13 Ways To Use Pantone Color Of The Year 2023 In Your Wedding

Jan 02, 2023

It's time we move over from millennial pink as there's a hot new color in town - Viva Magenta. When Pantone announced its color of the year 2023 - Viva Magenta, we were all excited to see how this bright, Fuschia-meets-red color will be used in a wedding palette!

Described as brave, strong, and fearless, this is a hybrid color of vibrant pink with hints of purple and it belongs to the red family.

Top Ways To Incorporate Pantone Color Of The Year Into Your Wedding Palette

Whether you want your wedding theme to be entirely magenta-toned, sprinkle the magenta color throughout your wedding design, or combine Viva-Magenta with other bold, neutral, or wood tones - the color is very versatile! 

To help guide you through incorporating this stunning shade into your wedding color palette, here we rounded up our favorite and easiest ways to make Viva Magenta a part of your wedding celebrations in 2023. 

1. Add It to Your Invitations/Stationery

Source: Margo and Bees

When it comes to wedding stationery, whether you choose between bold or soft, there are many ways to incorporate the Pantone color of the year into your wedding invites or stationery. For a bold approach, use lots of contrasts on a neutral background and for a soft approach, just swoop some lines or add hues of Viva Magenta. 

2. Wedding Decor

How you use Pantone’s color of the year entirely depends on the wedding theme you desire. Whether you want a traditional, wedding day, or a glamorous reception party, Viva Magenta adds a spark to your big day and makes it look, nothing but the best. Instead of choosing an entire Viva Magenta theme, you can also include this color in the aisle decor, table decor, stage setup, or ceremonial setup. 

Aisle Decor

Source: Flowersliving

Create a magical archway (indoor or outdoor) with the Pantone color of the year with Viva Magenta flowers, fabrics, or ferns. Whether 

Ceremonial Arch

You can create a statement-making arch using this, bold Magenta color. To create a double effect you can choose a lighter and a bolder shade of the same color family and create magic that can be noticed even from a distance and give you insta-worthy photos. 

Source: PS Photography + Films

Reception Decor

We strongly believe that you can always find a way to add Viva Magenta to any of your wedding events/themes. It's a great color for traditional weddings or romantic reception parties. This color is also easily accessible almost throughout the year, which makes it ideal for winter/summer or indoor/outdoor weddings. It adds a glam factor that can make your ceremony decor pop out and look aesthetically great!

Source: My Event Design

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3. Outfit / Pantone Color Wedding Attire

Source: To The Moon

Viva Magenta promises to be very versatile. At some events, you would notice this color to be the primary color supported by neutrals or soft metallics, and at others, you would see it with contrasting, and bold hues like blue, and green for the color palette to pop out and look stunning. 

Source: Happy Frames

Either you can go for an entirely Viva Magenta outfit or contrast it with colors like gold, cream, or maroon. 

4. Makeup & Jewelry

Viva Magenta is such a beautiful and interesting hue that can be incorporated into almost everything, even in unexpected ways. Whether it's your outfit, makeup, or jewelry. Whether it's about applying a statement lip color or eye makeup - Viva Magenta works well on many skin tones. You can also flaunt your wedding nails beautifully painted with this bright hue. 

Source: Banu Designs ; Created to Create

Apart from enhancing your beauty, it also magnifies your jewelry. You can either for an all-magenta neckpiece or contrast it with different hues like green, blue, white, or something that matches your wedding outfit. It's not very difficult to include Viva Magenta in your makeup and jewelry needs. 

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5. Cake

A scrumptious cake is a great way to incorporate this color into your wedding details. If You want to go all out and about with Viva Magenta, then go for a cake in this shade and ombre shades of this color, and if you want to just touch this color and not make it all about Viva Magenta, then go for a white/pastel color cake and add touches of this color with sugar flowers, petals, fruits, etcetera. 

Source: Elizabeths Cake Emporium

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6. Create a Statement-Making Floral Runner

For an intimate touch at your wedding reception, put magenta-colored flowers along with jewel-tone panels, and some from the Viva Magenta shade family will add a royal and romantic touch to your cascading table runner. 

7. Bridesmaids Dresses

Viva Magenta seamlessly slips into most wedding themes. Not only brides, but even bridesmaids can pull off this color beautifully

This color is not only limited to wedding decor or stationery, but for brides who love hues of pink but in an unconventional way, then Viva Magenta is your color. Be it pre-wedding, wedding, or even reception, this color is a perfect pick for every occasion.

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8. Bridal Bouquet

Source: Amy Sims Photography

Source: Recall Pictures

Make Viva Magenta the focal point of your bouquet by pairing it with white and green flowers for a traditional, romantic touch. You can also mix and match it with colored flowers like reds, pinks, purples, blues, or yellows. 

9. Incorporate into Wedding Day Elements like Candles, Napkins, Plates

Photo: Hellen CO Photos

The Pantone color of the year 2023 being such a bold hue, can be incorporated into smaller wedding elements, or stand out on its own such as candles, napkins, or table clothes. 

Source: Flowers Living

10. Hairstyle

Be it a bun, half tie, or braid, you can accentuate your hairstyle by adding gorgeous flowers in the Pantone color of the year or you can add flowers in contrasting/multiple colors like neutrals such as white/cream or colors that are in similar Viva Magenta hue like light pink, purple, etcetera. 

Source: Sara Idrees Portraits

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11. Jaimala

Jaimala also known as Varmala comes in a variety of colors and flowers. While nothing can beat a traditional rose or marigold Jaimala, but a Jaimala in the hues of Viva Magenta in combination with white is a great choice. 

Source: Cinderella Bridez

12. Mandap Decor

An outdoor wedding with a Viva-Magenta theme will be like a cherry on the cake. With nature being the perfect backdrop, there's nothing that will look more magnificent than Viva-Magenta popping out in the best way. You can either choose to opt for an all-magenta mandap decor or add multiple but complimenting colors such as you can see in the decor below. 

Source: Flowers By Edgar

13. Summer Lounge/Seatings

Summer lounging in the perfect shades of Viva-Magenta with burnt orange and hints of golden color. 

Source: Marigold Design House

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