50 Stylish & Trending Bridal Poses for Every Clueless Bride

Aug 16, 2022

At a wedding, apart from taking care of all the planning, and executing all the events, the next most important thing for a bride is her photoshoot. After all, it is her wedding and she must choose to keep these moments for eternity. 

As a bride, you put so much effort into looking for your outfits, and jewelry and putting all your looks together for each event. You must not leave any opportunity to not only look and feel good but also capture every moment in a box and treasure it for her whole life.

The beauty of a bride is in her wedding trousseau, whether it's her vibrant Mehndi look, chic Sangeet look, traditional wedding look, or classy reception look, but one of the things that make us relive these moments are - photos. The timeless, filled with love and warmth photos need to be captured for a lifetime. Whether it's bridal portraits or candid twirling bride shots, one cannot have enough shots of a bride to do justice to how pretty she looks. 

Make a list of those poses, or better, bookmark the ones you like and save them in a folder or on your Pinterest board and share with your photographer so he/she knows your vision and you both are on the same page. 

Latest & Trending Bridal Poses To Bookmark

The idea of a bridal photoshoot is great and the angle and lighting will be taken care of by the photographer, but as a bride to make your shots look appealing and beautiful, poses matter. Every bride wants her photos to turn out perfect and create an ideal shot that you will be able to flaunt and give inspiration to brides-to-be.

If you are a bride who is still searching for the best and latest bridal poses, fret not, we at Pyaari Weddings have created a list of poses that you can try out when the photographer says, ‘Ready?’

1. The Classic Sabya Bride Pose

Yes it exists! If you are a Sabyasachi fan, then we are sure you already know this classic Sabya pose that is a trending shot amongst the brides. All you have to do is - stand straight with both hands in front, clasped together and you are good to go!

Source: Sabyasachi

You can either choose to look in front of the camera, look down or look away, the photos would come out nicely, for sure.  

This pose looks royal and elegant and gives out a very queen-like vibe.

Source: Sumeet & Ishaan

2. The Seating Pose

A bridal portrait while the bride is seated can be improvised in so many ways, and with many backgrounds and props, you can make it even better.

You can sit sideways and keep your back straight and your hands on the front. 

Source: Ali Xeeshan

3. Hold The Bouquet

You can also hold a floral bouquet with one hand, and hold the dupatta with the other hand. Look sideways or you can look into the camera with a shy smile.

Source: This Modern Love Photography

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4. Sit on a Swing

Try sitting on a swing with your lehenga spread out as much as you can. It will look beautiful. You can keep your head in the center or can rest it on one side of the swing. 

Source: Ali Xeeshan

Source: Mahas Photography

5. Sit with your Feet up

And let your outfit do the talking! You can play with your jewelry, or set the dupatta to add beauty to the shot. Make sure the outfit is spread as much as possible to it is seen in the best way. 

Source: Muaz Ali Qureshi

6. Spread your Lehenga, and Sit in the Center

It shall look like a circle. Now ask the photographer to set an angle and shoot. You can move sideways or can sit with one leg folded. Gives a rustic and traditional look!

Source: Studio Narinder Photography

Source: Safarsaga Films

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7. Sit on the Floor Pose

Take a cue from this bridal shot of Sajal Aly, where she is sitting on the floor while leaning on the sofa. You can take this shot while getting ready after your makeup is done. There is an old-school vibe about the way it is executed.

8. With a Stunning Background Location

A stunning background can make any photo look better. Make sure you research the places around (if any) where you want to get a photoshoot done wearing your bridal outfit or for any other wedding events. We are certain, that this will be one of the most memorable photos that you will be taking at your wedding ceremonies. 

Source: Dwaipayan Mazumdar

9. or Pretty Decor Serving as Photobooth

Photobooths can add beauty to any shot, and if your photobooth has pretty, colorful flowers then there's no reason not to pose in front of it. 


10. One With the Mirror

There is a saying,’’ Beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her face in a perfect mirror.” The photo with the mirror is an art shot and looks aesthetic too. Try a few poses like this one, ask your photographer to take it from the back side, where the lens is facing your back and the mirror. Make sure that there is no reflection of the photographer but just you and the background. And for you sit in sideways position showing your back. This will be an amazing shot if taken properly and yes if you have chosen a beautiful design for the backside, this is the perfect opportunity to flaunt it.

