70+ Latest Mehndi Designs For This Festive Season

Oct 12, 2022

The festive season has already started and amongst a few, Karvachauth & Diwali are around the corner. We all know festivals mean celebration, good food, and decking up in beautiful ethnic outfits, jewelry, and mehndi. Yes! Applying Mehndi is a way of celebrating, whether it is a wedding or any festival. It is a form of body art that women apply during happy and festive events. 

Latest Full Hand Mehndi Designs

Source: Avas Mehndi

We have already shared a few gorgeous backhand Mehndi designs with you, so how about a few more? And this time we would like to share with you the latest designs that will be appropriate for any kind of event, whether it is a wedding, Karvachauth, eid, or Diwali. 

1. Customized Mehndi Designs

We all love personalized products. When a coffee mug can be personalized and designed according to our taste then why not Mehndi? Mehndi designs with personal elements incorporated are in trend nowadays, and brides especially love a good mehndi design with some personal elements. It reflects their love and thought behind the design. 

Couple Portrait Mehndi Design

Portrait mehndi designs are very much in trend right now and a couple of portraits are an ideal choice for a bridal mehndi.

Source: Harins Mehndi

The Most Awaited Wedding Moment - Jaimala Mehndi Design

We love how the mehndi artist draws the jaimala ceremony moment with such intricacy.

Source: Beenu Mehandi Artist

Portrait of Bridal Entry Mehndi Design

We have seen a lot of bridal mehndi with personal elements incorporated in the design that usually reflects the love of the couple. But, this design with the bridal entry element, reflects the love of the bride towards her parents. How beautifully the artist has created an important moment in the bride’s mehndi and the highlighted part will be the chandelier. 

Source: Sara S Henna

Groom's Baraat and Bridal Entry Mehndi Design on Each Side

Such a unique design and good use of the space by the artist. Usually, the artist tries to capture the live moment in the palm side but here she drew the groom's entrance which is also known as the Baraat, and the Bridal entry where we can see the bride holding the jaimala, on the sides of the hand making the whole design look neat and pretty. 

Source: 7 Shades Ent

Dedicated to your Furry Friends Mehndi Design

When you love your furry mate so much that you can ‘NOT’ involve them in your mehndi design and at the same time you cannot skip out your partner too!

Source: Neha Assar

Mughal-Art Inspired Mehndi Design

Romantic designs in mehndi also look good and especially if it is a bridal mehndi. A couple portraits or a moment of them together as a mehndi design is a lovely idea.

Source: Candid Wedding Stories

Romantic Couple Portrait Mehndi Design

You can even go for a design with personalized quotes and romantic couple image to show your love to your special one.

Source: Sonamistry Mehandi

Bridal Portrait Mehndi Design

Self-love is also important. So, you can incorporate a portrait of your own in your bridal mehndi.

Source: Henna Paradise

Bride & Groom Regal Portrait Mehndi Design

A timeless and royal mehndi design with the bride and groom in the center and look closely at the wrist side - the groom sitting on a horse and the other hand, the bride sitting in a doli. We loved the palm design too, where the artist has created a moment from the wedding ceremony where the groom and bride are finally tying the knot with the folks surrounding them. Just beautiful! 

Source: Henna By Ima Habsyi

Personalize the Mehndi Design with Places you Met

This is another portrait mehndi design that we absolutely loved. The intricate details and the circular patterns created by the artist with such nea, especially designing that places that are close to both of you. You won’t be able to look away once it darkens!

Source: Akanksha Grover

The Perfect Karvachauth Mehndi Design

A Perfect Mehndi design for Karvachauth with the moon element. The artist created the main part of the night where the wife does the ritual of the Karvachauth, watching the moon through the sieve. 

Source: Henna by Divya

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Add Quotes or Thoughts That Matters to Both of You

Take a close look at her Mehndi design where you can see personalized lines and with that, the peacock element adds a beautiful charm to it.

Source: Paran Singh Photography

2. Nature-inspired Designs

Flower motifs and leaf elements are common in mehndi patterns, but what makes them different and appealing is the placement of the motifs. Here, the lotus designs are so accurate and the other circular patterns look so clean that one can count the dots and curves. Choose this design for the Karvachauth night and look at the design to get enhanced as it darkens.

