17 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Father & Father-in-law

Jun 14, 2022

He is protective, supportive, caring, and most of the time concerned about us, but one thing is above all - he loves us from the core of his heart. He may not be good at expressing his feelings or love, but the first one in the family to read his child's emotions only by looking at their face. For the superhero of our life, father's day is just another day, but for us - it's a day to make them feel loved and special and let them know how proud you are of him. 

If we were ever told to Name a Star of our lives, we are sure it would be no one else other than a father. 

This year, and just like every year, most of us have already started to surf the internet for the most thoughtful gifts for our fathers. They may have everything they want, but Father's day is a great opportunity to bring a smile to his face, just one more time. He will not only feel good but would also feel special. 

This overwhelming feeling of doing something noteworthy for your father is best and outstanding in all ways. Whether you are planning to take him out for dinner or surprise him with a gift or still thinking about how to make this day special for him, look nowhere else, as we have done the work for you and listed down these thoughtful gifts for your father/father-in-law to make them feel special and loved. 

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Just like any other day, father's day is equally special for us in celebrating and expressing our love for him, and gifts could be one way of showcasing that love. These selected range of gifts are just a token of love and a piece of sheer emotions to bring that cutest smile to his face. These ideas may not be out of the world, but they are genuine and most approachable to honor him. Our ideas will help you choose the best according to your budget and your father's needs. 

1. A Bottle of Whiskey or Whiskey Glasses or Both

There are many gifts you can think of but this could be the best gift for your father /father-in-law if he is fond of parties and celebrations. A bottle of his favorite drink or fancy glasses or both can be a great gift for him this father's day. If you have never gifted him something like this before, now is the right time. He would definitely love this present and surely CHEERS to that moment!

2. Smartwatch/Luxury Watch

Gifting them a smartwatch can be a conscious step towards a healthy lifestyle. It will help keep an eye on their regular health records. If he already has a smartwatch, then consider giving him a luxury watch from his favorite brand. Both the options are good for his health and lifestyle.

3. A Wireless Charging Station

Charging your phone or moving from one socket to another could be troublesome for some. If he enjoys watching videos on their cell phone or is very active in chatting with his family or friends group, then a wireless charging station can help them in a big way.

4. A Handmade Card

You do not always have to go big on gifts to show that you love and care, sometimes a handmade greeting card with your feelings penned in it is everything. If you don't want to go for a card, you can maybe write them a letter, or even a note is enough to make them feel loved.  

5. Wireless Headphones or Ear Pods

For a gadget-friendly dad, a pair of wireless headphones or ear pods would be the best gift, especially if he is taking calls often. While we would never suggest using a phone while driving, if something urgent comes, these ear pods are very helpful while driving or traveling in general. 

6. Personalized Coffee or Tea Mugs

For a coffee or a tea lover dad, what could be the best gift on this father's day? A personalized tea or coffee mug with his picture or his caricature printed on it or maybe just something cool written on it like - Super Dad or Awesome Dad. This way, he can think of you every time he sips his morning or evening cup of tea/coffee. 

7. A Pen and a Diary 

A personalized diary to keep a note of all important things and events would be a perfect gift for a dad who likes to write. You can customize the pen and a diary with his name on it, and add a very thoughtful note for him on the first page of the diary to tell how much you adore him and how much he means to you.

8. Fancy Eyewear or a Beautiful Case to Keep Them Safe

Source: Oktie Accessories

We are certain eyeglasses are not something that one changes often, so If your father wears glasses for eyesight or just for traveling, it's a safe option plus the right occasion to gift them one. 

If they use contact eyewear, you can gift them new Uv-protected glasses with 360-flexible frames and if they don't use contact, then a classic pair of sunglasses is a good option to choose. You can also consider gifting a beautiful case to keep these glasses safe. 

9. Perfumes

We have hardly come across anyone who would say no to perfume as a gift. You can pick a fragrance they like, or something from their favorite brand, or get him a unique fragrance that they will appreciate. 

10. An Outdoor Essential Kit

For your adventurous dad, this outdoor essential kit would be their aide and most helpful when they go for their next trek. This kit contains a fire starter, first-aid tape, a compass, a wire saw, drinking flasks, and a water purifier.

Without thinking much, order this kit online for a Father's day gift and motivate him to travel more. 

11. A Wallet

Being the most important accessory for men, gifting a wallet may not excite you much as it's a common gift, but it's not something that one changes often. Gifting a new one might pursue him to let go of the old one or he can just add it to his collection, and use it for special occasions. 

There are many types of wallets available online or in-store, you can choose the best one while keeping his preferences in mind. 

12. Take Him out Shopping

Take him out shopping and enjoy some 'father-daughter' time together followed by a movie and dinner. You can get him something of his choice, which will also save you from choosing now and exchanging later if in case he doesn't like it or if it doesn't fit well. 

13. Frame a Photo of Both of You

Source: Artfoto Studios

What could be more thoughtful or precious than gifting him a photo of both of you in a nicely framed portrait? You can pick a photo from one of the most memorable events - your wedding day. He can keep this on his desk or hang it on his favorite wall of the house and can look at it whenever he thinks of you.

14. Coffee or Beer Subscription

If he is a coffee or a beer lover, get him a yearly subscription to what he enjoys the most. 

15. Healthy Snacks Basket

A basket of healthy snacks is just perfect keeping in mind their health and preferences. It is a safe aide, especially if he is a fitness freak or health-conscious.

You can go for baked or roasted snacks that are available everywhere. You can choose to deliver this basket to his doorstep or give it to him yourself. 

16. Gardening Tool Kit

Gardening is one of the favorite activities seen among older generations, thus, what could be better than gifting your father, a gardening tool that he can use to grow more plants, maintain his kitchen garden, or use just to pass his time. This is a productive idea for both - their hobby and garden, we hope you love it too.

17. A Pair of Shoes

We believe, more than fashion, they look for comfort. And in their age, they should be gifted something that can add more comfort to their walking, jogging, or running. Just make sure the color and size are apt so that they don't resist wearing.

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Dear peeps, you can choose anything from the above-mentioned gift ideas and make it more special in your way. Also, we hope we can add more worth to your relationship. We wish gifting them will make your bond stronger and gets you limitless happiness.

Lets us know in the comments which one you choose and how your father reacted.

Happy Father's Day to everyone celebrating!

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