Source: Amrit Photography

Another idea is to, sit tight and relax, this shot can be perfected by the photographer. All he/she has to do is set you in a place from where when they click the picture your reflection should be there in the mirror. Now either you can give a candid shot or can look in the mirror too. Anyway, the angle and the shot will be executed by the photographer. And there are various ways you can do this shot, the mirror size can be large or small, and your spot can be anywhere and you can hold the mirror too or simply stand in front of the mirror.

This shot needs a place where the floor has a mirror effect. Ask the photographer to set the camera from a lower angle to get a full shot of your bridal look. 

Source: iNav Photography

11. Flaunt Your Kaleeras While Getting Ready

Your wedding jewelry is as special as your wedding lehenga, make sure you flaunt it nicely and get as many photos as possible, especially of your beautiful hanging Kaleeras. 

Source: Maninder Singh Sekhon

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12. Adjust your Jewelry

After decking up fully, a pose while adjusting your jewelry or the accessories will be a nice shot. You can get as many shots as possible with your bangles, necklace, earrings, etcetera. 

Source: Jag Photo Studios

Source: Memoirz

Get a perfect shot with this pose. Ask your photographer if he/she can make it look vintage.

Source: Pinterest

13. Keep your Hands Around the Necklace and Look Down

This one is a very pretty shot, the focus will be on the necklace and the way you have put your hands around it. You can also choose to cut your face in half and take the shot, this way your nose ring, lips, and necklace will be highlighted and the photo will come out great. 

Source: Pinterest

14. Look Away or Turn Around to Show your Beautiful Braid

Let the photographer take a shot of you standing in such a way that your beautiful flower-adorned braid is visible. You can choose to hide your face, or just turn half-faced so your braid and a little bit of face are visible. 

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15. While Getting the Mehndi Done

The Mehndi ceremony is one of the most fun events, but sitting idle to get the mehndi does get boring at times. During this time, how about you ask your photographer to take a few shots of you while getting the mehndi done? It's upto you if you want to pose, or just sit and look and adore your mehndi, the candid shots sometimes make the best photos. 

16. Show your Stunning Mehndi

In the next shot, stand straight and clasp both hands in such a way that you look like you are embracing yourself. You can show your stunning backhand Mehndi design via this pose. 

Source: Jag Photo Studios

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Another pose, where your Mehndi will be visible is to go for this shot where you are sitting with your legs and hands spread towards the camera lens. And do not forget to give your big pretty smile here.

Source: Kalki Fashion

How casual yet beautiful this shot looks of this bride at her Mehndi ceremony.

Source: Mili Ghosh

17. Pick up your Pretty, Heavy Lehenga and Show your Widest Smile

Walking in a heavy lehenga is not a cake walk and trust us, we know of this, but how about picking your lehenga up and getting some shots? You can choose to add a dupatta or get a non-traditional shot without the dupatta. Let your pretty smile be the highlight of this shot that you are definitely going to cherish forever. 

Source: Studio Narinder Photography

18. Full-Length Bridal Look

You have spent hours, weeks, and probably months looking for your dream outfit, and once you wear it, we can't begin to tell how beautiful you will look. We recommend all the brides take a shot once they are ready. Ask your photographer to sit or maybe lie down to get a shot in the angle where your outfit looks dreamy.


19. With your Dupatta Flying

Take a shot where the bride is standing straight with her cascaded eyes and ask two or three people to throw the dupatta in such a way that it looks like the veil is falling on the bride and the photographer has to be ready with the camera to take the perfect shot. 

Source: Jag Photo Studios

20. Take a Shot Through your Dupatta

Another bridal shot that is common yet famous is with the veil or the dupatta she is wearing. If you have a net dupatta, then ask someone to hold it in a way that the photographer can take a shot of you via the dupatta. 

Source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

21. Peekaboo with your Dupatta

Another way is to take the veil and ask the photographer to take a shot under the veil, it is like a peekaboo moment. The shot will look amazing with the dupatta and your smiling face.

Source: Ashna Khan Official

With this pose, you can actually highlight your eye makeup.

Source: I-Alam-Photography

23. Dupatta as a Background

Another great way to take a photo using your dupatta is to use it as a background. Instead of using a pretty photo booth or going to any location, use your dupatta and get a stunning photo. 

Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

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24. The Veil on your Head

Next, you can go for the shot where your veil is just above your head. Take a cue from these shots of Priyanka Chopra Jonas where she looks ethereal!