Source: Amrita Henna

Love for Roses Mehndi Design

Neha Assar is one of our favorite mehndi artists and her mehndi art is famous for its simple yet intricate work with such neatness. Our real bride, Sasha’s mehndi design was so elaborate and beautiful with all the rose and leaf elements.

Source: Neha Assar

Minimal Mandala with Lotus Mehndi Design

At times less is more, right? Go for a minimal circular design with a lotus to stand apart from the crowd. This kind of mehndi design is perfect for a last-minute decision while celebrating Diwali.

Source: The Creative Lens Photography

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Flowers and Birds Mehndi Design

A beautiful elaborate mehndi design with all kinds of flowers and bird elements looks pretty and you can go for this design at any festive event like Eid or Diwali.

Source: Harneet Kaur Juneja

Flower Petals with Texture

Who would not like to have a dark-stained mehndi design? Check out the shaded part of the design and how the flower petals are drawn with a gradient texture. And the bride’s choora-clad hand and the rings are making her hands look just perfect.

Source: Toral Suthar

Intricate Peacock Mehndi Design

Source: Bridal Mehndi Queen

Intimate Peacock Mehndi Design with Jhumkasel

A peacock-inspired mehndi design always looks divine and has charm to it. A few artists just take up a few parts of the peacock and work around it, here the artist chose the side profile and left a negative space to fill it with a different design pattern. 

Sunflower Mandala Mehndi Design

A beautiful sunflower-inspired mehndi design looks amazing and it almost looks like a mandala.

Source: Sara S Henna

Let the Leaves Grow Mehndi Design

Using the leaf element and creating a netted pattern on the backside of the hand gives an intricate and pretty look. Go for this backhand design for your Karvachauth night.

Flower Netted Mehndi Design

This minimal netted pattern created with flower petals will look stunning once it gains that dark brown color.

Source: Mak Images

Tiny Flower Motifs Mehndi Design

When in doubt about back-hand design, go for flower motifs and ask the artist to place them in a symmetrical pattern.

Source: Mani K Jassal

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Love for Lotus Mehndi Design

A good balanced Mehndi design with the equal placement of all the elements attracts and is appealing to the eyes. The highlight of this design is the lotus placed in one line in the middle.

Source: Divya Shetty

3. Story-inspired Mehndi Designs

Another trend that the brides are opting for their bridal mehndi is where they asked the artist to draw the mehndi in such a way that it tells the love story of the bride and her partner. It can be anything, like their favorite element or moment of their relationship, and kudos to the mehndi artist to draw the exact moment with such accuracy.

Musical Mehndi Design

Check out the musical instruments and the airplane part of the mehndi. Looks cool, right?

Source: Mehendi Art by Arpit

Personalized Couple Moments Mehndi Design

The famous influencer Sonam Babani’s mehndi design took the internet by storm as she incorporated so many things about her relationship in her bridal mehndi design. From her proposal moment to their favorite travel spot, favorite animals and the mehndi artist even drew her and her partner Neil in their ethnic outfits that they were wearing that day itself. 

Source: ibtida

Depicting your Love Story Mehndi Design

A royal mehndi design depicting the royal love story of a couple. Romantic, right?

Source: The Photo Lab

4. Favorite Show, Movie, or Game-inspired Mehndi Designs

Adding your favorite shows or movie-inspired parts to your mehndi design is a cool and unique idea. If it’s your bridal mehndi, you can add both of your favorite show or movie elements, and if it is for a festive event, then add your own favorites. The design can be anything, a line from your favorite character, any particular design, or a thing in that show or movie that represents it. Nowadays, brides put elements like their favorite sports team logos. It is a trend and a design created according to your taste gives a personal vibe.

FRIENDS for Life Mehndi Design

For all the ‘FRIENDS’ show lovers and more than that who believe in ‘MONDLER’ supremacy, this design is for you. 

Source: NS Mehendi Artist

Love for Sports Mehndi Design

Take inspiration from our real bride Gagan, who incorporated the Basketball team Lakers logo in her bridal mehndi. 

Source: Mehndi by Iti

5. White Mehndi Designs

White mehndi designs have become the talk of the town and are slowly becoming a norm. The application of white henna was apparently started as a trendy and quirky makeup idea. It almost gives away a Boho and rustic vibe. In general when we say Mehndi or Henna, dark brown or wine red stained hands with intricate designs with floral, leaf, and other motifs cross our mind. But that is not the case anymore, white mehndi has made its space in the mainstream and is not going anywhere so soon. And as per the latest trend, you can go for a white mehndi design for any festive event for a change. 

