The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Checklist Every Couple Needs

Apr 03, 2022

After all the wedding planning, never-ending wedding ceremonies, and excitement of your big day, now is the time when it's only the two of you, for the rest of your life. It's that time when you relax, spend time alone with each other, take a much-needed break and go on your honeymoon. Honeymoon is the most memorable and blissful time after your wedding. The first time you are officially going to be traveling together and getting to know each other. As they say, 'if you want to know a person well, travel with them'.

Honeymoon Packing Checklist

Whether you go and spend time on mountains, explore an adventurous location, or chill on a beach, you have to be prepared in advance and pack well. Missing a few things may disturb your exploration spree or itinerary. To your rescue, here we are listing down the most important things you need and cannot miss while packing for your honeymoon.

1. Plan in advance

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If you are looking for a hassle-free and amazing honeymoon, then there is only one key - plan well in advance. Once you both finalize a destination, start planning. You do not have to stick to a strict schedule, but at the same time, you don’t even want to miss the best attractions of your destination.  So, go step by step and plan your days and locations so you would not be left confused or wondering what to do or where to go next. In this digital era, every information is available at just one click - places to explore, places to eat, activities to do, etcetera.  It may sound old school, but planning is the key to making sure everything goes smooth, and you two have a great time!

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2. Never forget your crucial documents

The first thing you need to pack is your passport, passport size photographs, air tickets, itinerary,  travel insurance, hotel booking confirmations, and a pen (you may never know when you need one). If you have an international driver’s license, make sure you pack that also, and if not, you can apply for one and see if you can get it before your departure date. Get at least two photostat copies of each document, secure in a folder, and try to keep them handy in your handbag. It saves you from the last hour rush.

3. Outfits

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Females: Once the location is finalized, documents are packed in a folder, it's time to pack your outfits. Your destination plays the most important role in packing. If you are going to beaches, pack outfits that are comfier - frocks, shorts, skirts, beachwear, swimwear, boho jewelry, colorful neckpieces, and more. If you are going to the mountains or somewhere where it's cold, you will need to pack differently - jeans, jackets, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, caps, etc. 

Consider packing two outfits for a day, one for the daytime when you will be exploring around and for the evening when you plan to go to a club, have a romantic date night, or walk on the beach, hand in hand. Be a little thoughtful and try to create your looks as per your itinerary.

Most important of all, carry a strapless bra, and halters that go with all the outfits. These are small things that we often forget to pack. If you plan your outfits accordingly, you will never get confused, and not even waste your time in choosing the outfit every day. Pack it well in advance with your matching accessories. 

Pro tip: Do not leave behind your favorite, comfortable pair of jeans. It is a savior when you need to relax and just laze around. 

Males:  Apart from packing your t-shirts, shirts, jeans, pajamas, shorts, hats, and make sure you also pack swimwear (if you are going to a beach). Also, keep one or two pairs of formals as there are some restaurants that follow dress codes.

4. Make-up

Now is the time to make use of the makeup you bought before your wedding, and experiment with your looks. We recommend carrying at least 5 different lip shades and nail paints. One of them could be a new color that you have never tried before.  Also pack your foundation, BB cream, sunscreen, and moisturizers. Get an easy use-vanity and pack your things well beforehand. 

5. Footwears 

Females: Footwears are tricky - heels are trendy, but shoes are comfortable. One is always in a dilemma about what to wear and what to leave as we need something comfortable but also stylish at the same time. To avoid confusion, we recommend carrying - a pair of shoes, a pair of black heels that goes with almost all the outfits, a pair of flats and a pair of comfortable flip-flops. 

Pro-tip: Do carry your most comfortable sneakers/shoes. 

Males:  For the footwear, guys you can opt for sliders, loafers, and sports shoes. If you have a romantic date night planned in the itinerary, do carry a pair of formal shoes.  Along with this do not forget to add shoe cleaner, and of course, socks. 

6. Grooming Kit

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Self-grooming is a crucial part, everyone wants to look perfect, especially when they are holidaying. So guys, pack your grooming kit that should have a trimmer, hair wax, and gel (if you use one), sunscreen (yes, even guys use them), shampoo, or anything in particular that you use on an everyday basis. 

