How To Plan An Elopement Wedding & Make It Unforgettable

Jan 16, 2023

The idea of a wedding does not happen to be the same for all. Some prefer big fat weddings, some like destinations, some like intimate wedding and some choose to elope. Marrying the love of your life and planning a wedding that just includes both of you and many happy memories adds on to your concept of wedding. Elopements are not new but have got creative wings to it these days. Earlier, the court wedding was considered an elopement and now the couples choose beautiful destinations to get hitched and make memories.

The elopement lets you narrow down the wedding planning, booking multiple vendors, making guests list and spending thousands of dollars. It will not only save money and time, but also enhances the celebrations as it's just two of you, soaking in the love and lifelong commitment to each other. 

Are you also planning to elope with your partner? If yes, then here's a guide covering all the important points on how to plan your elopement wedding without any hassel! 

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How to Plan an Elopement - A Detailed Guide

Unlike the big fat wedding, elopements are way easier and fuss-free to organize. The wedding that defines your personality and the meaning of love also seeks a certain guide plan to happen. Even the two of you will require the basic vendors, travel plans, bookings, and permission to let it happen effectively. Everything planned and done earlier could make it flowier. We have mentioned all the important points that you need to keep in mind while planning the elopement anywhere. 

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1. Tips on Fiinding a Location for an Elopement

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Once you have decided that you both want to elope, the destination is the next hunt! You can choose any place that holds a special place to your heart or if you have memories attached to it. Do you both love places that are close to nature like mountains, beaches, forest or hills? How far or locale do you want to be? You are open to choosing anything as it's a very personal choice for you both.

One thing that you can consider before choosing the location is your budget as sometimes the more known or popular destination costs you more and can affect the decided budget.

2. Tips on Creating a Guest List for Elopement 

The concept of elopement has changed over time! There is no hard and fast rule of not inviting guests or inviting them. We are known to this fact that elopement weddings include only the couple itself, no family or friends. But, if you have planned elopement with a few close friends or family members via online or offline mode, you can go ahead with it! 

Decide who you want to invite to your wedding from your close circle. Historically, elopements only has a bunch of people as guests.

3. Destination Elopement or Courthouse Elopement

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Traditionally, many elopement weddings were held at the courthouse. Some eager partners used to rush to the courthouse to conduct their civil ceremony where they register for the marriage license as well. It's still very much in vogue. But the fact is many millennial couples nowadays choose destination elopement with an officiant and photographer. It's upto both of you what you choose, but both have their own pros and cons. 

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4. Book your Wedding Vendors

Elopements are not as grand as other weddings, but it is very special for the couple. The vendors should be booked in advance, especially the photographer/videographer as as they will capture these special moments that you will remember forever. Make sure to book a Hair & Makeup artist to doll you up on your special day and an officiant to read the vows. 

5. Plan your Travel

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If you are planning for a destination elopement or anywhere far from your place, then you have to decide your travel on a blueprint. Whatever destination or place you decide, make sure you check if it needs any permission or prior booking. The prior planning and bookings can make the wedding more glitch-free.

6. Check the Law

The couple needs to know the laws and permissions thoroughly as many countries or places do not allow or give permission for the elopement wedding. Please consider all legal requirements, permissions, documents, and rules in advance. The necessary credentials that you may need at the time of registration should be added at the top of your to-do list and once added to the folder, should be marked checked! Craft everything cautiously and in absolute peace.

7. Plan your Ceremony

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Even if you have chosen elopement, it still needs some preparation and planning. How it will be executed? What would be the background of your pictures? What would be your wedding outfit? Every single detail of your wedding needs proper attention, so it can be well executed, just like the way you have envisioned it. 

8. Throw an Elopement-After Party

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The true appeal of the wedding is never complete without your friends and family being a part of your celebration and dancing their hearts out. Once you are married, the way you wanted, surprise your friends and family with the good news. 

Try and get an announcement card or message or a short video ready to share with your closed ones and invite them to an after party to celebrate the happiness. 

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The perfect wedding is not with hundreds of friends and family members, but it can also be perfect when it's only you two being a part of the celebrations created with utmost love and passion and promising to be there for each other, for ever. The meaning of elopements have surely changes, but the meaning and compassion to celebrate a new, exciting journey with your partner remains the same. 

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