How To Plan A Micro Wedding During Covid

Oct 25, 2021

Are you planning on getting married in 2022? While the vaccine is now available, it doesn't mean that certain precautions can be ignored. Check out our Covid Micro-Wedding Checklist to make sure you're covered for your micro-wedding.

1. Move your Wedding Outdoors

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Talk to your venue to see if you can shift your wedding outdoors. If not, coordinate with them to ensure that seats are at least six feet apart, temperature check stations will be set up, and that hand sanitizers are widely available throughout your event.

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2. Check the Vendor Contracts

Re-visit all vendor contracts! Make sure the terms are what you want for your wedding day.

3. Check the State Guidelines

Ensure that your wedding falls within the state and CDC guidelines.

4. Stream your Wedding Online

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Work with your videographers and DJ to live stream your reception so that guests at home can dance along with you. Set up your virtual wedding link on Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other video conferencing platforms. Not all of your guests are going to attend your wedding in person so set up a virtual viewing so they don't miss out on your big day! Have them take pictures of themselves celebrating in their own homes and share using your hashtag!

For in-person attendees, make sure there is space when dancing and people are not crowded together.

5. Communicate with your Guests

Communicate your expectations with your guests. Let guests know that masks are required. If guests are elderly, feeling sick, or have been out of town, please advise them to stay at home and enjoy the wedding virtually. If you want your guests to get tested beforehand, let them know! Make sure your guests are also comfortable with the events and being around other people.

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6. Communicate with your Vendors

Communicate with vendors such as henna, hair, and makeup, or even food to wash their hands, wear gloves and masks when handling products or food.

7. Come up with Creative Ideas for your Wedding

For example, work with your caterer and have them deliver food to your guest's houses so that they can enjoy your wedding food. Another creative idea is to have wedding favors delivered to guests at their homes.

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8. Seating Arrangement

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Come up with different seating arrangements for your reception such as skipping every other seat or leaving an empty table between two tables. Talk to your priest and ensure that there is sufficient distance among all folks that will be seated on the mandap.

9. Mask Up

While it may not be the best part, take photos with your masks on. There are so many gorgeous masks to check out here, here, and here.

10. Catering

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Keep plated dinners for the reception or announce each table one at a time so there's not a huddle by the buffet table. Remind guests not to share plates, glasses, or cutlery.

Have multiple bar stations in different areas of the room so that there are no lines.

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11. Event Timeline

Keep the events short. Instead of having a three-hour-long reception, a one-hour-long reception also gets the job done.

Have more tips for a Covid Micro-Wedding that's not listed above? Let us know some of your tips and help couples who are planning to get married.

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