15 Delicious Alternatives To Serve At Your Wedding Besides Cake

Jul 06, 2022

Whether you are getting married in the daytime or nighttime, grandly or intimately; either way, food is an extravagant affair and one of the most central things at a wedding. While your main course may include a variety of cuisines, desserts will always be sealing the deal. A wedding cake is a traditional practice that can never go out of style. But people love to try something different and in desserts, there are an array of options available other than the wedding cake.

Alternative Desserts Other Than Wedding Cake

Plenty of couples are experimenting and doing new things for their wedding, and the dessert department is one of the places where their taste and creativity are noticed. In 2022, individual wedding desserts are a trend where couples are serving non-traditional desserts which are worth the hype. If you are the one for something different than the common and traditional desserts, here are a few delicious options for your wedding that will make the guests go home, happily. 

1. Apple Pie

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You can never go wrong with it a good old classic apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped off with caramel; is soul food. For a wedding, pies can work wonders, and there are many options you can opt for, not only in terms of flavors, you will have a variety of options in shape, size, colors, fillings, and serving style. You can also serve mini pies that you don't have to cut and serve which is a great idea. For the mini pie, each guest will get an equal portion of the pie and you just have to select a good flavor; or you can install a Pie Station with two or three different flavors for the guests to have fun trying. Something uncommon like an Earl Grey pie, mixed fruit pie, or s’more pie will make the guests excited and it will be different and unique for them too. 

2. Fruit Tart

A fruit tart with fresh fruits of that particular season will add a delicious charm to the food menu of your wedding. Tarts are easy to make and quick to serve. The crust with buttery crisp, if baked properly, will uplift the mood. It’s a dessert with the perfect amalgamation of butteriness and fresh fruity essence. 

3. Grilled Fruits

Source: Feel Good Foodie

Grilled food in savory items is common and oh-so-delicious but grilled fruits take the deliciousness a tad bit higher. Go for a grilled fruit stall at your wedding and become the talk of the town. The flavors of the fruits intensify as the juiciness gets caramelized and the grill gives a woodsy flavor, reminding the guests of a campfire. This dessert is a great option for your winter wedding. 

4. Crème Brûlée

What can go wrong with Crème Brûlée? It’s a classic French dessert that can be categorized as a chic and elegant dessert. The custard with the burnt brown sugar at the top is neither too sweet nor less sweet, it is just perfect to end the meal. Simply a chef’s kiss!

5. Cinnamon Rolls

Source: Domestically Blissful

Hello to the non-cake lovers, and those who think cakes are outdated now. Cinnamon rolls are not a traditional dessert but let’s be honest, it’s cinnamon rolls. A plate served with warm cinnamon rolls and ice sugar syrup on top is a game-changer and a mood lifter. This dessert is worthy enough to be present in a winter wedding to warm up the guest’s hearts and yours too. 

6. Cake Pops

Cake pops in place of a wedding cake is a trend we do not want to run away from. It’s a perfect replacement for the traditional cake with a modern twist. Opting for cake pops with two or three different flavors and different icing will add colors and variety to the food menu.

7. Baklava Cheesecake

Source: Pies and Tacos

We all are big fans of cheesecake, what is not there to be a fan of! The cheesy goodness is worth the hype and love. And then there is the Turkish sweet which won everyone's heart and soul i.e. Baklava. A fusion of these two will absolutely win hearts and there is no doubt, that it will be a unique option for your wedding menu. It's not just a combination of crisp and soft texture, but two different tastes coming together in harmony and tasting like a piece of heaven. In a wedding with two different individuals coming from two different backgrounds, choosing this will add significance to the celebration. 

8. Candy Bar

Bored of all the options with the baking process? How about a candy stall at your wedding! It will be a fun installation with different flavors and variant color options. And the best part is, that candies are loved by members of every age. It is something that a person does not have to use cutleries and dishes to eat and savor.

9. Jello Pops

Same as candies, go for a stall of jello pops. The jiggly delicacy with different flavors and shapes will be loved by the guests. You can add a stall of ‘Make your own Jello’, where kids can have fun making it. And if you and your partner are the adventurous ones, then why not choose it and please participate with your friends and families to mark this as a memory of a lifetime. 

10. Cherry Bombs

Love choco lava cakes? Then you will fall in love with these little lip-smacking desserts called cherry bombs too. In place of cake, you will get ice cream stuffed with a cherry dipped in chocolate. It is a different and unique dessert for a wedding but will be worth it.

11. Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Another combination that can never go wrong and will win the hearts of all the guests and every age. An ice cream stall with the outside crispy and inside cold cream is not a traditional dessert but is a superb fusion that's worth a try.

12. S’mores Bar

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A gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate with crisps will be a crowd-pleaser. Install a station for s’mores where the guests can make their s’mores with chocolate according to their own taste. It will be an activity where everyone will have fun together with every food element in one place to have it together. 

13. Croquembouche

Croquembouche, another French dessert created from choux puff pastry and filled with crème pâtissière is an elegant dessert tower that is absolutely dreamy. If you are all for royal and statement-making things for your wedding, then this dessert will make a statement and your wedding will always be remembered by the guests who visit. You can also go for a cake made of Croquembouche, which will surely be talked about for a long time. 

14. Waffles

Another alternate dessert to a wedding cake can be waffles. If you guys are the ones who can eat waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, choose them for your wedding desserts too. Especially if you are having a day wedding that will end up being a brunch wedding, then waffles are a perfect dessert option. You will get so many varieties too - chocolate, classic butter and maple syrup, fruits with cream, warm waffles with ice cream, or waffles on a stick. Choose according to your theme, and you are good to go. 

15. Macarons

There's hardly anyone we have come across who is not a fan of Macarons. The soft and gentle dessert with flavored cream in mid of the two biscuits can be served in any flavor you like. From classic chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and vanilla to exotic fruits and Indian sweet flavors like Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, Masala chai, Elaichi (cardamom), etcetera, you can get it all.

You can also make a macaron cake to cut after your ceremony. These beautifully colored desserts will melt in your mouth and will bring a smile to anyone who tries them, making them the perfect treat for your special day. 

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Weddings are happy events and any happy event is incomplete without sweets. The cake is a traditional dessert but times are changing and so are the taste and choices of people. Nowadays couples are all creative, and experimentative with their wedding. Everyone wants to do something unique and stand out from the crowd. Apart from decors and themes, food and desserts are also chosen according to the couple’s tastes and preferences. Choose something that stands out but at the same make sure the guests will be able to eat it and most importantly enjoy it.

A good dessert can change someone’s mood within seconds, so go for classics but with some fusion that you know will work. And lastly, go for something that everyone including you and your partner can enjoy, after all, it is your big day.

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