The song lyrics are about a girl and how she is in real life, and who is better than a bridesmaid performing on this for her BFF at a sangeet night. The bride can also make an entry in this song given the lyrics:

Madam ji desi

Fashion vilayti

Boli mein gholi

Meethi elaichi

Healen oocnhi foreign return nakhra

Baatein badi hain hi-fi…






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11. Bijlee Bijlee

The list is incomplete without a Harrdy Sandhu song and the one that's continuously making everyone sing and groove is the popular one - Bijlee Bijlee. If even you are not a pro at dancing, then also you can do the signature steps and you are good to perform. 

Bookmark this dance performance by this bride and her bridesmaids who set the stage on fire with their electrifying moves.






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12. Nadiyon Paar

Jahnvi Kapoor’s sultry moves won our hearts and the song took a front seat in everyone’s playlist. Though it is a remake, but the song and the signature move went viral like a fire and there is no looking back from there. A song with such catchy beats is perfect for any sangeet or reception night. 

13. Nachde ne Saare

We absolutely fell in love with Katrina Kaif’s bubbly bride avatar in this song and her easy, yet catchy moves were to die for. Nachde ne Saare is a perfect wedding song for the bride to perform with her bridesmaids. It can be an intro song for the groom by the bride with these lines: 

Munda thoda.. offbeat hai

Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai..

And the bridesmaid can follow her cue in this song and everybody can join them on the stage as the song is about everybody having a gala time at a wedding. 

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke

Aaj hil-dul ke

Le saare ke saare nazaare..

14. Cutiepie

This song reminds us of Ranbir Kapoor’s cuteness and of course, Fawad Khan’s desi moves (all hearts!) but it is the beats of this song that made it one of the top songs for the wedding dance performance. From the vocals, the lyrics to the desi beats - this song is a powerhouse and will not go away anytime soon from the wedding chartbusters.

15. Tareefan

When we are talking about the trending songs for the bride tribe, how can we miss this classic song - Tareefan by Badshah. Yes, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja owned the song with their sexy moves. Almost every wedding was playing this song on a loop as it's perfect for the bride and her bridesmaids dance performance at Sangeet or Cocktail night.

16. Salaam-e-Ishq 

A beautiful ode to love, this song made to almost everybody’s playlist when it was released. It is a perfect song to be played at a wedding, after all, it is about celebrating love. There is a beautiful part of this song that the bridesmaids can perform while dedicating it to the bride, that goes-

Ho teri hathhawich mehndi ka rang khila hain

Tujhe sapno da changa mehboob mila hain

Meri banno pyaari pyaari sari duniya se nyaari

Ise doli mein tu leja doliyaan, doliyaan…






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17. Sajna, Say Yes To The Dress

The wedding festivities will feel bland and half-done, without Badshah songs playing now and then. And ‘Say yes to the dress’ is definitely the wedding song of the year, so why not perform on it with your bridesmaids?   






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18. Oo Jiji

A peppy song that shows a conversation between two sisters about the life partner the elder sister is going to get. The bride should definitely have a dance-off on this with her sisters, it would be absolutely adorable and a memory that the sisters will cherish forever. 






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19. Dupatta Mera

If you are a 90s kid and a Kareena Kapoor fan then you definitely remember dancing to this number with your mother’s dupatta. The 90s and the early 2000s gave us some melodic and peppy music numbers and ‘Dupatta Mera’ tops the list. Do select this song and have a blast performing with your bride team.






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20. Halla Re

When talking about the early 2000s songs, this is another one that cannot be missed and is perfect for the bride squad. Add this song to your list and set the stage on fire with your style and swaggy moves. 

21. Jhallah Wallah

The voice of Shreya Ghoshal can create magic and this song is a proof. It will be super fun to see the bride dancing to this song with her bridesmaids. The song is ideal for a bride to perform for her beau, as the line goes- 

Oo aashiqon mein jiska title Titanic

Muaah kinara dikha kar ke dooba de gaya

Jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah

Mera balma jhalla wallah

Mera jhalla wallah wallah aa aa..






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22. Chaand Baaliyan

Though the song is about a guy praising the beauty of his crush, the bridesmaids can also choose this song for their friend. It will be a sweet dedication to the bride from her bridesmaids. This is one of the trending songs, do add it to your playlist, ladies!






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