10 Tips to Choose Best Wedding Jewelry

Jul 08, 2022

A wedding is the biggest occasion in a girl’s life. Well! it’s even bigger for an Indian bride. Our weddings are usually the biggest and the fattest, and all we want as a bride is that constant eyesight is on us. At some point or other, we always visualize our wedding and everything related to that. This is probably the only time when we go crazy with our dress, hair, and makeup wanting to look like a queen walking down the aisle with our prince by our side.

With all the chaos of the preparation one thing which is equally important to make or break our bridal look but is often get ignored until the last few weeks is the bridal jewelry. Of course! It’s your wedding and everything has to be perfect, including the jewelry right?

Tips to Choose Best Wedding Jewelry

While you give the most importance to your wedding dress, it is equally necessary to choose the perfect jewelry which compliments you and every other piece of your wearable for that day. So, here’s a guide to 10 things you should consider before choosing wedding jewelry.

1. Do Not Overdo

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I know, I told you, we aren’t compromising with the aesthetic of our jewelry on our wedding day but you need to keep in mind an overdo of jewelry can make you look like a model of a jewelry brand and you don’t want that right? Always choose the jewelry appropriately.

While too little jewelry will not do any justice to your bridal look, too much jewelry can hide the beauty of your dress and makeup.

2. Understand Your Neckline

Makeup: Shubhdeep Gill

The neckline is one thing you should never ignore while choosing your wedding jewelry. Your neckpiece should always be chosen according to the neckline.

For example, a V-neck will always compliment a necklace that naturally falls in V-shape, while a Long necklace will look terrific with a boat neck, and if you want to rock the deep and broad necklines then chokers are your perfect match.

They will fall perfectly on your neck giving space for your neck to be visible. We will suggest you try the necklace with your attire before confirming the jewelry and only confirm the jewelry when you are happy with the way your necklace falls with your attire.

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3. The Colour of Outfit and Jewelry

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The color of your outfit should always be complementing the color of your jewelry. Look for the tones of your outfit, the color of the work done, and the vibe it produces, and then choose the jewelry according to that.

If the outfit has golden embroidery on it opt for gold color jewelry that matches the hues of the embroidery. If your outfit is red either go with the red detailing of the jewelry or with any other color that compliments the red of your outfit.

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4. Avoid Too Many Colors

Outfit: Anita Dongre

Colors are beautiful but not when used in abundance. I already told you about how the color of jewelry should complement the attire but if your attire has too many colors go minimal with the jewelry.

Choose one or two colors from the attire which complements it the most and goes perfectly with your skin tone and stick to that.

We would suggest if your outfit has too many colors, use these selected colors only for your makeup, heels, and everything else. 

5. Matha Patti or Maang Tikka

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It is very important to choose your forehead jewelry cleverly as it is the only jewel piece that will be visible and the first one to get all the attention.

Choosing between matha Patti or mang tikka has a lot to do with your face size and shape. A bigger face will complement the Matha Patti and the smaller one will adore a mang tikka. 

6. The earring that compliments your hairstyle

Outfit: Mani Jassal

While choosing the jewelry I would suggest you keep in mind the type of hairstyle you want to opt for. A wrong combination of earrings and hairstyle can look off the beat and will not give you a flattering effect.

The secret is to find the balance between the two. A very heavy earring with a heavier bun will look too much as it will grab all the attention to the sides of the face while if you will go for a simpler hairdo a heavy earring and add needed attention and vice-versa.

7. Buying designs that offer reusability

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I talked about quality and tempted you to buy a costlier one, but that doesn’t mean we will waste all that money for a one-time show.

Bridal jewelry can be expensive and it will be brilliant to go for one which can be reused but keep in mind, never compromise with the way it is going to look on your big day because after all, that is its main purpose. 

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8. Look for the Quality

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I will always suggest you go with quality pieces for your jewelry. We always buy the best of the wedding attires or ethnic pieces in general but when it comes to jewelry we end up looking at our pockets and compromising with the quality.

While this can be okay for your cousin’s wedding, it is not at all acceptable for your big day girl. The quality of your jewelry will be easily visible through those sharp lights used for the photo shoot and that nonstop attention you will be getting from the guests.

It looks tacky and inelegant to wear cheap jewelry with the most expensive attire of your life. Plus don’t forget the finishing a quality piece has to offer.

9. Rent it out

Jewelry: Rjs Company

If you are one of those girls who does not get attached to things and simply investing a huge amount in jewelry doesn’t feel right to you, never forget you can always rent your jewelry.

It will be a lot pocket-friendly and you will have tons of options to explore without worrying about the notification from your bank. Plus it will be environment-friendly.

There are tons of sites available on the internet which allow you to rent bridal jewelry with so many options. You can get a set or customize your own set of jewelry from them, any which way you are not going to compromise with its beauty and selection.

So dig the internet and do your research and book that perfect set of jewelry for you.

10. Buy Jewelry that is functional

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With all the do’s and don’ts never forget you need to wear the jewelry for never-ending hours. While it looks amazing with the heavier metals, it becomes completely non-functional to wear them for those long hours performing all the rituals.

So opt for the materials which feel relatively light and don’t make you wish to end the day as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your big day to the fullest. 

11. Consider Your Personal Style

Your wedding jewelry should reflect your personal style and taste. Whether you love traditional, modern, vintage, or bohemian styles, choose jewelry that resonates with your fashion sense.

12. Balance the Bling

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If your wedding dress is heavily embellished or has intricate detailing, opt for simpler jewelry to strike a balance. Conversely, if your dress is relatively simple, you can choose more elaborate and eye-catching jewelry pieces.

13. Think About Comfort

You'll be wearing your wedding jewelry for an extended period, so prioritize comfort. Ensure that necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are not too heavy or uncomfortable to wear for hours on end.

14. Match Metals

If you're wearing jewelry made of different metals, make sure they complement each other. Mixing metals can be stylish when done intentionally, but ensure it enhances your overall look rather than creating a mismatched appearance.

15. Get a Second Opinion

Don't hesitate to seek the opinion of trusted friends or family members when choosing your wedding jewelry. They can provide valuable insights and help you make confident decisions.


Always remember, your wedding jewelry is an integral part of your bridal ensemble, so take your time to select pieces that not only enhance your beauty but also make you feel like the radiant bride you deserve to be.

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