25 Trending Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That Your Friends Will Love

May 04, 2022

Wedding gifts are very special to every bride. The time spent with bridesmaids makes beautiful memories of her past that she can hold while beginning a new phase with her partner. Bridesmaids are your tribe and you want to share some exclusive memories in the form of gifts with them. These wedding gifts are rejoicing memories of those wonderful times spent with your friends. 

Trending Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

It is not easy to choose thank you gifts, especially for the most special people in your life. You need to put a lot of effort and thought into making it a perfect gift. We understand you must be busy with your wedding planning, thus, we came to help you choose an amazing gift for your tribe who will be standing next to you, today and forever. Here we have some super amazing ideas to awe your bridesmaids.

1. Bridesmaid Lapel Pins

Source: Team Hen

Nothing can match beautiful lapel pins that make your bridesmaid stand out of the crowd at the wedding function. You can craft stunning bridesmaids engraved or printed heart-shaped lapel pins. It is interesting and fun and she will enjoy the special treatment of being a bridesmaid. 

2. The Party Night Suits with Names

Before the wedding day, all brides deserve an amazing night party with their bridesmaids. You can customize special party night suits with their names at the back or at the front pocket. This will surely turn out to be a fun and memorable night and an unforgettable gift for your bridesmaids that they can even use later.

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3. Cosmetic Gift Pouches 

To thank your bridesmaids for all their efforts and time, you can create customized cosmetic pouches filled with goodies. You can share your favorite lip gloss, exfoliating scrubs, and a lot more with them. Trust us, they will love you more!

4. A Relaxing Spa Session with your Girl Squad

Photography: Studio Kelly Photography

For all the hustle-bustle and all their work through the wedding, a relaxing spa session with your girl squad shouts a big thank you to them. It will relax you and your squad before the big day.

5. Designer Hair Pins

Source: Etsy

Beautifully crafted hairpins or hair accessories can turn out to be a beautiful gift for your girl team. They will dazzle around with twinning hair accessories that are useful and quirky. 

6. Cute Travel Jewelry Case

Source: Emmaline Bride

Who would not like a compact travel jewelry case where you can store your earrings, chains, rings all in a small storage pack? One can pack little jewelry pieces and can keep their delicates safe and secure. This can be a perfect gift for the bride squad. 

7. Customized Bracelets 

Source: Urwedding Gifts

As a thank you, you may give them customized friendship bracelets. Bracelets are exclusive accessories to pair up with dresses. You can look for beautiful bracelets done for friends with their name initials on them. 

8. Tie-knot chains

The delicate tie-knot chains are also beautiful thank you gifts for your bride tribe. These chic chains are fashionable and match well with traditional and western dresses. 

9. Pearl Earrings 

Source: Anthropologie

You can never go wrong with a jewelry piece and these little pearl earrings are classy and spell out how precious your girl squad is to you. They would love to flaunt this amazing gift.

10. Weekend Bags 

Source: CB Station

A weekend bag is a must-have. You can choose from a range of weekend bags and pick the best ones for your lovely girls. They would love it, and it is an amazing bag that they will use even after the wedding.

11. Bridesmaid Dresses 

Photography: Lin & Jirsa

You can plan bridesmaid dresses in advance. Get their measurements, gift them these customized and complimenting dresses that they can wear on your wedding day. Your friends will always remember this special gift. 

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12. Customized Champagne Glasses

Source: FB Rent Cramp

Another amazing idea is name-printed champagne glasses. This unique glass set will bring liveliness to your party. Later, your bridesmaid can keep these glasses as a memento of your wedding function. 

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13. Customized Clutches 

Source: Annie Shah

To celebrate and thank your girls for always being there at every step, you can gift them customized clutches. There is a range of clutches available, from pearl to marble patterned clutches, you can choose their favorite colors and add a thank you note inside. It looks stylish and cute, and we highly recommend this gift for your bridesmaids. 

14. Personalized Phone Cases 

Source: Bespoke Bride

Customized/personalized phone cases with your friend's names or a picture of you two can be another memorable gift that you can give to your friends. These are quite in trend and are appreciated by everyone. 

15. Spa Day Basket

Source: One Love Candle and Bath

A beautiful gift basket filled with spa goodies is great for relaxation after the wedding day. You can create this basket with exfoliating scrubs, essential oils, a hand towel or anything that you think should be added. 

