Top 37 Finger Mehndi Designs For Your Intimate Wedding

Jan 25, 2022

Whether there's an occasion to attend or a festival to celebrate, we girls love to have mehndi applied on our hands without any particular reason. The happiness in applying mehndi is beyond words, especially in our South Asian culture. There are no particular phenomena behind the craze of mehndi but the wish is only to have the best out of many designs and have beautiful, dark-colored mehndi on our palms. Well, it doesn't end here, there are some more classical stories behind henna.

The History of Mehndi

Since ancient times we have been using Mehndi for numerous purposes. From medicinal value to commercial body art and as a regular cooling down herb, it was treated as a magical wand for ages. The core uses of henna had been in the hands of the bride-to-be. Widely known in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Assam, South Asian countries, and also a few of the western countries like South Africa, Arab, and others, the perspective is different for applying mehndi but the usage remained the same by all to beautify the hands and body.  The interesting fact is that the Henna plant was scientifically called Lawsonia inermis, whose dry leaves are used to make mehndi that was specially designed for the enrichment of hands and body, for both men and women. Egyptians used to decorate the hands with mehndi and then slowly the patterns and art came into existence with flowers, moon, peacock, bold strokes, dots, and many others. The innovation and creation played a major role in bringing the mehndi into the limelight, which is why today we have eight types of mehndi designs with diversification in pattern and motifs to adore them. The types are as follows:

1. Moroccan mehndi designs

2. Western-style mehndi designs

3. Indian mehndi designs

4. Pakistani mehndi designs

5. Arabic mehndi designs

6. Indo Arabic mehndi designs

7. Indo Western mehndi designs

8. African mehndi designs

These days we came across some changing styles and the finger mehndi design is the new one to look for. This style is for all age groups and with aesthetic vibrance from minimal to heavy design, it adds another highlight to the artist's impression. The diversity in Indian culture makes everyone pious to follow the rituals and know their importance. If you are wondering, why we apply mehndi on all festivals or occasions and what it brings to us, then the answer is very simple: it brings happiness, calmness, and good luck to one’s life.  Here are some fascinating finger mehndi designs for your upcoming ceremonies.

1. Flowers, leaves & dots


This oh-so-simple yet elegant design is appealing to the eyes with grace. The light to bold strokes is a unique feature of this design with magnifying flowers, leaves, and dots altogether.

2. Moroccan style mehndi



This design is inspired by the Moroccan mehndi style which is very neat and clear at glance. The geometrical designs of dotted flowers and leaf strokes are perfect for festivals and intimate celebrations.

3. Free stroke mehndi design

This super amazing Indo western design is a combination of triangle checks and free bold strokes perfect for your BFF's Haldi or mehndi ceremony.

4. Looks like a bracelet mehndi design

This minimal mehndi design is fancy enough for your upcoming celebrations. The hand bracelet with a mandala is looking very beautiful.

5. Something extraordinary for the ring finger

This style is classy for the next intimate wedding you will attend. The slaying of ring design and flowers adjoining with dots look graceful.

6. The perfect minimalistic style

With the trend of intimate weddings, our choice of clothes, jewelry, and even henna designs has gone from extravagant to something minimal and simple. And this henna design is a perfect piece of art with a paisley motif that looks fab for any occasion. 

7. A traditional mehndi design

This Indian-inspired mehndi design looks completely traditional with flowers and paisley motifs decorated with petals and leaf strokes. This design is best to match all styles of Indian attires. 

8. A mandala of dots

Every design has its own beauty, and so does this design. Decorating the middle finger with checks, flowers and a mandala of dots is accentuating the mehndi design multiple times. You can easily get the maximum coverage by decorating all the fingers, instead of just one. 

9. A unique mehndi design

The art of applying mehndi with this unique and stylish design looks outstanding. Every element of this design is so captivating to apply to your hands right now. So what are you waiting for?

10. Can there be anything more beautiful than this?

If you have artistic taste and believe in minimalism, then this Henna design screams you! The simple drafting with bold and light strokes and paisley motif is just nailing the style. 

11. Colorful henna is always a good idea!

Yes! You can enjoy these designs with different colors of Henna, and carry them with pride to wedding ceremonies. The design can be modified if you want, but if you like to have it just like this, we think it's apt!

12. Hanging jhumkas for the beauty


Mehndi: Jaanheena

This mehndi design highlights your fingers with peacocks, flowers, and jhumkas. It would go well with lehenga at your sister's wedding ceremony. 

