13 Best Karvachauth Gifts For Your Wife To Make Her Feel Special

Oct 12, 2022

Karvachauth is one of the known auspicious festivals for an Indian married woman. On this day, a married woman keeps fast for her husband and prays for his well-being, prosperity, and wealth.

Best Karvachauth Gifts For Your Wife

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This Indian festival is known as the celebration of love between a husband and wife, and the immense love and respect the wife has for her husband. By keeping fast and praying for her man, she is showing her genuine love and the need for him in her life. This festival is performed by the woman, but times have changed, nowadays the man is also taking part in this festival equally. And if a woman is celebrating it for the first time, then Gentlemen, this is the perfect occasion to show her your genuine love and make her feel special by gifting her something thoughtful that will make her first Karvachauth memorable. Here are some gifts for making her feel special: 

1. A Pretty Saree

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Gifting a saree to the wife is a common practice but a lovely gesture. The six yards of elegance is a gift that every woman will love to wear and would be excited to add it to her saree collection. If you know her taste and favorite color, pick a saree for her; or gift her a new fabric that she does not have in her wardrobe. And on the plus side, you will have a wide range of options to select from; Kanjeevaram, Dhakai, Pure cotton, Cotton-silk, Handloom, Crepe, Georgette, Chiffon, Organza, etc. Pick something that she can wear on the occasion of Karvachauth, and you will witness that every time someone will compliment her, there will be a proud smile on her face. It will make her feel special and loved and will be memorable first.

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2. Exquisite Jewelry

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There cannot be enough jewelry a woman can have. Not only diamonds but every kind of jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Starting from heavy statement pieces to the dainty ones, you will have a wide range from to select from. Do not gift her a very heavy traditional one, which she won’t be able to wear often. Select something contemporary, minimal and unique, that will make her smile whenever she decides to put it on while going out with you or some other occasion, or, gift her a piece of jewelry that she can wear on the night of Karvachauth. You can also gift her a small mangal sutra, if she doesn't have any.  

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3. Gift Her a Pretty Watch

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Gifting her watch will be symbolic of your love for her. It will convey a sweet message to her saying that your time is all hers. Pick out something from an exclusive collection, a piece from famous brands like Fossils, Titan Raga, Anne Klein, Micheal Kors, etc. The Analog dial with stones and rose gold band is in trend and will look stunning on her wrist. 

4. Her Favorite Fragrance

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After jewelry, a woman cannot have enough perfumes. Every woman has her own taste and preferences in perfumes, some like strong and some go for the mild ones that are more soothing and some women are particular about brands too. So, Gentlemen pick out a perfume knowing her taste and preference. This can be counted as an intimate gift for her from you. The perfume’s smell will remind her of you every time she puts it on.

5. Sensual Lingerie Set

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Another intimate gift for her can be a lingerie set from an exclusive collection of a brand like Victoria’s Secret. Lingerie has always been known as a romantic gift that she would love to slip it in while you both are in your personal space. It is a perfect gift to turn the heat a little up between you two.

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6. Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love and is very good for lowering stress and tension in the heart. This crystal will be a unique gift for her and literally is associated with the heart chakra that encourages nurturing and supporting the ability to love everyone, even your own self. You can gift her this crystal as a pendant or a bracelet, which will be the symbol of love to both of you and will make her feel more loved and special. 

7. Scented Candles or Diffusers To Set The Mood Right

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Scented candles for her as a gift is something that you can never go wrong with. And research says, women love a scented space that will calm them down and she would love to have her personal space smell awesome. This is a romantic gift and you will have a wide range from which to select. 

8. Loungewear Set

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On the day of the Karvachauth, generally, a woman wears heavy traditional attire like a saree or lehengas pairing it up with heavy jewelry. And if it is her first Karvachauth, she will definitely be wearing heavy attire the whole day. Gift her a comfy loungewear set. It is an era of Work-From-Home and this will be a unique and thoughtful gift for her. 

9. Take Her To A Movie

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As per the rituals, not eating and drinking water sometimes can get too much. Hunger and thirst can come knocking any time of the day, arranging a movie date to distract her cravings would be a good idea. Take her to watch a new movie and spend some quality time with her. Or if you are not able to go out due to Covid or any other situation, arrange everything at your place only. Create an ambiance and select her favorite movie or some Bollywood movies that have content of Karvachauth or Family functions like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Hum Sath Sath Hain, DDLJ, etc. These are some of the movies with longer running minutes and will help her in distracting and at the same time enjoying the movie too. 

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10. Romantic Date Night At Home

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Take her for a dinner date after she is done with all the rituals of Karvachauth. She might have been busy the whole day wearing heavy attire and not drinking or eating anything. The date will make her relax and will give her the special feeling that she must have been craving the whole day from you. Talk to her about the whole day, ask her how is she feeling, tell her how special and loved she is. This will assure her in many ways you cannot even fathom. 

11. Cook Something Special For Her

She will not be eating the whole day, except in the morning and then at night. Make her feel special by cooking her favorite meal that she will have while breaking her fast. The food made by you for her first Karvachauth will be a memorable one for her and a story that she will carry in her heart forever. Even if it's not your first Karcachauth, this is an effort worth making for your special one.

12. How About A Long Drive

If you both are celebrating this day with your family, the whole day must have been a roller coaster for both of you. From waking up early in the morning for Sargi to attending the guests and relatives to making sure about every arrangement and then waiting for the moon to show up and then finally breaking the fast. All she needs right now is to be taken away from the chaos, and you can do that by taking her for a long drive after the family dinner. The long drive will give you both some time to spend with each other and just bask in each other’s embrace.

13. Spa Vouchers For Her To Relax & Rejuvenate

After the festival is over, she will be definitely tired, and what best gift to give her than sending her to a Spa session the next day. Book a voucher for her or for both of you to have a relaxing session. This gesture will make you win her heart and she will remember this forever. 

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What matters for her more than the gifts are your time and care. She is doing this selflessly for you, and all she needs is you to be around her, understand her and pamper her. So, Gentlemen, shower her with your care and love because this is one of those days, she needs it the most. And yes, do gift her things but most importantly, .give her assurance that you are thereby her through it all.

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