15 Trending Safa Designs For Grooms Getting Married in 2024-2025

Mar 21, 2022

Where women are following and making their own choices/trends in a wedding, why not men too? We have many options and trends for women, but now, even men have stepped up their style game with their unique choices. Whether it's wearing outfits other than a traditional sherwani, captivating jewelry, or stylish shawls, men's wedding fashion is here to stay. While speaking about the groom's look, how can we forget the most important of all, and that is, the safa. Safa which is also known as turbans or pagdis is an essential part of the wedding for grooms.

Originally, it is a tradition that is practiced by the Rajasthan people at their wedding, just before the baraat procession begins. The groom and almost all the male members present in the wedding from both sides tie this piece of cloth before the wedding ceremony begins. Earlier, the color, shape, size, and prints of the safa reflected the societal status of the person, and the tying styles changes every 12 miles. 

Trending Safa Designs For Grooms

The trend of safa tying and trends has caught everyone's attention and is one of the most talked-about elements in a groom look. Back in the days, every color had meaning but now it is all about the groom’s choice and the aesthetics and decor of the wedding. A stylish safa completes the whole look of the groom and with the correct way of tying, he will look dapper. There are many types of safa, but picking the right one is important and so we are here to help you out. We did a little research and noted down a few (actually more than a few) trending safas which will be in trend for a long time.

1. Floral Safa

Source: Sabyasachi

The most popular trendy safas are the floral ones. You can almost see them at every wedding nowadays and the flowers are here to stay. The blooms whether on a pastel shade or a dark shade look pretty and fresh. If you are going for a simple sherwani or kurta, choosing a floral safa will complete the look and will enhance the whole look. If you are not a nude or pastel shade person, opt for the darker color florals like deep blue and pink, or red and blue, it will look dapper on you. 

2. Leheriya Safa

Source: Sabyasachi

If you have planned for a bright and vibrant summer wedding, go for leheriya safas. The authentic Jaipur style safas are one of the originals and they can never go out of trend, given that we still witness these safas.

3. Red and Golden Safa

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Red is an auspicious color at a wedding, so a red and gold safa looks absolutely stunning and traditional. Look at how beautifully Rak Kumar Rao carried the Sabyasachi red and golden safa for his wedding ceremony. 

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4. Quirky Printed Safa

Source: Naman Verma Photography

Apart from the popular floral printed safas, another print that will make the groom look hip and edgy, is quirky geometrical printed safas. It is an ideal choice for this new-age groom who likes to go with the trend and like off-beat pieces. 

5. Banarasi Safa

Source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Banarasi fabric is a traditional piece of cloth that in any form whether it’s a saree or a sherwani piece, looks gorgeous. Choosing a safa in a Banarasi fabric will enhance the whole look of the groom and give a proper traditional touch.

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6. Elegant White Safa

You can never go wrong with an all-white look and pairing it with an all-white safa will look amazing. It’s all about pulling the look and believe us an all-white look will make you look handsome and it is a timeless classic option. 

7. Tissue Safa

Source: Girl in Pink Photography

Another fabric used for tying a safa is tissue. A tissue safa is a classic and chic choice for the groom as it completes the look and does not look over the top too. Take a cue from Vicky Kausal in his wedding where he tied a Tissue Safa and looked dapper.

8. Silk Safa

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

A silk safa ups the glamour quotient and adds a royal touch to the whole look of the groom. Pair a silk safa with a simple kurta pajama and turn some heads and trust us when we say your bride wont be able to move her eyes from you. Just take a look at how handsome Virat Kolhi looked at his wedding in an old rose pink silk safa by Sabyasachi.

9. Pastel Shade Safa

Source: Sabyasachi

Nude and pastel shades have been ruling the wedding industry for quite a time now. Opting for a pastel safa will be a common yet elegant choice and the whole look of the groom will stand out. The beauty of opting for a pastel shade is that the safa will go with any colored outfit.

10. Crinkled Fabric Safa

Source: WeddingNama

There are quite a few fabrics that are used in tying a safa and one of them is a crinkled fabric. When you tie a crinkled fabric, the outside texture and the shine of the cloth give a zig-zag shape that looks good. 

11. Tie-Dye Safa

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Another option for the groom who likes to go colorful with his choices, is a tie-dye pattern safa. Choosing a tie-dye pattern is and adding this to your wedding ensemble will be a cool option.

12. Block Printed Safa

Another print you can go for are the Indian block prints that will just set your whole look and you will love it. Block prints will give more meaning to the whole look of the groom.

13. The OG Safa

Source: Shutterdown Photography

OG is OG, right? You cannot go wrong with it and that is one original trend that is going nowhere. And the new generation couple, they are all about experimenting and open to new ideas and making their own rules, but not by giving up all the tradition. So, if you are absolutely confused or tying safa was a last-minute thing, go for the original cotton safa with a gold border.

14. Dual-toned Safa

Source: Pinterest

A wedding outfit can be in a mixture of two colors and you might want your safa to go perfectly with the outfit, so go for a dual-toned safa. There are safas where two colors are blending in softly like a pink and a white or a sky blue and a white. Another dual-tone safa can be two solid colors like red and yellow or purple and green. We are going to witness more dual-tone safas in future weddings and it looks pretty with two shades blending and blocking. 

15. Half and Half Safa

Source: Epic Stories

A half and a half is where you would get a printed pattern and solid color mixed safa, tied up in such a way that the print is sitting on the top and the solid color is wrapped up around the head. It can be tied up in other ways too, where both the solid color and the print is visible. You would love the different patterns and colors if you go for this and definitely become the trendsetter for your people. 

Featured Image: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

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Edited & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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