The shot with a veil and then with a trail behind you is worth bookmarking. If you are wearing a monochrome lehenga on your wedding day, this shot will enhance the beauty of your whole look.

Source: Sabyasachi

25. Lean on a Door or a Wall

Another effortless shot that's simply beautiful is this shot where you have to lean on a wall or door and just look away. Ask your photographer to take a portrait shot and a full-length shot of this. 

Source: Varsola Visuals

26. Twirling Bride Pose

A photoshoot is incomplete without a shot of the bride twirling happily in her bridal lehenga. Just ask your photographer to take a few shots while you are happily twirling, and we are certain you will get one perfect shot from the lots. 

Source: Weddings by Aaron Obed

27. Amidst the Nature

There's nothing better than getting yourself clicked amidst nature. Make plants/trees your backdrop and get yourself a shot that will look truly beautiful. If there are any contrasting flowers or trees around, make sure you get a photo there.

Source: Beginnings For Your

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28. Bride on the Stairs

If you have a bridal outfit with a trail, a shot where you are coming down the stairs would look absolutely stunning. You will feel like a princess descending the stairs. 

Source: Harkiran Basra

Source: Blink & Co. Photography

Going upwards will also look good, given you can flaunt your trail.

Source: Memoirz

Source: Sutej Pannu

29. A Close up Jewelry Shot

A jewelry shot is always a great idea, but a close-up jewelry shot is a must-have in your wedding album. 

Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

30. Play with the Flowers

Get some flower petals and ask the photographer to be ready and set the shutter speed accordingly. It shall look like you are showered with flowers and your face shall be picture clear. You can also ask someone to shower flowers on you.

Source: Poo Stories

Source:  Karan Anand Photography

31. Who Doesn't Love Candid Shots?

The candid shots mean where you are laughing your heart out or just randomly talking with someone. Even a glance at your partner with those lovey-dovey eyes will also count. Here more than you the photographer needs to be ready with the camera. You can stage a situation also, anyway the shot will come out nice.

Source: Tirath Shergill

32. While you Receive a Special Gift Just Before the Wedding

Getting a gift from someone special just before you walk down the aisle is very special. Make sure you get a photo while you unpack the gift and relive the moment later. 

Source: Hong Photography & Cinema Inc.

33. Bride Walking Down the Aisle Shot

No shot is more important than the bride walking down the aisle and it is the moment worth treasuring, forever. 

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

34. Laughing Out Loud

Do get a shot of yourself throwing back your head and laughing like there is no tomorrow.

35. Look in the Camera Pose

This is a mush-have shot in your wedding album where you are looking towards the camera and smiling. You can keep your holds folded, one hand on the other, or keep them on the waist. You can take a close-up shot that will show your jewelry and makeup, and a full-length shot for the bridal look, especially the lehenga. Both photos will look different, but nice. 

Source: Sutej Pannu

36. Stand Still and Look Behind with a Wide Smile

There's an undefined beauty in this shot. The way you will look slightly turn behind with your widest smile makes the shot look stunning. If you are carrying a contrasting double dupatta just like this bride, it will add more charm to this pose. 

Source: The Royal Affair

37. Set the Dupatta Pose

You can play with your dupatta as much as you like or as many times as you want. Take the dupatta on one of the shoulders, take the border and pose like you are setting the dupatta. It will not only show off your pretty dupatta, but also the way you are carrying it. You can do this pose while standing or seating. 

38. Hug your Furry Mates

Bridal shots with your furry mates complete your wedding album, after all, they are the first member of the bride squad. Isn't it?

Source: Richa Parekh Photography

39. Walking Down the Aisle with your Aww-dorable Babies

There's nothing more adorable than walking down the aisle with your aww-dorable babies. Let them lead the way to your happily ever after. 

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

This shot of Indian actress, Patralekha with her dog wearing the matching red outfit is winning our hearts. 

PS: We can't stop gushing over the red bow at the back. Too adorable!

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

This is the most simple, but great shot - take your cute pup in your lap and smile! Let this be a natural shot, and try not to pose. 

Source: Jag Photo Studios

Do a nose boop with your doggo, it will look too cute. We are certain, you won't be able to resist posting this one on your Instagram account!

Source: Jag Photo Studios

40. Bridal Shot with your Cool Cat

Who says only dogs make the best photo buddies? Did you ever try getting a photo with your cat? If not, check this shot of Indian actor, Alia Bhatt posing with her cat, Edward on her wedding day. This is hands down the cutest shot we have seen in a while.

