Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas You Will Love ❤️

Jan 28, 2022

Valentine’s is a day to celebrate love, a day for which you must have planned meticulously for your partner, as it is just nearby. The gifts must be ready and the itinerary must be fixed.

A valentine’s date is not just about going out with your partner, you can stay in too but dressing up is an important part. A valentine’s day will be incomplete without a date and this is where you will go out with your partner, dress nicely, have some good food, and have a lovely time. Or you can stay in and arrange a dinner date at your place too. Whatever plan is made, dressing up nicely is an important part of that day. After everything is fixed, the main concern is what are you supposed to wear? Dressing up and looking nice is not a task, but going through your wardrobe and selecting something to wear can be difficult.

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas You Will Love

A well-put outfit will not only make you feel secure and confident but will make your man fall in love with you once again. Your valentine’s day can be a good excuse to finally wear that dress you got that is tucked away in a corner of your wardrobe or due to the pandemic, you could not wear it anywhere. Here are a few options that you can try out for your Valentine’s date and knock the daylight off his head. 

Skirts and Tops

A skirt and a top are something which you can experiment with and can style yourself in a unique way too. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to styling a skirt and a top, fabric, texture, colors, and silhouette is all that you have to look for. Take inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw of the famous fashion and drama series, ‘Sex and the City’, her each look where she is wearing skirts and tops is Instagram worthy and something you can definitely wear to a date. 

1. It is still the month of winter and you can never go wrong with a black polka dot sweater with a red skater skirt. Complete the whole look with black stomp boots with heels and simple black stockings or go for the stone stockings to add glam to your whole look. 

2. Go for a white polka dot full hand sleeve top or sweater, or a shirt with ruffled shoulder with a full sleeve, pair it with your choice of the skirt, and can go for knee-length boots instead of the stockings and shoes or simply opt for heels. Go for dewy makeup with dark lipstick, or highlighted makeup with nude lips and minimal jewelry and a sling bag- and you are all in to rock his world.

3. Another look is a plain tee or a shirt tucked in a buttoned-up skirt.

4. Every women’s wardrobe should have a gorgeous tulle skirt to pair with any kind of top; tees, shirts, blazers, jackets, long shirts, etc. The skirt will make you feel like a fairy or Disney princess straight out of a fairytale and it is a perfect piece for a valentine’s date. Pair it with any kind of top, even a graphic tee, and white classic sneakers will look stunning.

5. A cute sweater and a metallic skirt are date-worthy will make you feel sexy and will be super comfortable too. The metallic shine of the skirt is what will make you his center of attention the whole date.

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You can never go wrong with a dress on a date night. It is a common and general idea that date-night means you have to get that dress out from the wardrobe and flaunt it. But a dress can also be styled in different ways and there are many options too.

How about going for a classic red dress this Valentine’s day? A red tulle dress with a deep V neck, ruffled shoulders, and your hair in a bun or pony is a comfortable choice and you will look beautiful.

1. If you are not the one for fancy dresses, then go for the boho long sleeve floral dress, making you look like a breath of fresh air.

2. When talking about florals, a floral full-length printed dress looks no less than romantic. 

3. A floral print maxi dress is perfect for the ones who do not prefer to go for short dresses, and just because it is a date, short dresses or midis are not the only options to go for. If the date is planned at your place, then a maxi dress is perfect for an easy breezy romantic evening with your man.

4. Another classic outfit is the slip dress and there are many ways you can style it too. A slip dress is an outfit that will not only make you look stunning but feel sexy too.

5. If you have worn the slip dress from your wardrobe, and you do not want to buy anything else, wear a black or white or any color of full sleeve turtleneck under the slip dress. Choose the color that will go best with your slip dress or go for a contrast that will stand out.

6. Pair your Slip dress with a blazer. Style it with a belt around the waist or hang it on the shoulder like a cape. Take a cue from Hollywood fame, Zendaya.

Pants, Trousers, and Jeans

On a date night, wearing pants and a top is something not very common, but super comfortable. Usually, a woman prefers wearing dresses; formal, informal and sometimes it depends on the styling. But wearing pants is not against the rule, right? It depends on how you are styling and the main thing should be your comfort and how you are feeling in that particular outfit. There are many options to style your outfit. Take a cue from Fallon Carrington from the series ‘Dynasty’, and see how you can make formal wear look so sexy and confident. 

1. A crop top and high-waisted jeans are a safe and comfortable option that can make you look stunning for your date night. Go for stilettos to add an edge to your look. You can also take inspiration from Bollywood celebrity, Bhumi Padnekar rocking the floral crop top with jeans, and looking wow.

2. Another option is to go for a knotted top with a deep neck and narrow jeans.

3. If you are the one for comfortable fashion, then go for an oversized sweater and tuck it into your jeans.

4. A graphic tee tucked in jeans with a blazer on top, gives a casual vibe and the choice of jewelry can make the whole look stand out.

5. For the woman, who loves her comfort first, but then wants to look fashionable, go for a turtleneck with a blazer/jacket and wear it with a trouser, or baggy pants. Yes, you can make a turtleneck look fashionable and rock it.

6. Style it with a few dainty and long neckpieces and wear a belt to give an oomph factor and go for heels if you are going for full-fare pants. If choosing ankle-length then, a pair of loafers, sneakers, oxfords, or stunning ankle-length boots will be the best.


Dressing up for a date should never be stressful but a fun session. The first thing while dressing up and selecting an outfit should be whether you are comfortable or not. A deep V neck looks gorgeous but are you comfortable with it? A short mini skirt and a ruffled top will look cute, but is the length of the skirt bothering you? Ask the important questions before going for it. You can not buy new clothes every time you step out, so style the outfits already there in your wardrobe. You will be surprised by how fun it is to play around with the outfits and mix-matching them. Dressing up is one, but the most important thing about this date night is having fun with your special one that you can relive for years to come.

Hope the above suggestions will help you sort out your date outfit easily and will make your day filled with love, laughter, and lots of romance. 

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