HD Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup - Ultimate Guide

Jan 20, 2022

Then there are some who just can’t keep their eyes off colorful pieces of makeup and end up stocking and not using much of it while on the other hand are some who are so damn addicted to using it that they end up finishing all their makeup in a month or two! Similarity though, in all these cases remains the same. Makeup, no doubt, is one of the most essential items in a girl's collection. Some like to use it less, while some are crazy about makeup products and can hardly control themselves when there is a sale on the Cosmetics Floor in a Shopping Mall.

Makeup boosts the confidence of women three-folds when they step out. Matching their body cons with bold lipstick and dark eye shadow is all they need to set fire wherever they go! Jokes apart, it’s really a matter of excitement and craze for the girls to decide what type of makeup look they gonna create with different outfits on different occasions. Well, it doesn’t end here. Wearing makeup also has its forms, like Airbrush makeup and HD makeup. Let’s get to know more about these.

What is HD Makeup?

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As the high lenses of the camera entered into the world of media, it became troublesome for the makeup artists to conceal minute details on the faces of celebrities, and of the brides too on their big day, which led to the innovation of HD Makeup which further uses its special techniques to make it look invisible and more transparent.

HD makeup is a kind of makeup that is melded evenly by applying high-end products in such a manner that it does not let light directly reflect off the face. It is suitable for all skin types and is highly used in Bridal Makeups to prevent the bride’s face from looking powdery or cakey. This kind of makeup is something that Professional Makeup artists swear by and are hands-on.

Be it photographs, or in person, it makes a face look layered and well-defined with perfect shades and outlines. It has an ultra-thin coating and feels feathery light on the face allowing the pores to breathe.

Well, pores remind us of open pores, right? No worries. It covers it all. Blemishes, spots, and uneven skin tone in places are blended well with the help of blenders and brushes in a conventional way. Neither does it look too shimmery (which looks too odd on oily skin), nor too dry (which highlights blemishes and fine lines).

It’s a perfect balance that is created by makeup artists, which matures with their experience and patience. Yes, patience is a very important standard when it comes to an HD makeup artist.

Cost Analysis of HD Makeup

HD makeup is no doubt much costlier than regular party makeup or a regular bridal package. But then, it varies from place to place. The cost of an HD makeover under the Bridal package ranges from $300-$800. It can exceed this maximum range depending upon the makeup artist. Popular makeup artists who have good PR can charge around $1000-$1200 too.

Benefits of HD makeup

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HD makeup comes with a lot of advantages. A few are listed below:

1. HD makeup lurks the flaws of the face such as blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

2. It gives an innate touch-up to the skin.

3. This type of makeup prevents the skin from looking heavily layered with foundation.

4. The high-end products used here are melded very nicely into the skin with the help of blenders and brushes. This forms a coat on the open pores and other scars and deformities.

5. It lends an ideal coverage, which is neither too heavy nor too light.

6. Contours blend better in HD makeup as compared to Airbrush makeup. Contours are known in the world of makeup for distinguishing outlines of the face and its edges which can only be done perfectly with the use of a good sponge blender and a contour stick.

7. For bridal looks, HD makeup works better as the high-quality camera lens, generally used in wedding photography captures every minor detail in a photograph. Hence, even if the shots are taken from various different angles, the makeup does not let itself look cakey or dry enough.

8. Especially for the brides with dry and combination skin types, there is no better option other than HD makeup. It might not last as long as an Airbrush makeup, but it does not let that powdery and scratchy flakey feel on the surface.

9. The extravagant products used in HD makeup feel creamy on the skin preventing it from drying out. It keeps the skin hydrated from within and leaves no patches. 

10. This type of makeup covers up acne, bumps, and breakouts very evenly.

11. HD makeup, no doubt is expensive, but still costs lesser than Airbrush makeup.

12. It makes the skin look more youthful compared to Airbrush makeup which layers the skin too much with artificial blurs.

Latest Trends in HD Makeup

1. The Nude Look

It started with Anushka's wedding lehenga, nude lehengas and Nude HD makeup started rocking the wedding themes. Peaches, light browns, and pinks are all that one needs to put on that natural rosy nude look.

Nude themes, no doubt looks Royal, with a minimum amount of makeup done. More attention is paid here, on the outfit and base coat. Here, not much amount or variety of eye-makeup is done; lips are also kept bare in color.

The skin is the main focus here, which has to look radiant and matte. No highlighters are used in this type of makeup. One can rock a luminous base coat with a beautiful nude or white outfit! 

2. The Glamorous Look

Well, you saw how smoothly Deepika Padukone carried out the Glamorous HD makeup look on her wedding with reds and dark browns — both in her lehenga well as the makeup! Lips and eyes are the focal points here. Either it’s a red matte lip look or the glossy dewy look. But the hues used are mainly in the red and brown family. Also, it can be very well carried out with colorfulness too.

Eye makeup is done with utmost care and attention followed by the contouring and the lips. Highlighters are the sugarcoat to this type of makeup. Unlike the Nude HD makeup look where the main focus was the outfit and jewelry, here, in this type, the main focus is the dark vibrant colors of the outfits with matching shiny makeup! 

3. The Classic

Nobody can forget how elegant Aishwariya looked in the movie Jodha Akbar with the very least base coat put on, along with heavy jewelry. The classic brides don’t put on much makeup, just as much as is enough to hide flaws.