7. Personal hygiene is very important

It is important to pack your toiletries, brushes, toothpaste, deodorants, face wash, and most importantly tampons and sanitary napkins if your periods clash with your travel dates. These are small things that we often forget but are very useful. If you forget one or two things, you may get them from a local store or market, but it still is a hassle, especially on the first day of your travel. So it's better to pack smartly. 

8. Medical kit for emergency

Make it a point to never travel without a medical kit. Always pack an anti-allergy, a pain killer, an antibiotic, or if there's any medicine that you take on a regular basis. Make sure to carry prescription slips along with the medicines. In case of any kind of medical emergency, this kit will be a savior.  Not that you won't get a medicine where you are going, but chances are, you may not get the same prescribed medicine or maybe the same brand, so it's better to keep one with you. Plus, they don't take much space!

9. Pack your electronics

Pack up your mobile, mobile charger, laptop, laptop charger, and travel adaptor, especially if you are traveling outside the country. You can also keep a shaver or body razor if you use it regularly, or often. We recommend not taking a laptop with you so you can enjoy yourself with each other and not spend time looking at the work emails or anything related to work. It's your honeymoon guys, make each moment count!

10. Make the MOST of this time 

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This is going to be the most exciting phase of your life when everything is new, everything is beautiful, everything is romantic. You must make the best of this time, and spend each and every moment with each other - hugging, kissing, and exploring each other (Yes, you got it right :D). Spice up the things and make this trip the most memorable one for both of you. 

Girls can pack some exciting lingerie and also create a playlist of their favorite, romantic songs to set the mood right. These small details can make a big difference, especially during your honeymoon, when all you have to do is enjoy, be in the moment, and know each other better. 

11. Plan a Photoshoot

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Even if you have already had a pre-wedding shoot, or if not, try and plan for a honeymoon shoot (also known as post-wedding shoot) with your partner, and cease the memories forever. Once you have decided on the destination, you can find a lot of photographers who have expertise in post-wedding shoots. Keep a day off from going to touristy places, and just getting yourself photographed at the most beautiful locations. Your photographer, who is also a local, can help you find exotic and beautiful locations that would make your photos look very beautiful. You can also pack extra pair of outfits for this shoot. The key to this amazing post-wedding shoot is to plan and pack accordingly.

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12. Buy some gifts for your Partner 

Never met somebody who said - 'I don't like gifts.' Besides giving something on your wedding night (if you want to), you can buy something special for your partner and surprise them on your honeymoon to make them feel special and loved. Or think of something else that will create wonderful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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13. Carry a magazine or a book

No doubt, you may have loads of things to keep you engrossed during the trip. You can carry a magazine, a book just in case you have little me-time. You may enjoy reading in amazing surroundings and weather. Also, if you like writing, take a diary along, write your thoughts as you explore new places. This honeymoon trip can also be a soul-refreshing trip for you, make the best of it!

14. How to pack?

With so much to carry, and airplane baggage restrictions, you must be wondering how to pack? Well, organize your packing. You can put your clothes in one big suitcase and the utilities and shoes in the other one.  Put your clothes in the order you want to wear them. It is easy and less time-consuming. You can neatly put your utilities in small bags, label them and then nicely keep them in another bag. Through this, you will be organized and everything will be in one place. 

15. Things to leave behind

Make sure your family knows when and where you will be, so they are informed of your whereabouts, and not worry in case your mobile off is out of coverage area or switched off.


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Plan everything in advance, following your itinerary. The outfit, makeup, footwear, essentials, etc everything should be kept and packed properly. You can keep the first outfit at the top, following the outfit in order for the next few days so that you don't have to look or plan your outfits every day. Do make sure to have the best time with the love of your life, explore new places, and know each other better. Try to strengthen your bond. Take some time off from phones, laptops and just be with each other.

Play games with your partner, quiz him or her, create a positive bond for the rest of your life. Pack smartly and enjoy every moment for your new chapter that is about to begin :)

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