Top 10 Henna Themes For A Destination Wedding By Neha Assar Artistry

Apr 21, 2023

Planning a destination wedding is not easy. There are so many things you need to make sure of before deciding whether you want a destination wedding or not. It's definitely different than having a wedding in your home town or nearby place, because not only do you have to find the perfect venue for the wedding day, but also take care of the stay and flights and last, but not least, have to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and have the best time of their lives. 

Destination wedding helps in making the celebrations double, as all your favorite people would be under one roof, celebrating the love and union of you two, and being a part of the big day with their undivided attention. It will make your wedding more fun and memorable. 

You can do so much to personalize and make the most of your wedding day and days leading to it - from choosing a theme to matching outfits, and even getting your hands beautified with henna designs that go with your wedding destination.

Yes, henna trends for destination weddings are a thing and it really depends on where the wedding is taking place and what the bride is wearing. 

To help you decide what henna design you can choose for your destination wedding, we spoke to one of the best Henna Artists of California - Neha Assar Artistry, and asked her to spill the beans on henna trends for brides considering a destination wedding, and here are they: (you are thank Us later!)

1. Couple's Love Story Henna

Illustrating the couple's full love story in the bridal mehndi makes for a unique piece that nobody else in the universe has. 

2. Pet Portraits Henna

Pet portraits are a thing..... a serious thing. But apart from that, isn't so cute to make your furry friends a part of your wedding in such a gorgeous way?

3. Landscapes or Figure Henna

Landscapes or figures on the fingers are always unique and raise eyebrows in amusement. 

4. Floral Henna

You can never get enough of florals, right? Florals scream elegance and there's nothing more beautiful than getting florals as part of your henna design. You can choose to keep them minimal or go all out and about. 

5. Symmetrical Henna

Symmetry is going to always be on trend. There's nothing like eye-catching mehndi with mind-blowing patterns that are symmetrical. 

6. Bride/Groom Figures Henna

Raja/Rani or Bride/Groom figures add a traditional feel to the bridal mehndi. 

7. Dainty and Bold Lines Henna

A variation of dainty and bold lines. This trend is sure to make the focal point(s) of the bridal mehndi stand out. 

8. Grid Patterns Henna

Grid patterns are a nod to the old-school, traditional henna patterns and look stunning!

9. Animal Figures Henna

Animal figures such as peacocks and elephants give a bridal piece an exotic feel and how!

10. Groom's Name in the Henna

Hiding the groom's name for him to find the night of the wedding is timeless and makes for great memories. Apart from the groom's name, you can also hide your hashtag in the mehndi design. 

Best Henna designs for a minimalistic bride

In Neha Assar's words: "I love a nice, intricate, symmetrical set of mandalas for the minimalist bride. I like to change it up by adding florals and phrases into the artwork. There is something so timeless about mandalas. They're also easy on the eyes and so interesting to look at. They give a bold yet feminine feel."

Photos: Neha Assar Artistry

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