15+ Brother-Sister Photos You Must Have In Your Wedding Album

Aug 10, 2022

A bond that is so special and only fills your heart and life with love, laughter, smiles (and of course, some annoying moments and silly fights) is the bond you share with your sibling. Whether you two are of a similar age group or have one who is younger or older than you, it's always a blessing to have a brother or sister with whom you not only have fun but share your deepest secrets and loudest laughs. He/She will always be there for you - whether it's giving a hug when you feel low or supporting you in your hardest decisions, always know that 'he/she always has your back'.

Whether you are his little doll or he is your biggest cheerleader, some things are better said with photos, and what better way to comprehend the same than Raksha Bandhan? A day that is a celebration of this pure - brother/sister bond.  

Also known as Rakhi, this festival is primarily celebrated among the Indian communities. The sister ties a rakhi or a thread around her brother's wrist and wishes him a long and blessed life ahead. The thread symbolizes the love and protection they both wish for each other. 

Brother-Sister Photo Ideas

We spend some of the best moments of our life with our siblings. From seeing you wearing mum's saree and acting all grown up to actually seeing you as a bride. It is both, a happy and emotional moment for a brother. Even if he is not very expressive about his feelings and emotions, know that he loves you, and would do anything to bring a smile to your face. Other than having all cutesy, romantic photos with your life partner, here are some must-have photos you should get with your dearest brother, your first best friend to include in your wedding album. 

It will be a mix of all - happy, excited, sad, but most of all - filled with only love and warm hugs. These moments are worth capturing and the photos showcased below are proof!

1. Always Having Your Back

Source: Studio RDP

Source: Harvarinder Singh Photography

No matter where you are or how old you are, you will always need your brother/brothers to have your back. And your wedding day is surely a day when it's the best time to create wonderful memories that will remain with you for a lifetime.

2. Have Fun As You Used To In Your Childhood

Source: Razz Nischal Photography

Do you remember when you used to be kids and annoying your siblings is one of the things you enjoyed the most? Well, you two are grown up now, but the child inside you should always remember the good times you have spent together. 

3. Carry Her Just Like The Old Times

Source: Shutterdown Photography

Such cute shots will remind you of your childhood memories that you two have spent playing, annoying, and fighting with each other. Make sure you have one such shot in your wedding album that you can always look back and smile on.

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4. The Look Away Pose

Source: Beginnings For You

Such non-traditional poses make quite a highlight in your wedding album. Unlike the mushy poses, this one looks too good, and definitely something that you must try with your brother.

PS: This brother-sister duo is raising the temperatures high with their style quotient. 

5. Some Fun Haldi Shots

Source: Shades Photography

Not just on your wedding day, you must also take fun photos at pre-wedding events like Haldi, Mehndi, and Sangeet. This one will be a great photo to remind you of all the crazy times leading upto the wedding day. 

6. Helping Her Getting Ready

Source: Movieing Moments

This is so special. From seeing you playing with the dolls to now dolled up as a bride, this journey is quite an emotional one. We are sure the photos while your brother helps you get ready will come out beautifully as you two experience this emotional roller coaster ride. 

7. Sweet Kisses

Source: Tanya Vohra Ahuja

We are in love with this cutest picture where the brothers place a kiss on their sister's cheeks just before she becomes 'Miss to Mrs'. Such moments become beautiful memories later on!

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8. Walking Down the Aisle Holding Her Phoolon Ki Chaddar

Source: WeddingNama Photography

From holding your hand to help you walk propoerly as a kid, to now holding the phoolon ki chaddar while you walk down the aisle, there's nothing more special for a brother to be a part of this journey. 

Source: Sam & Ekta

Source: Camlition Productions

9. The Classic Pose

Source: Fih Fotografie and The Imprint Studio

The classic is evergreen. While holding your hand or helping you get ready is definitely special, but getting a photo in a classic pose is a must-have for the wedding album. You can get a photo at pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding day, or even at an after-party event, but this should not be missed. 

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10. By Your Side Throughout The Ceremonies

Source: Zehra Jagani Photographer

From being your driver to now being by your side throughout the ceremonies - the brother-sister bond falls short of words. 

To all the brothers, we know you will be very busy overlooking the preparations or making sure every guest is properly attended, but this is a very special day for your sister, so stick around her and see if she needs anything in particular or any help. 

Source: Candid Wedding Stories

11. They Never Fail To Lift You Up!

Having a brotger is just like having a friend for life. He is the most precious person in your life, and someone you can always count on, whenever needed. Just like you he knows how to lift your mood whenever you are low, this pose where he lifts you in his arms will be a very special one that should be definitely added to the wedding album. 

12. A Must-have Photo With Your Bro Gang!

Having a photo with your brother/brothers before walking down the aisle is definitely a moment you will cherish forever. You will be grateful that you took some time out and posed for these priceless shots. 

To add more colors and vibe to the photos, the brothers can go for coordinated clothes or accessories, or wear something that matches the bride. Make her sit in the center and all of you spread around so the focus is on the bride, just like you see in these photos. 

Source: Naman Verma

13. Capture The Moments That Warm Your Heart

Source: Gaatha

It is a dream of every sister to see her brother getting married and start a new chapter of his life. From deciding what to wear at each event, to making sure you have loads of fun and of course, an endless number of photos with the groom, especially during the rituals.

14. Holding Her Hand, Just Like Always

Source: Nimboo Photo

Leaving your family and starting a new life is never easy, but when you have a brother standing next to you, holding your hand, everything falls into place.   

15. Warm Hugs

Source: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

No words can describe the emotions better than a warm hug from someone who means a lot to you. Make sure you recreate this photo with your best person on the wedding day, and always keep it close to your heart.

16. Always Being There For You!

Source: Nimboo Photo

Doesn't matter if you have a younger brother or an older one, what matters is the care and concern they have for you. They were always there for you, and always will be there, helping you every step of the way, just like your shadow. 

This is a priceless photo that is a must-have for the wedding album to remind you every day how lucky you are to have a sibling who loves you endlessly. 

Source: Amrit Photography  


These cute and very special pictures will melt your heart and can enhance your celebration as well. They can be from the wedding day, sangeet night, mehndi, or reception party - make sure you don't miss any moment that's worth remembering for a lifetime. Bookmark these brother-sister photo ideas for inspiration without a second thought!

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