11 Gorgeous Hairstyles You Must Try This Festive Season

Oct 03, 2022

The festive season for South Asian people is extremely crucial for two reasons: one is for celebrations and the other for dressing up and looking gorgeous. To look your best, your hairstyles are equally important as your outfits, so make sure you pick your festival hairstyles very carefully as they complete your look in the best way. 

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Best Hairstyles To Try This Festive Season

Depending upon the hair length and texture, the hairdo makes your look 10 times more amplified. Once you get to finalize your attire, choosing a festival hairstyles is super easy with it. And to help you a little, we have also researched and listed below some pretty festive hairstyles for you, that are not only easy but there's something for all hair lengths. You can try, magnify and mold according to your outfit and liking. 

We are sure you will love and try these graceful yet effortless festival hairstyles without chaos. 

1. The Upside-down French Braid

This hairstyle is fresh, upgraded, and fascinating for long-length hair. To break the monotony of your looks and hairstyle, the double braided hairstyle is apt to try. The unique part about this hairdo is - you have to make a French or Dutch braid from the upper as well as the lower section of the hair and later tie it in the center by doing a bun or ponytail or plain braid to highlight the upside down part. It may take some time to make this but the outcome is worth appreciating. You can learn this hairdo step by step from the video given above and decorate it with hair accessories if you have any!

2. Front Twisted Open Hair

When you don't know much about hairstyles or not sure what will look good, or want a different look for yourself this festive season, then make your hair twisted from the front and enhance your looks with accessories like baby breaths, clips, faux flowers, or any other. Whether you have short or medium-length hair, this style is appropriate for you. The front twisted hair could also be made with parted hair, tied back with a band or clips or bobby pins, or further beautified with a flower bun or half-tie pony. Anything you do will come along aptly! Got this style more in detail by referring to the above-given tutorial.

3. The Side Knot

This hairstyle is something that could go well with any length of hair and type of attire - either Indian or western. With the side know, you can create some great looks on any occasion. Whether it's a festival, wedding, or everyday use. You can pop up this idea with messy hair, neat or raw (without a comb) as well. The knot could be irregular or sleek or on any side, you feel comfortable with. The tutorial given above will help you learn this style easily.

4. The Straight Hair

If you are not sure about which hairstyle to go for, then simply straighten your hair. Later, you can make many hairstyles with straight hair like twisting them into a bun, tying them in a ponytail, leave them loose. This hairstyle also saves you from standing baby hair, which could be curled or permed.

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5. The High Ponytail

A high ponytail adds confidence and height to the outlook. This is the simplest among all hairstyles and does need not many accessories. You can learn to make this hairstyle from the video given above.

6. Blow Dried Hair

Nothing could beat the beauty that a blow dryer gives to your hair. The natural length and texture covered with curls and turns at the bottom look great. If you prefer getting a blow dryer from the salon, it says longer, but you can easily do it at home too for the festival season and get the best looks. 

7. The Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle 

This very pleasing braid festival hairstyles is for someone who has shoulder length or long length. It looks best when made neatly and for that, you need to start with two pigtails from the front section of the hair and wrap them up and around and later cross them up to the top. You just need to use a comb and bobby pins to make this hairdo. The tutorial video given above will guide you more elaborately on how to create this hairstyle. 

8. The Braided Rolled Bun

Comfort is something we all love and expect whether it comes to outfits or hairstyles. If you are not comfortable with loose hair, try this braided rolled bun that is super chick and dramatic. For this, you need to make a braid of your choice and roll that into a bun, and ornate it with your favorite accessory. The tutorial given above would be more helpful in learning this hairstyle.

9. The Twisted Braided Bun

Twists are interesting to watch especially in hairdos! The hairstyle with a twisted bun is yet another example to multifold your festive looks. And if you want to add more charm then try festival hairstyles glitter aswell. Check the video mentioned above and learn how to make this hairstyle. 

10. The Messy Low Bun

Any style of apparel looks graceful with messy low buns especially those with side strands. This kind of cute festival hairstyles can make your looks enhanced you easy-peasy/casual looks and would look great with any style of outfit.

11. The Loose Curls

The festival hairstyles for short hair to long-length hair could be enhanced with soft curls. The straight and wavy hair looks best when tried with curls and is gorgeous with all styles of clothing. This season try something new, something different, but something very comfortable and easy. Though loose curls are not something new, but the photos that you will get later will tell a very beautiful tale. Check the tutorial mentioned above and look your best this festive season. 

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Who doesn't want to look unique and fab during festivities or wedding season, but making the right choices, not only for your outfit but also for your makeup and hairstyles for a festival completes your whole look and helps in achieving a perfect look? The attire and hairdo will make you extraordinary if everything is per se.

So make sure while doing these easy festival hairstyles, you have all the accessories and the perfect hairstylist that would help you turn heads and get the best festive pictures. You can also take help from the tutorials mentioned above in creating gorgeous hairstyles or ask a friend to help. 

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