Intricate White Henna Design

The white mehndi will look stunning on brides who will choose to wear pastel colors on their wedding and the brides who are not a big fan of mehndi stains or have any other restrictions for which they cannot apply Mehndi can opt for white mehndi as it stays in for a few hours. 

Source: Gladysha Henna

Source: Plush Affairs

6. Foot Mehndi Design

A bridal mehndi feels complete when the bride applies mehndi on her feet too. It looks so beautiful when the mehndi stain darkens and the work of the artist gets more clear. When selecting mehndi designs, we often focus on hand designs, and foot designs kind of cross our mind at the 11th hour. With the new age brides, everything has to be up to their taste and a design chosen at the last moment also needs to be according to their taste. In general, very few brides go for an elaborate and heavy design on their feet, most of them select a minimal design that does not restrict them from moving here and there.

Source: Bridal Mehndi Queen ; The Cheesecake Project

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Source: Henna by Pallavi

Source: Mehndi by Iti

Source: Bridal Mehndi Queen 

Source: Mina Mehndi Artist

Source: Mehandi by Rashi

Source: RM Henna Artist

7. Bollywood Celebrity Mehendi Designs

Whether it is their outfits, jewelry, or even their mehndi designs, celebrity weddings have always been an inspiration to the wedding industry in every way. A few of the celebrity weddings caught our attention and won hearts. 

Priyanka Chopra

She got a mehndi design with her husband’s profession kept in mind. She added a guitar design to the henna on her right hand, which reflects Nick Jonas’s profession as a singer. 

Source: Priyanka Chopra ; Stories by Joseph Radhik

Deepika Padukone

When it came to going all traditional with the choices, whether it was her wedding outfits or the other rituals before and after the wedding, Deepika Padukone left no stone unturned. For her mehndi design, she went full-hand, back and front, to her arms with heavy and intricate designs. Her mehndi design featured everything from paisleys, lotuses, peacocks, lace detailing, and other elements.

Source: Deepika Padukone

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

According to reports, Sonam asked her Mehndi artist for elephant and lotus motifs in her Mehndi design, as it holds a special place for both her and her partner, Anand.

Source: Sonam Kapoor 

Alia Bhatt

Another celebrity who went for a simple and beautiful Mandala design was Alia Bhatt. She had a little bit of designing on the fingers but the rest was left blank.

Source: Alia Bhatt

Katrina Kaif

The whole internet blew off when Katrina Kaif’s wedding pictures were released and the next time again she made the internet go crazy was when she uploaded her Mehndi design. Her choora-clad Mehndi-stained hands became the talk of the town. Look closely and you will find Vicky Kaushal’s name in her Mehndi. 

Source: Katrina Kaif

Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy’s wedding was a dreamy one. Apart from her gorgeous self in the Mehndi ceremony, what caught our eyes was her partner’s initials incorporated in her mehndi design with her initials. 

Source: Mouni Roy

8. Pakistani Celebrity Mehendi Designs

Minal Khan

Minal's heavily covered mehndi design was a piece of perfection, and there's nothing we don't love about it. 

Iqra Aziz

Iqra opted for a heavy bridal mehndi design covering her hands and arms. The color of her mehndi came out really beautiful, and the little gap in the mehndi broke the monotony of the design. 

Urwa Hocane

Urwa chose a minimalistic and simple mehndi design for her wedding day. It was a very itricate design on the back of her fingers that completed her minimalistic bridal look.

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Saniya Shamshad 

Her mehndi design was a bit of everything. From the heavy design on the fingers to circular motifs and florals on the back of her hands, the design looked very pretty.

Aiman Khan

Aiman opted for a traditional bridal mehndi design that covered her entire hands in a beautiful and intricate design. She got an identical design on both her hands. Her mehndi was a piece of perfection, but the roses on the back of her hands were the highlight of her design. 


As we come to the end of this article, we hope that you got to select a few designs for yourself. Bride or not, every woman loves a good mehndi design, and that too if it darkens well. It is not necessary to copy exactly the same design, you can add your own creativity and go for a simpler version of the selected mehndi design. Whatever design you select, make sure it is something that you like and resonate with. 

Co-Authored By: Gayatri Guha

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