Thoughtful & Trendy Karva Chauth Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Oct 11, 2022

Karvachauth is around the corner and we are sure the ladies are making all the necessary preparations for the auspicious day. It is a Hindu festival where women keep fast for their husbands and pray for their health, prosperity, and long life. Nowadays even men have started keeping karvachauth fast as a sign of love and respect for their lady love. Karvachauth is always a special occasion, especially for a newly wedded couple. It's the perfect time for the husband to surprise his wife with gifts and show his love. 

Karva Chauth Jewelry Gift Ideas for Wife

First Karvachauth or not, women love to get pampered on this day by their husbands. Keeping fast, decking up in beautiful outfits with mehndi-adorned hands, and waiting for the moon to show up sooner makes this day even more special. Women love to have their partner’s attention on this particular day more than ever. So, apart from giving her all the attention and love, pamper her with some gifts too, and what is better than getting her jewelry as a present? If you are confused or haven't yet decided what kind of jewelry to gift, then this article is a savior for you! We have sorted out some latest and trendy pieces of jewelry that a new-age woman would love to have in her jewelry collection. 

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Dainty Rings

Dainty rings are still in trend and a woman of this new era loves something unique and comfortable. But chunky rings or multiple rings are back in trend and a woman who loves rings would definitely don't mind adding another one to her collection. Apart from the engagement ring or the proposal ring, the next ring that she would always cherish is the one you get her for the Karvachauth. Diamond always works but try out something new that she will also look forward to wearing and flaunting.

1. Rhodium Constella Ring

If you are newlywed, your wife will be tired of wearing heavy jewelry and she would already have an amazing collection of traditional jewelry. The first Karvachauth will mean the world to both of you but a little bit more to her. How about getting her this rhodium constella ring from Swarovski? You will have two options to select from - white and gold. As it is a stack of rings with two different designs, she can wear the rings, in whatever way she wants, and can also choose to wear only one ring at a time. 

Source: Swarovski

2. Green Crystal Ring

Want to gift her something that she can wear when you guys are out for a date or on special occasions? This green crystal ring from Swarovski can be the one! The ring gives a modern and classy vibe with an edgy look. Your wife can wear it like a standalone piece as the two octagon-cut crystals in green are bold and can complete your look. 

Source: Swarovski

3. Name Initials Engraved Ring

As it is a special day, you can gift her a ring with her name’s initial letter engraved in it. It will be something she can wear daily for two reasons. The first reason - it has her name’s first letter engraved in it, and second, it is a present from her husband with love. A customized ring will reflect the love and care you have for her. 

Source: Cadette Jewelry

4. Cursive Letter Unique Ring

When talking about customization, this pretty dainty ring with the cursive letter is a unique piece to present.

Source: Mejuri

5. If your wife likes unique and quirky jewelry, this ring from Akansha Sethi’s collection will be an ideal choice as a Karvachauth present.

Source: Akansha Sethi

Pair of Earrings

When you are in doubt about what can be gifted to your lady love, nothing can be better than a pair of beautiful earrings. For a lady, there is nothing known as having too many pairs of earrings! A pair of earrings - statement, minimal, traditional, or dangling, can make you look absolutely stunning. For Karvachauth, go for a pair of earrings that she would love to add to her collection and proudly flaunt as a token of your love. 

1. Moonstone Curved Earrings

As a Karvachauth present, these moonstone curved earrings are perfect and it is such a romantic gift. Your wife would fall for you again by looking at this present.

Source: Leah Alexandra

2. Natural Hand Carved Earcuffs

This pair of ear cuffs from Akansha Sethi’s collection is a pretty choice for your wife. It has a modern design with natural hand-carved Citrine, Topaz, and Moonstone. 

Source: Akansha Sethi

3. Mughal Art-Inspired Earrings

How about gifting her earrings inspired by Mughal art? It would be a perfect gift for the wife who likes her collections to be inspired by the art and crafts of the old-school era.

Source: Kastur Jewels

4. Silver Waterfall Earrings

Not everybody likes gold or diamonds, there is a certain beauty in silver jewelry and if your wife likes it, then these silver waterfall earrings will look amazing.

Source: Hyperbole Accessories

5. Geometrical Earrings

Beautiful geometrical earrings with gold and pearls are also a simple yet trendy selection for your wife this Karvachauth. 

Source: Hyperbole Accessories

6. Linen Texture Paper Earrings

If your wife is into following trendy products, then go for this Vietnamese jewelry brand Mas & Nobu which creates these gorgeous earrings with linen texture paper and often with optical illusions that share thoughtful messages. 

Source: Mas & Nobu

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Romantic Necklaces

Gifting a necklace that reflects the personality of your partner is a romantic move, especially on a day like Karvachauth. Diamond, Gold, Silver - there are so many options from which you can select a necklace. You can gift her something that looks minimal yet classy and she can wear it daily as a symbol of your love.

1. Infinity Necklace

Anything with the infinity element in a jewelry piece is a fashionable choice nowadays, and this infinity necklace in the shape of a heart and infinity sign is a romantic present that your wife will surely love. The shape of the heart in white studded with crystals looks absolutely divine.

Source: Swarovski

2. Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone jewelry pieces are something that has been in trend for quite some time now, and if your wife is into stars and zodiac signs, gifting her a neckpiece with her birthstone will be a thoughtful present.

Source: Swarovski

3. Horseshoe Pendant Neckpiece

Gift her a neckpiece that is in a form of a blessing like this horseshoe pendant neckpiece made out of turquoise and diamond set in gold. Horseshoes are known for bringing luck to life. 

Source: Leah Alexandra

4. Anchor Necklace

Or how about an anchor necklace? By giving this you can tell her how she is the anchor and the biggest supporter of your life. Romantic, right?

Source: Leah Alexandra

5. Customized Necklace with Name Initials

A customize neckpiece with letters or words you want to add is also a romantic idea. You can choose letters of both of your name’s initials or can choose words that hold deep importance for both of you and your relationship.

Source: Easter Ahn Design

6. Unique Necklace

When we say something dainty, modern, and unique, we mean these pretty neckpieces by Peggy Li Creations. 

Source: Peggy Li Creations Jewelry

7. Necklace with Sanskrit Symbol

Gentlemen, if your partner loves yoga, meditation, and anything related that brings her peace, this necklace with the Sanskrit symbol ‘Om’ as a pendant looks beautiful. The design of this necklace is so modern and minimal that she can wear it all the time.

Source: Peggy Li Creations Jewelry

8. Pearl Choker Necklace

There is a charm in a piece of pearl jewelry, isn't it? Go for this pearl choker that she can wear as a standalone piece. Be prepared to see her face go red, whenever she earns a compliment on wearing this beauty!

Source: Goenka Jewels

9. Handcrafted Necklace

Akansha Sethi’s necklaces are mostly handmade and the rawness of each piece is what makes them look appealing. For the woman who loves handcrafted products and accessories, this jewelry is the one for her.

Source: Akansha Sethi


Gift her any kind or type of jewelry you like but put some thought behind getting the present. A woman appreciates presents, but she loves to understand the thought behind getting that present for her, especially when the present from her husband on the eve of Karvachauth. On a festive eve like Karvachauth, more than presents, what she will like you is to be with her and pamper her as much as you can. Do not hesitate to give her attention and love, she deserves it after all. 

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