13. How about going for basics?

If you don’t want to go extra and love basic designs, then this mehndi design is a big yes for you! You can anyway modify the design with your creativity and likings. 

14. Simply bold but traditional design

Why think of something else when you can choose this design with strokes and a net in the index finger resembling a fusion style. 

15. An illusion of rings

You need nothing much when you have Henna rings on your fingers.

16. The beauty of the ring finger

Planning to opt for a mehndi design only for your ring finger? Then you must try this one, it’s simply amazing and hassle-free. 

17. Jewelry inspired mehndi

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and sometimes we praise a simple design just because it has bold strokes that enhance the grace of a mehndi design.

18. Vintage mehndi design



The traditional and cultural elements of this Moroccan style are commendable and appropriate to try with western attires too. The representation of this crystal clear finger mehndi with a wristband design looks splendid.

19. Contemporary mandalas for the win


Mehndi: Hennaby_mk

Reverence is another name of this beauty, giving vibrant looks by covering all fingers with the same style. 

20. A combination of all


Mehndi: Heena Paradise

This one is for those who admire the simple henna design. You can try this design even if you do not have any occasion, but just for the day-to-day routine. 

21. Who doesn't like peacocks in a mehndi?


Mehndi: Henna Paradise

This peacock in stroke style is fancy and new. The look and beauty of this mehndi design are admirable to go with any attire and for any occasion.

22. Roses and leaves for you


Mehndi: Hennaby_mk

The richness of this Henna design is enthralling when you cover the fingers partially or completely. The best part is the layering of flowers in a single line that gives a dense look to the design.

23. A feather-y effect


Mehndi: Henna Paradise

All nature lovers would adore this beauty that holds the birds and bell all together to spread joy and chirpiness. This design is a treat to the eyes!

24. Jewelry inspired mehndi design

Jewelry is not only for adorning your neck but also for your finger in a mehndi style. The design is embellished and unique on its own.

25. Symmetrical mehndi design

Symmetry is always fab when given to anything. The design is for those who love to be in alignment with the pattern and style. The classy look makes it suitable for any event or festival.

26. One finger mehndi design


Mehndi: Henna Paradise

This can surely rule over your choices as the sharp and bold strokes are looking like teardrop jhumka with netted grip on the top.

27. Looks like a print!

The minimalist is another name of this design with just a slight print on all fingers.

28. Is that a ring?

Anyone can just get a ring from Henna by adding lots of creativity and charm to them.

29. How about a netted affair?

This design looks royal and regal with the net all over your fingers finishing with florals at the bottom is truly charming for your engagement and wedding ceremony. 

30. Looks like gloves

This glove mehndi design hits differently. Not only that, but it also gives a hand jewelry effect.

31. Beauty at its best


Mehndi: Henna Paradise

The knuckle rings and Maang tikka look exquisite. Thebeal in florals and tikka in Arabic style is worthy to choose for events.

32. Look-alike mehndi design

The Pakistani henna styles are known for flowers and pillars, and this design is inspired by the same. You can adorn your hands with this design on your wedding day or any other celebration. 

33. The heavy armlet

Like faux flowers, you can also get arm patti with henna for any occasion.

34. Let there be leaves!


Mehndi: Hennaby_mk

This simplistic design can’t be described in words. The beauty speaks louder than words here!

35. The magical white


Mehndi: Heena by Payal

This bohemian style is trending rapidly among the fashionistas and you too can follow the same for your special events.

36. Roses to fall for

Even a single rose or bouquet can make you go Ga Ga for Henna, and this mehndi design is simply outstanding and a must-try for intimate weddings. 

37. Floral Mandala


Mehndi: Hennaby_mk

If you want to opt for a mandala design, you can highlight the intricate features by hanging or portioning with beal, or decorating with flowers.

Why choose these mehndi designs?

Among the countless designs, the selection of the best ones is quite a tough choice which is not only confusing but also time-consuming. Here we have listed below why these mehndi designs will be the ultimate inspiration for your upcoming events!

1. These designs are stylish and easy to adopt

2. Fusion of all styles in one design

3. They are going to save a lot of your time from research

4. Easy for beginners

5. Super trendy

6. All the designs are unique and creative


The craze of mehndi is highly appreciable in South Asian countries and having the latest and truly peculiar design is what every girl looks for. They not only depict the cultures or tradition but also the vibe and freshness of Henna to decorate the hands and fingers with the finest and top-notch styles. Let us know which one is your favorite? 

Author: Neha Garg Ahuja

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