How to Choose the Right Indian Wedding Makeup in Houston

Jan 21, 2022

While every Indian bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day, choosing the right makeup can be challenging. Before you mess up your bridal makeup and go with a look that does not suit your features or wedding ensemble, here are some tips to help you choose a look that is perfect for you. 

1. Choose a Pro Makeup Artist

Photo: Izzah Shaheen Malik

The makeup for Indian complexion is quite different from what a Caucasian or African-American bride would use. Hence, it is best to select a bridal makeup artist who understands Indian skin and Indian wedding makeup in Houston or any other city in the US. 

2. Keep an Inspiration Folder

Photo: Jag Photo Studios

If you are unsure of the kind of bridal makeup you want, maintain an inspiration folder. You can get clippings from magazines, download the looks from the internet, or even photos from the bridal makeup artist. That will help you choose your Indian bridal makeup in NYC that you love so that even years down the line when you look at your wedding album, you will feel happy about your makeup, attire, and hairdo. 

3. Choose your Jewelry and Attire Before the Makeup

Select the bridal jewelry and attire before you decide on your bridal makeup. That is because the makeup should match your outfit and jewelry rather than the other way round. Once you have selected the jewelry and bridal attire, you can decide whether you want to compliment makeup or use contrasting makeup. 

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4. Give Air Brush Foundation a Wide Berth

Photo: iNav Photo

Airbrush foundation looks great on models, but it may not be the right choice for weddings. It can dry your skin, and this will result in makeup cracking. To get that smooth, dewy look, it is best to choose illuminators. 

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5. Balance the Features

Hair & Makeup: Sameen Khan; Photo: Photos by Hiedi

Don’t choose heavy eyes and lips makeup. Your eye makeup does not necessarily have to match your bridal attire. Choose either heavy eye or lip makeup. It is essential to balance the features so that your makeup does not look too garish. Avoid too much color. Instead, keep the look natural and neutral. 

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6. Matte or Gloss?

Makeup: Mannat Gill

Since Indian weddings can be long, opt for a matte finish rather than gloss. That way, the makeup will stay put throughout the rituals, and you won’t have to worry about messing it up. Matte makeup lasts longer and stays in place, unlike glossy makeup. 

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Most experienced Indian makeup artists suggest that you choose a sultry and subdued look for your wedding and keep the dramatic look for the wedding reception. You can use these tips to get your makeup right for your wedding day and look like the glowing and happy bride that you are. 

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