Real Bride Manali Reveals: 5 Tips To Consider For Your Lehenga Shopping

Jan 20, 2022

Going shopping for your wedding lehenga is no easy feat! There are multiple things to think about and inspiration everywhere. It can get confusing pretty fast as to which lehenga is in line with your expectations and which lehenga looks good on you. As a soon-to-be bride, I was facing the same problem. Here are some things that I looked at when shopping for my wedding lehenga:

1. Unique Color

Photography: Giuseppe Marano; Monica Leggio

You do not need to have a red lehenga to be a bride. There are so many new and unique color pallets out there. 

2. Pastels

Photography: Sutej Pannu

There’s just something so whimsical about pastel lehengas. It’s a great color choice if you’re having a wedding in the spring or summer. Even though the colors are soft and muted, it puts all the focus on the bride herself. 

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3. Bold and Vibrant

Source: Geet Grewal Verma

Many brides are bolder than I can ever be and these brides are rocking it with these colors. The yellows and oranges make a statement and draw everyone’s attention to the bride. 

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4. Two-toned: In love with more than 1 color?

Source: Sabyasachi

The two-toned lehengas are perfect for those brides who look amazing in many colors. Get the perfect winter wedding look with an ivory and blue lehenga or a fresh spring look with a green and peach lehenga. 

5. Handwork Lehenga

Outfit: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

The more intricate the handwork of the lehenga, the more beautiful it is. It’s also true that handwork lehenga is usually more expensive than machine work. Machine work is quicker to embroider and still gives a professional look for your lehenga. For me, I preferred the handwork more as it was more personal and give the lehenga a sense of uniqueness. 

6. Designer vs Non Designer

Sabyasachi and Anita Dongre may be every bride’s dream, but there are so many new and upcoming designers out there that are marking their mark in the wedding industry. 

1. Mani Jassal is perfect for those rebel brides who crave a more modern and bold wedding look

Outfit: Mani Jassal

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2. Chamee and Palak is a great mix for those brides who are modern and traditional at the same time. 

Outfit: Chamee and Palak

3. Seema Gujral is a brand that has perfected lehengas for any color. Whether it be a bold look or a subtle look, this has what you’re looking for.

Outfit: Seema Gujral Design

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4. JJ Valaya is a renowned brand, but not one that many people in the US or Canada are aware of. The bridal pieces scream of royalty and elegance. 

Outfit: JJ Valaya

Types of Bridal Lehengas

1. Trending Lehengas

Source: Flawless Beauty by Pauline

New bridal lehenga trends are emerging every day. From scrolling through Instagram, I’m constantly surprised by the variety and have pinned close to 100 different lehenga designs. 

2. Scalloped Lehengas

Outfit: Anushree Reddy

I’m in love with the scallop design on the lehenga. It adds such a unique touch.

3. Florals are In

Bride: Juhi Godambe; Outfit: Sukriti and Aakriti

I’m seeing this everywhere where brides are rocking some floral pattern or design on their lehenga. It’s beautiful and hopefully here to stay!

4. Mirror Lehengas

Outfit: Abhinav Mishra

Creator Abhinav Mishra has captured the market with this mirror work lehenga and it is for a good reason. The mirror work trend is gorgeous and different. It’ll make any bride memorable.

5. Affordability  

Ladies, while you do only get married once, do not break your whole bank account in getting the right lehenga. If you can afford a $5000-$7000 bridal outfit from Anita Dongre, more power to you, but keep in mind that you will be wearing this lehenga only once in your life and hence you should spend what you’re comfortable with. For me, I had estimated a budget of $1500 for a lehenga. Knowing that I was shopping in the US, I knew that this amount would be close to what I would be expecting to pay. If I were to shop in India, the price would drastically be down. However, due to Covid, India was not an option. Sure there were many Sabyasachi knock-offs that I had fallen in love with, but paying $3000 was not something that I could justify, especially since I would be wearing it for 6 hours. 


These are some of the things that I considered while doing my lehenga shopping. For brides who are starting to look for their lehengas, I would say to start with an open mind. Take your inspiration pictures with you so shop owners know what you’re looking for and what trends or colors you’re eyeing. Even though you’ve saved hundreds of pictures, still try out some different lehengas to see what you like and don’t like. You might be surprised with the outcome and end up picking a lehenga that you would’ve never considered before. 

Author: Manali Shah

Edited & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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