18 Thoughtful Gifts Ideas For Your Sister This Festive Season

Aug 10, 2022

You don't need a reason to gift someone, but it adds more value if it's on a particular occasion, and what better than the festive season that's just around the corner, right? We believe, more than anyone it's the sister who is mostly showered with gifts given by her dear brother, and why not, they have the right to ask, being a sister. 

Finding a gift is not a difficult task, but finding something that's thoughtful and the person receiving it would actually use it, is a pretty difficult task. Whether it's a gift for your parents, spouse, friend, or your loving sister, the gift has to stand out. To help you curate or find a gift for your sister, we have listed below some of the best and most useful gift ideas that your sister will love and always remember.

From their necessity to health to beauty, we have tried our best to cover everything that can help you in picking the right gift for her. 

You could also take her out for shopping, but we feel it will be the easiest way out. Let her appreciate your choice and all the efforts you have put to find the perfect gift to bring a smile on her face this festive season.

Gift Ideas for Your Lovely Sister This Festival Season

While gifting it's not just the gift that's appreciated, but what matters the most is the emotions behind the gift. Whatever you will choose, she will be happy to receive as it's picked with a lot of thought and love, but choosing something that she will like or something that she is already eyeing on would make a huge difference. 

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that your sister is going to love, for sure!

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1. Nail Art Kit

This may not be an ordinary choice for you but it will be a great gift to give your sister this festive season. There are many nail-art kits with stick-on nail packs and in a variety of designs and colors available online or offline.  

2. A Jade Roller Set

There are many kinds of massagers in the market that are not only budget-friendly but easily available in all beauty stores. We have seen them trending recently and becoming a sensation among celebrities or skincare lovers. So if your sister is a beauty-conscious girl, then this Jade roller set is a perfect gift to pick for her. 

3. Fitness Band/Smartwatch

Health is the priority and keeping a track of fitness is a necessity these days. You can buy a fitness band or smartwatch for her this festive season if she doesn't already have it. 

4. Headphones/Airpods

A good pair of headphones while traveling or driving can save anyone from the stress of picking up the call and holding the phone for so long. You can buy a pair of AirPods for your sister, we are sure she is going to love them. 

5. A Pack of Her Favorite Perfumes

“Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style.” – Christian Dior

Well, we couldn't agree more on this. Gifting a pack of your favorite perfumes or an individual bottle of perfume is a great gift to bring a smile to your dearest sister's face. You can gift her an experimental or new fragrance to add to her collection or pick the one that she already loves. The tried and tested policy works best!

6. Skincare Kit

Whether she swears by her skincare routine and makes sure that is doing everything to keep her skin healthy or she is like, once in a week 'CTM kinda girl', gifting her skincare products is always a good idea. Rather than gifting her something that may affect her skin, consider gifting organic skin care products, especially if she has very sensitive skin. 

7. Customized Name Pendants

Source: Sit and Wonder

This is a great pick if you are someone who believes in gifting something unique to her sister. Take the gifting game a step ahead with customized name pendants or earrings. You will find many designs and color options in the market, and you can choose what you think will look best on her. 

8. Smartphone

In this tech-savvy world, smartphones have become a necessity. If you know she is forward to changing her mobile set because it's been sometime now or just because she likes to keep an updated version of the phone, this festive season, consider gifting her a phone (only if it is within your budget). 

9. Chocolates

The love for chocolates is inevitable, no matter to whom you are planning to gift. A big basket full of chocolates or a box of her favorite chocolates can be a sweet gesture for your sweetest sister.

10. A Pair of Earrings

Source: Lizzie Fortunato

I have hardly come across a girl who doesn't like jewelry. Whether it's pendants, bangles, neckpieces, or earrings, it's popularly known as a girl's best friend. 

Oxidized, boho, pearl, thread work, or metallic, all are great options if you would love to gift her a pair of earrings. Even if she is stacked with all kinds of jhumkas or eardrops, receiving a new design of earrings from your brother is definitely special. If you don't want to give the earrings in thread work, pearl or metallic, then pick something in sterling silver, rose gold, or diamonds. 

11. Pretty Shoes

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!

We may have probably heard this a zillion times, but we fully agree with this. The more is always less when it comes to shoes for any girl. If she has already mentioned then it's fine but if not then you can ask her what she wants to have, which color or if there's any specific brand she is looking for. We hope in case of shoes right article and size should be your priority of you, so we recommended either take her shopping with you or ask her for the right specifications so you don't get it wrong. 

12. A Polaroid Camera

If she loves to capture the moments or loves being the muse, either way, it's good if she has a nice camera. Try and give her something that she can use apart from her phone for photography like a Polaroid camera. They come in pretty colors and compatible sizes. Some have the instant picture print feature and some come with black and white or colorful digital prints. You can choose and figure out which one she would like and use more, rather than just using it as a photo prop. 

13. Books

Phones are replaced by mobile phones, physical games are replaced by online games, and similarly, books are replaced by kindles or reading pads. But if your sister is 'old school' at heart and loves the smell of a new book and likes to read by flipping the pages rather than scrolling the pads then gifting her a book from her favorite writer or novelist is a fab gift.

14. An Outfit She Has Been Eyeing On

I have enough clothes, I don't need to go shopping - said no woman ever! 

A girl never has too many clothes, so gifting her an outfit is a very basic, but appreciative idea. The best is to take her out shopping, so she can buy something nice of her choice, but if you want it to be a surprise, then try and look out for her shopping cart, where she might have added some outfits to her wishlist that she wants to buy shortly, We are sure she will be fortunate to have a brother like you who knows what exactly she is looking for. 

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15. Scented Candles

Knowing your sister is important for two reasons - one, it can strengthen the bond, and another, she be lucky to have a brother who knows her inside, and out. Knows all about her likes and dislikes, which also makes it easier to buy a perfect gift for her. 

If you know, she loves non-materialistic things like - a phone, camera, etcetera, then adding sweet fragrances to her life via scented candles is one of the best gifts. She can use them whenever she feels happy or low or just wants to soak in the present moment, these scented candles work like magic. 

16. Handbag

Being a handbag lover, I feel a handbag is a great gift option that she will love and use it. If you know her preferred brand or color, or design, it just makes your work 10 times easier, as it's not a piece of cake to find the best handbag for your lovely sister. 

17. A Photo Frame

Source: Etsy

A beautiful frame with the photos of you both from the times spent together is an expression of love, that's said louder with the gesture than words. She can keep this frame in a corner that's always accessible and visible so she knows you are always around. 

Whether it's a photo from your childhood era or the one recently taken at your or her wedding - it will utterly be special and filled with memories for a lifetime. 

18. Nothing Better Than Giving Cash

Source: Pamujij

Cash comes as a rescue for those who can’t decide what to give or somehow lacks time to buy the perfect gift for their perfect sister. We know the emotions that are packed in a gift, are far more special than giving cash kept inside a card, but it's the thought that matters. You can give her money and let her know that she can buy a particular thing using this money or use it to buy stuff from her long-pending shopping cart. 


You may know your sister since childhood and have grown up together, but still, it's not an easy job to find the perfect gift for her. To make things easier, we have curated above a list of gifts for your sister this festive season. You can go through the array of options and choose something that you think she will like and actually use. We have listed them keeping in mind that these are available, both at online and offline stores. 

Authors: Radhika Sharma; Neha Garg Ahuja

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