Source: House On The Clouds

If you don't want to take a 'sit-on-the-lap' pose with your cat, try picking them up sideways, look at them, and ask your photographer to take a shot. 

Source: Sara Idrees Portraits

41. Lie Down on a Bed of Roses

Bridal shots on a bed of roses look extremely electrifying. They look so vivid and colorful that no one can resist taking this for their wedding album. You can lie down just like this bride, or sit beautifully with your lehenga spread around. If you are wearing a lehenga color contrasting the color of roses, the shot will come out so beautiful. Instead of roses, you can also pick marigold to get a stunning shot. 

Source: Beginnings For You

Source: Studio Narinder Photography

42. The Foodie Bride

The hectic schedule of the wedding can make any bride not feel hungry as they are already so stressed in planning and making sure everything goes well. But not all brides are the same, some uber-cool brides believe in taking care of themselves and treating themselves to good food, even on their special day. We love a bride who is chill and goes with the flow and might order a large-size pizza and have it all alone while getting ready (remember, no one is judging you). 

We like a bride who eats while getting ready, but we love a bride who eats her favorite snacks during her wedding ceremonies. Make sure you do you and capture those moments to relish them forever. 

Source: The Slice of Life

43. Get a Bottle of Chilled Beer

If you are not keen on eating but need something to drink, how about having a chilled bottle of beer, or a glass of wine to calm down your nerves from all the wedding anxiety? Or maybe just use them as a prop to get the perfect chill-bridal shot. 

Source:  Fotowalle - The Story Folks

44. One with your Personalized Coffee Mug

If you have a personalized coffee tumbler, it would be an amazing chance to flaunt your Miss to Mrs. coffee cup. You could also get a coffee mug or a tumbler with your hashtag or wedding date on it. 

Source: The Picture Patch

45. Brides with the Prop

Get a prop that gives an old-school vintage vibe and take the perfect shot. 

Source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

This shot has a telephone as a prop and the floral surroundings, but it's the color pattern that makes this shot a bit dramatic yet aesthetic.

46. What an Orange Shot!

When life gives you an orange, rather than squeezing it, we recommend you to pose with it. It will add more colors to your photo, especially if you are getting married in the summer. 

Source: The Wedding Files

47. Be a Photographer and Take a Shot!

When you are out of giving different poses yourself, how about using props? The props can be anything like a polaroid camera, and make it look appealing and cute at the same time.

Source: The Wedding Files

48. Let your Friends Help Take that Perfect Shot

If you are a makeup lover or not, using a makeup palette, flowers, and jewelry while getting ready makes for a great prop, especially when props are held by your friends and you stand or sit in the center.

Source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

49. Half-Faced Portrait with Reflection

We are short of words to define this ultra-beautiful pose. This is definitely one of our favorite poses, where the half face is centered in the photo, accentuating your features. The shadow of your lace dupatta makes this pose a hit and something that people won't be able to take their eyes off this stunning photo. Don't, we repeat, don't forget to take this photo for your wedding album. 

Source: Yaalini Ilankumaran

50. Aesthetically Pleasing Poses

Social media influencers not only give us fashion goals but also how to pose aesthetically. So when you take pictures, the color blocking of the image, the lighting, the angle, the way the subject poses, what props are used, everything should look appealing. Similarly, brides are also experimenting with these aesthetically pleasing shots that almost all photographers are well aware of. 

For this pose seen in the photo below - take a projector and focus it on a plain wall. Insert clips or images of anything the bride likes or connects to, any poem or quote, or an illustration. Ask the bride to stand against the wall in a candid or dramatic pose. This type of shot is mostly used in editorials and is something different for a bride to try.

Source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu


There are uncountable poses that a bride can execute and it will turn out absolutely stunning if the photographer knows how to make it look good. With these above-mentioned poses, we wanted to help capture your bridal shots in the best possible way so you can relive the memories, forever. You no longer have to sweat or think hard about what to do or how to pose when the camera is on

For the photographers - Make her feel as much comfortable as possible so you can capture the best she has to give. 

For the brides - Remember this is just a photo shoot and these are the moments that will never come back, so feel free and loosen up. Give your best smile and flaunt your bridal look and twirl happily as much as you can, because this is your day and you deserve to capture these moments. 

Author: Neha Garg Ahuja ; Gayatri Guha

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