5 Tips To Get The Perfect Menu With Indian Wedding Catering In NYC

Dec 26, 2021

When you are planning your wedding, you will find it challenging to decide on the best Indian wedding menu. Practically, no one will agree on the food but that will be one of the most judged elements in your wedding. In fact, an Indian wedding is often deemed successful based on what guests say about the food! Here are a few tips to help decide the menu:

1. Who is Invited?

Caterer: Punjabi Junction VA

Take a look at your guest list and that should help you shortlist a few cuisines. Most guests will be family, friends, and guests from other cities, towns, and possibly countries. The kind of guests you’ve invited will help you finalize the cuisine. You can always have more than one cuisine if you so desire. There is no hard and fast rule when you are choosing Indian wedding catering in NYC.

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2. Take into Account Dietary Restrictions

Make sure you find out from your guests if they have dietary restrictions. Many seniors may not want spicy Indian food and there will be still others who may want just vegetarian options. You may want to have a separate buffet for vegetarian and meat options. Also, you can have a mix of Indian cuisine with any other cuisine to ensure you take care of everyone’s taste buds and palate, especially those guests who are not partial to Indian food.

3. Refrain from Overly Spicy Dishes

Even if you and your family love spicy food, make sure you do not opt for it. Make sure that you inform the caterer, whom you have shortlisted for Indian food catering in Atlanta. Most people do not like eating extra-spicy food and that is something you should be aware of. So, emphasize this to the caterer and make sure they understand your requirements.

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4. Don’t Forget the Appetizers

Indian weddings can be long and one of the ways to satiate guests until the food is served is to have appetizers. You can get creative with them and go with Indian snacks, or you can have a mix of appetizers from different cuisines. The choice is completely yours but make sure you do not choose too many cuisines. Go with two or three at the most.

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5. Desserts are Important

Caterer: Nirvana Catering NYC

Every Indian wedding has a wide spread of desserts. You should stick to Indian desserts as there is such a vast choice and you will be able to satiate your guests and make them happy. Of course, your choice of dessert will ultimately depend on the cuisine you choose but Indian desserts, like laddoos, jalebis, kulfis, and gulab jamuns, are very popular and people love to dig into them.

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These are some of the things that you need to consider when planning your Indian wedding menu. This way, you cannot go wrong and you'll be able to satisfy your guests.


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