16. Rose Quartz Jade Rollers

Rose Quartz Jade rollers are amazing devices to pamper your skin. Every girl needs something magical to improve their skin and shed off the puffiness. Gift these rollers to your bridesmaid to relieve puffiness and prepare their skin for wedding makeup.

17. A Bag of Hair Accessories 

Hair accessories are the first love of every girl. A goodie bag filled with loads of hair accessories including scrunchies, custom-made hair clips, hairpins, exotic hairbands will be a good idea to spoil your bridesmaids. This is one of the most useful gifts, and we are sure they will love it.

18. A Personalized Compact

Source: My Wedding Reception Ideas

The compact is the best gift for any girl. With her name on the top, it is like adding a cherry to the cake. Also, it is one of the pocket-friendly gift items. 

19. A Sweet Box

To celebrate your sweet relationship with your friends and cousins, you get them an exotic chocolate box or a box of cupcakes or macaroons asking them to be your bridesmaid at the wedding. It is one of the traditional yet evergreen gifts that you can give to your bridesmaids.

20. An Exotic Mist with the Label “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

If you want to make things special, you give your friends a bottle of exotic mist with a custom-made label “Will you be my bridesmaid?” It will be fun and different. 

21. A Photo Frame Celebrating your Friendship

All of us share an emotional bond with our friends. They are very close to our hearts, and we should express our love to each other whenever we get a chance, and what's more special than your wedding day? To celebrate your friendship and to say thank you for all the support during your wedding planning, and always in general, you can share a beautiful picture of yourself and your friend. This is an emotional gift, and your bridesmaids will cherish it forever. 

22. Exotic Coffees 

If your girl squad loves to party with coffee, then there is no other better gift than a variety of exotic coffees. You can choose from flavored coffees, to filter coffees available. Create a pack of unique variety and spread the magic of coffee. 

23. Cool Shades

Source: The Persnickety Bride

You can buy a bunch of cool shades for your friends. This is so hip and in-trend. You can select from aviators, reflectors, and so on. Pick something special for your bride squad and a unique one for yourself and take fun pictures afterward. 

24. A Photo Session

Photography: Shutterdown Photography

All girls loved to get clicked in pretty dresses and at exotic locations. How about planning a photo session with your bride tribe as a remarkable memory and treasuring these photos for a lifetime. You can pick up a nice destination or do a staycation in your city have fun and capture all the craziness. 

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25. Customized F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cups 

You would be living under a rock if you haven't watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S at least twice and haven't fallen in love with it. To honor your friendship, how about gifting customized cups with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme. You can create captions similar to the episode title. It is different from normal gifts and your friends will absolutely love this gift idea.

Things to consider before choosing gifts for bridesmaid

Choosing gifts for your bridesmaid can be confusing. So, before you go out and buy the best gift for your tribe, consider these points: 

1. Signifies your Bond - Whenever you are searching for a gift, look for a personalized gift that signifies your bond with your squad. You must celebrate your glorious bond with a lovely gift.

2. Utility – We recommend that you look for gifts that your friends can utilize in their day-to-day life. Instead of just a showpiece, you can pick up a mug or tumbler, and you can get creative prints or stickers over it. This way you give them a gift that they will actually use it. 

3. Pocket-friendly – If you have many friends, then you have an option to choose from pocket-friendly gifts. Tumblers, cups, chocolate boxes, photo frames, etc can be exclusive as well as pocket-friendly. Your friends will also like it.

4. Exclusive for closed ones – You can opt for exclusive gifts if you have a closed circle. It can be anything from pearl earrings to clutches or semi-precious stone jewelry. 

5. Something that they like - As you have been friends for a long time, you must be aware of what they like and whatnot. You can choose different gifts for your friends. You can even opt for something of common choice, like a fragrance you all like or exotic coffee you all relish together, or a lip color you all are fond of. You may consider their choices before picking a gift. 


Marriage is a very sweet and sour time, you are excited as well as confused. It is your girl squad that gets you through this time. They will always be with you through this amazing journey and you surely need to appreciate their effort. It is really sweet to thank them with a lovely note and a gift. This gesture will leave them with a smile and an unforgettable memory for them.

We hope that the list above has given you some ideas to thank your friends for being there with you!

Comment below and let us know which one would you pick for your girls?

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