How to Make Your Indian Wedding Décor in Atlanta Look Luxurious

Jan 24, 2022

If you are hosting an Indian wedding, it is prudent to remember that your décor is an essential element. The décor will establish the theme and set the mood for your wedding so you cannot ignore it or opt for run-of-the-mill décor. You can find experienced and creative wedding decorators online to ensure that you get a dream wedding venue. Nonetheless, you should also make use of the following tips to make the décor look luxurious and elegant.

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1. Select the Wedding Venue with Care

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Your wedding venue will be the backdrop of all the photos that the wedding photographer clicks and it will be immortalized, as a result. Hence, you should check out several Indian wedding venues in Los Angeles before you finalize one. Your choice should be based on the number of guests and the different elements you want to set up at the venue, such as space for dancing, buffet, and of course the mandap. Look for a venue that has its own character and has ample parking space for guests.

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2. Finalize the Wedding Theme

Once you have booked the venue, you should focus on the wedding theme. You can choose between traditional and contemporary themes. Most Indian weddings are a blend of traditional and contemporary to accommodate the likes and dislikes of the two families, bride, and groom. If you are not keen on a traditional theme, you can opt for a Bollywood-style wedding or come up with your own theme that is special to you and your future spouse.

3. Use the Power of Flowers

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Indian wedding décor in Atlanta is incomplete without flowers. Once upon a time, marigolds and roses used to be the go-to flowers for Indian weddings but today, couples are choosing carnations, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, and peonies among others. You can create floral walls, ceiling covers with flowers to give the venue a luxe appearance. For table pieces, you can choose dried flowers to create statement pieces and personalize the décor.

4. Make the Décor Bold and Vibrant

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When you are trying to make the décor elegant and posh, you will have to think out-of-the-box. You can play with rich fabrics of different colors and textures. You can intersperse flowy georgettes, luxurious velvets, or sheer chiffons between the floral walls or even at the entrance to create a lined walkway for guests. Alternatively, you can use fabric to make a backdrop for the bride and groom chairs or the mandap, where the religious wedding ceremony will take place.

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The Bottom Line

You can use these tips to make your Indian wedding look luxurious even if you are on a budget. The key is to get creative and you can work with wedding decorators or wedding planners to ensure your dream wedding goes off with a problem, just like you envisaged.

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