Plan The Perfect Menu With The Right Indian Food Catering In Los Angeles

Jan 24, 2022

Food is a major part of any Indian wedding. It can make or break the wedding. If you want to ensure that your guests talk about your wedding for years to come, you should ensure you not only choose the right catering company but also spend time planning the menu. 

Plan The Perfect Menu With The Right Indian Food Catering In Los Angeles

While it can be difficult to please every single guest you invite, your aim should be to ensure that the majority is happy. Use the following tips to plan your wedding menu and ensure your guests enjoy a delicious experience.

1. Check Your Guest List

Take a look at the guest list to decide the kind of cuisine you should have. While it is common for Indian weddings to have Indian dishes, you can also have another cuisine along with it. Many people club Indian cuisine with grills and barbecues. So, you can look for a company that is an expert in Indian wedding catering in Los Angeles and also has the expertise to cater to different cuisines. 

2. Focus on Dietary Restrictions

Some guests may not be too keen on spicy food while others may want to eat just vegetarian dishes. So, make sure that you have a spread that takes care of any dietary restrictions that your guests may have. This also goes for desserts. You may want to have a couple of desserts that are sugar-free so that diabetics too can eat them. You may want to mix Indian cuisine with another cuisine for guests who are not too fond of Indian food. 

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3. Ensure You Have Ample Appetizers


Indian weddings are long and the last thing you need is to keep your guests hungry until the rituals are completed. So, ensure that there are a lot of appetizers so that your guests have something to munch on until dinner is served. Indian cuisine is quite creative when it comes to appetizers but you may want to have finger food from other cuisines as well. 

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4. Go Easy on the Spices

Indian food can be quite spicy but when it comes to Indian food catering in Atlanta, the last thing you need is spicy food. So, speak to the catering company and ensure they go easy on the spices. Let the caterer know that you do not want the food to be too spicy or too bland. Most people do like to eat overly spicy food outside and will be grateful to you if you take note of this. 

Use these tips to plan the menu for your wedding and you will have happy and satisfied guests, who will praise the food. 

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