Again, the main focus here is not the outfit or the makeup, but the jewelry. The minimal makeup which is done here is tuned with the tints of the jewelry.

What is HD Makeup?

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In airbrush makeups, a spray gun is used which has a tiny hose fixed over the mouth. Instead of using traditional methods of foundation application, it uses a more technical method of spaying it by layers onto the face. It sounds more like the spray painting technique we did in our art and craft classes, isn’t it? Well, it’s the same thing here, with the face as a canvas. Pressures of the spray gun can be adjusted to low, medium, and high; the heat and amount of foundation or contour can also be adjusted in the spray system according to the requirements.

If bridal makeup is to be created, the number of products to be used is more in quantity and variety whereas for a casual day it is way less, light, and natural. Airbrush makeup is also used for artificial tanning.

Yes, there are people who like to put on artificial tan that looks as natural as a suntan on their skin. There are different methods of doing it with different sorts of guns with adjustable hoses as per the requirements. It does not need the applicator to be a very experienced person or a professional in this field. It can also be done at home, easily with minimum knowledge in the makeup field. It is less time-consuming as compared to HD makeup and can be used for casual touch-ups daily.

It is also easy to take off such kind of makeup that is not perfectly blended into the skin, thus saving a lot of time and energy. It is lighter compared to any other method of makeup and can also be used for applying on other parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, and hands to match the face complexion with the body complexion. 

Cost Analysis of Airbrush Makeup

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HD makeup or High-Definition makeup might be costly, Airbrush makeup is costlier. Well, there are reasons to be so; the spray gun which is the main focus of this technique is an expensive gadget that also requires regular maintenance.

In Metro Cities and other smart cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Surat, Tatanagar, etc, the cost of a Water-based Airbrush makeup under a Bridal Package is $400-$900. For Silicon-based Airbrush Makeup, it ranges from around $550-$1000.

Popular makeup artists might charge as much as $1300 due to their expertise and experience in the field.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

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Airbrush makeup, which is highly becoming very popular nowadays, has the following privileges:

1. Airbrush makeup stays for longer hours compared to HD makeup. It lasts up to 20 hours after application.

2. This type of makeup needs not to be set with a setting spray, time and again. The spray technique already has that capacity infused.

3. Airbrush makeup is waterproof and is extremely sweat-proof.

4. This type of makeup is the one-stop solution for brides with oily skin and combination skin types. It is more of a dry, water-based, and silicon-based solution of foundation which once put on the layers of face....prevents oil and sweat from showing up. It stays devoted till the latter actually removes it!

5. If you want a Barbie kind of look on your big day, absolutely flawless, then this type of makeup is for you.

6. Airbrush makeup is impressively buildable. Layers can be laid, one after the other on the surface without any time hindrance. It is a highly liquid-based solution in the spray gun, less creamy, and with qualities that make it dry up much faster as compared to HD makeup.

7. For highly sensitive skin, which is prone to allergies and inflammations, Airbrush makeup is only something that can be recommended. It is more hygienic and there is no touch of the hand required which makes it safer too in this covid-19 situation right? Silly!

8. It is two times more long-lasting compared to HD makeup. It can stay for about 18-20 hours. Wow!

9. Makeup, when applied in this technique with a spray, renders a smooth texture by filling up pores with its fine particles. 

10. People with bumps and substantial open pores, can swear by this type of makeup as it blurs out the odds and makes one fine layer on top.

11. Airbrush makeup is completely smudge-proof which means it won't by any chance ruin your outfit. And that's the only reason it is used for putting on artificial tan. 

12. It feels sheer on the face and is very affluent to wear for a longer duration.

Latest Trends in Airbrush Makeup:

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1. Water-based Airbrush Makeup

This is a very new trend that is hitting the makeup industry and turns out to be the favorite of many! This type of makeup is preferred for daytime casual looks.

It is of a very transparent type and does not conceal flaws completely, but it renders naturally spotless skin.

You can even go out in the sun without any worries about your makeup getting spoilt, as the water-based foundation used in airbrush makeup already has SPF in it and does not let the layers melt, while simultaneously protecting the skin from sun damage.

Also, a water-based foundation, primer, and other base coats hydrate the pores. Even in a bridal makeover, water-based airbrush makeup products act as a filler and the fine product pigments penetrate inside the pores and even it out.

This is more suitable for someone with oily and combination skin. For the ones with acne, bumps, and scars, this method of makeup application might not be very satisfactory.

2. Silicon-based Airbrush Makeup

This technique of makeup is the most trusted one by professionals in the beauty industry. Be it wrinkles, spots, blemishes, bumps, acne, or dry skin patches — it covers all! People with dry skin are more suited to this method of makeup but it equally works well for oily and combination skin.

Just a few products have to be altered in the latter case. That's all! Silicon-based airbrush makeover products have a very long-lasting formula that can last a maximum of up to 20 hours! Amazing, isn't it? Its layers finely cover up all the deformities, and be it day or night parties — it is fit for all!


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Well, it’s tough to say which type of makeup technique is the best. But to clear your doubts, all you need to do is:

• Know your skin type.

• Figure out what type of makeup (light, heavy, medium coverage, etc) you want to put on and whether it suits the occasion you are creating the look for. 

• Time duration you want it to last up to

• Make a budget. 

Once you are clear with these points, choosing the best makeover method for your skin will become much easier. Lastly, don't panic; many go through confusions like these, you beautiful!

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