The Ultimate Guide To DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas

Apr 25, 2023

Lighting is a crucial part of any wedding decor. It can enhance the overall atmosphere and vibe, making your big day even more memorable and enjoyable for you and the guests. Proper lighting is key to highlighting the main elements of any wedding such as the ceremony, decor, etc. along with creating a cohesive look. With its ability to transform any space into something magical, it can make your wedding experience a breathtaking one that will be remembered for years to come.

DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas

Keeping in mind how crucial the right lighting is for any event, we have put together a guide to help you navigate through and make the right decisions to choose the lighting just apt for your wedding. And if you are on a budget, don’t worry we have got you covered with numerous DIY ideas to get your lighting game on point without burning a hole in your pocket. 

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is general, non-directional lighting used to illuminate a space, without creating shadows or glares. They are usually soft and diffused and are commonly used to create a warm, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere. Ambient lighting can be found in the form of ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, recessed lighting, wall scones, etc., and can be adjusted to the desired level of brightness. They play a pivotal role in the ambiance and the design of a space to create a soothing and relaxing environment. 

There are plenty of ways to DIY your ambient lighting to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, and below are some:

String Lights

Source: Sara Idrees Portraits


Source: Altair Decor

Lanterns are a great way to add that warmth and rustic touch to your wedding and are suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors. They are specifically a great choice for a rustic-themed wedding. Lanterns are also available in a wide range such as glass, wood, metal, etc. They can also be paired with fairy lights or LED candles to create a soft, romantic, and flickering glow. 

Mason Jars Lights

Mason jars are a very versatile piece of tool that can be used in numerous ways to create that beautiful ambiance. They are a cheap option that can be transformed easily to create ambient lighting by simply filling them with fairy lights, and LED candles, wrapping them with twines and hanging them to tree branches, or placing them as table centerpieces, etc. 


Source: Flowers by Edgar

Candles are the easiest and cheap way to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Place them in candle holders, or trays, or just place them on the floor, or just DIY your candle holders using mason jars, wine glasses, etc. The options are endless!

With so many options available for ambient lighting it is important to choose the right type of lighting that matches your overall wedding theme. The right type of lighting is imperative to set the mood and create a beautiful atmosphere. To ensure you choose the correct lighting make sure to keep the following points in mind:

  • The overall theme of the wedding
  • Type of Venue
  • The color temperature of the lighting
  • The brightness level of the lighting
  • Placement of the lighting

2. Accent Lighting

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Accent lighting is a type of light that is usually brighter and more intense than ambient lighting which is used to highlight or emphasize an object or area. It is directed and focused to draw attention to specific features such as artwork, decorative objects, etc. It is achieved through the use of spotlights, wall-mounted fixtures, or track lights. They are an excellent choice to create a dramatic effect and add depth and texture. 

You can create your accent lighting using the tips below. 


Source: Into Dust Photography

Uplighting is a great way to highlight or emphasize a particular space or object. This can be done using a floor lamp or spotlights to create an upward beam of light. This is a great way to add drama and an eye-catching effect to the space you want to emphasize. 

Fairy Lights

Source: Brilliant Event Lighting

Fairy lights are quite versatile when it comes to creating different types of lighting. Just wrap them around the furniture, plants, and trees and there you have your accent lighting most easily. 

Shadow Play

Source:  Aash Studio

Shadow play is a fun, interesting, and unique way to add accent lighting by simply using cut-out shapes or stencils of your choice to cast shadows on the wall or ceiling. 

Using accent lighting is an excellent way to enhance spaces or features in your wedding venue. For example, you can use up-lighting to highlight the architectural features, such as arches, moldings, etc. of your venue. Similarly, to draw attention to centerpieces, flower arrangements, or other decorative items, use pin-spot lighting to make them stand out as the focal point of your wedding decor. All you need to know is the right type of accent lighting to use to match the object or space you are wanting to highlight. 

3. Mood Lighting

Source: Making the Moment

Mood lighting is used to create a specific type of atmosphere or mood in a space. They are commonly used to enhance the ambiance of space to create an atmosphere desired, for example, warm and cozy or cool and modern. It is usually created using various types of light sources, such as dimmers, lamps, chandeliers, spotlights, etc.

These lights are adjusted to the desired level of brightness, color, and direction of the light. Mood lighting is an important element of any interior which can influence how the people feel in that space by setting the overall tone. 

There are various ways to DIY mood lighting and that is too cheap and cost-effectively. 


Source: Xiaoqi Li Photography 

Candlelights are a timeless and classic source of mood lighting. They are perfect to create a warm, romantic, and inviting atmosphere. There are a plethora of options available for candles and candle holders that can be used to set the mood. One way to use candles to set the mood, which is recently gaining a lot of popularity, is grouping candles of different sizes and heights to create a stunning centerpiece. 

Colored Lights

If you are looking to add a fun and festive element to your wedding decor, then colored lighting is your answer. With the choice of color-changing lights, colorful string lights, etc. your options of using them are endless. 

Edison Bulbs

Source: Fotovision Photographers

Edison bulbs have been the trend for many years. Using Edison bulbs is a great way to create a warm and vintage-inspired atmosphere. Hang them in clusters from the ceiling, use them to light up the path, etc. Whichever way you use them, they are sure to create a warm inviting, and intimate vibe. 

Mood lightings are a powerful tool to set the tone and atmosphere for any event. However, when using them, make sure to keep the following pointers in mind to ensure setting the right tone and vibe. 

  • Make sure to choose the mood lighting to suit your overall wedding theme. For example, Edison bulbs are a great choice for rustic-themed weddings. 
  • Install dimmers to adjust the lighting to match the mood you are going for.
  • Colored lighting is a great way to set a mood. For example, using pink or purple light is perfect for achieving a romantic vibe. 
  • Keep the type and features of your venue in mind.

DIY Wedding Lighting on a Budget

Lighting is an integral part of the decor for any type of event, and hence, it can take up a lot of your budget. So we took it upon ourselves to recommend some ideas to save some big bucks on the lighting. 

Source: Amrit Photography

  • Use natural lighting. Natural lighting is the best lighting that exists to capture those beautiful moments which will be cherished for a lifetime.
  • Find a venue that already has good lighting installed. This will not only save you money on the lighting but also the labor.
  • If additional lighting is required, don’t buy it, rent it!
  • Use this guide and get inspired to DIY the wedding lighting.
  • If you are on a tight budget, then prioritize the lighting according to the areas that need it the most to the least.

There are numerous ways to DIY lighting in a budget-friendly way. 

  • One of the simplest and easily available options is the battery-operated LED lights. They are affordable and available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. And their portability makes them a great choice for both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Mason jars are another versatile option that can be used in a variety of ways. Just fill them with tea-light candles, fairy lights, etc. and you are done. 
  • Paper Lanterns are an inexpensive and easy way to get that lighting with a pop of color. Available in various shapes, colors, sizes, etc. your options are endless. 
  • If you have any wine bottles lying around, put them to good use by using them as part of your wedding lighting. 

Just because you are on a budget, or think that lighting will take up a major chunk of your budget, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality and style. It is possible to have the lighting just how you want it without having to make any sacrifices. 

  • Prioritize the key areas.
  • Rent the lighting
  • Use lighting strategically
  • DIY
  • Consider different types of lighting


As discussed in this article, lighting is an important aspect of any event. However, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to get the desired lighting. With this guide, you can have the kind of lighting you want without having to sacrifice any aspect. Get your creative juices flowing and have some fun DIY-ing the lighting. Invite your squad over to help you out whilst sipping some wine, and let the lighting add its magic to your big day. 

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