30 Latest and Trending Marriage Anniversary Wishes For Your Partner

Dec 20, 2021

Anniversaries are always special and wedding anniversaries are extra special as it marks the day when two individuals decided to officially enter a new phase of their life with mixed emotions. Whether it is a newlywed, a couple with kids, or an old couple, celebrating a wedding anniversary as the year passes by gives a loving and nostalgic feeling of the day they united together to form a new world for themselves. Every couple has a different style, vibe, and connection with each other, so the expression of love also varies from couple to couple. Finding that perfect balance of romance, thoughtfulness, and care while writing a card to your partner is a challenging task because words have a powerful impact. The words you chose to write on that anniversary card while wishing your better half can add so much joy and bliss on the day of the occasion. 

If you are struggling with what to write for your better half, whether you two are newly married or the ones who are stepping into another glorious year of their union, Pyaari Weddings is here to help you figure it out and select some romantic, funny, sarcastic and downright cheesy wishes for you.

Latest Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary wishes can vary from person to person. Some might write something long and emotional, some will just go for something short and crisp but will touch the right chord of their partner’s heart. There is nothing more beautiful and romantic than reminiscing your wedding days with a heartfelt wish.

1. “A year has gone by and I can’t thank you enough for saying YES that day. I’m so happy because you complete me in ways no one ever has and never can. Thank you for being mine! I love you!”

2. “Knowing that you were in all of my yesterdays and you will be in all of my tomorrows, makes my today so cheerful and wonderful. I owe everything to you. Happiest Anniversary.”

3. “Being married to you and waking up in the morning right next to you is simply the best feeling in the world. Happy Anniversary and loads of love.”

4. “Our anniversary marks 365 more days. You've made me laugh, appreciate you, learn, grow and be oh so glad we’re together!”

5. “Happy first-date anniversary to us! You bowled me over then and you still do!”

6. “There’s no one I’d rather sit on the couch watching TV with. Happy anniversary!”

7. “Sometimes I get jealous of you. After all, you married the world’s most beautiful and brilliant woman. Happy anniversary, dearest husband!”

8. “Sure our anniversary is just a day’s celebration but, our marriage is a timeless union. A happy and full of love timeless union. Happy Anniversary and let’s make this one memorable too.”

9. “It doesn’t matter how much we disagree and argue with each other. All that matters is that at the end of the day, you’re in love with me and I’m in love with you and I guess that’s enough! You mean the world to my sunshine!”

10. “Happy anniversary to my better-in-every-way half. Seriously, you’re amazing.”

11. “Today, we celebrate the best decision you’ve ever made—making me your wife and the mother of your kids. Happy anniversary, honey!”

12. “Yes, you wake me up in the middle of the night with your annoying snores but, I still love you for everything amazing you are. Happy Anniversary.”

13. “You are the peanut butter to my jelly and the macaroni to my cheese. We make a perfect (kid-friendly) pair. Happy anniversary, my dear.”

14. “Even after all these years you still give me butterflies in my stomach. It all still feels like the first day we both laid our eyes on each other. Gosh! You mean the world to me, honey! Happy Anniversary.”

15. “I was happy before I met you. But, when I got you I realized I could be happier too, happier in ways unimaginable. Thanks for making my happiness your priority and making sure I never go to sleep with tears in my eyes. Happy anniversary!”

16. “Happy Anniversary Honey! We have been through so much together, though most of the fault was yours. But anyway, cheers to you messing up and me cleaning the mess!”

17. “Let’s celebrate the day you finally accepted that you won’t get anyone better than me.”

18. “Here’s to another year of me tolerating you and you being lucky enough to have the best better half anyone can ever have.”

19. “I’ve annoyed you for a long time now and you’re the only one I want to annoy for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary baby.”

20. “Happy anniversary, Love. I know sometimes I can be difficult and stubborn but you have to admit, I am worth it.”

21. “Happy anniversary to us, darling. You indeed annoy the hell out of me but another truth is I do love the hell out of you.”

22. “See, I told you I wouldn't forget. Happy Anniversary!”

23. “Same day and time next year? Happy Anniversary!”

24. “A wedding band is the smallest handcuff ever made, I'm glad I chose my cellmate wisely.”

25. “To my husband, you always know how to keep things fresh and exciting. With you, I know that the coming years will be a wonderful adventure. Happy Anniversary, Handsome!”

26. “Another year passed... another year of adventures, worries, and happy moments that we've shared. May many more of these happy years will come our way - I couldn't have found a better person to share them with!”

27. “If I had my life to live over again, next time I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer. Happy Anniversary to us!”

28. “Am I looking forward to more years like this one? Sign me up!! One day, our beautiful children will retell the story of our love. And my only wish is for them to find a wonderful marriage like ours.”

29. “365 days of being the Big Spoon to your Little Spoon, and I wouldn't change a thing. I want to sleep next to you every day for the rest of our lives. Happy Anniversary!”

30. “Another year to create precious memories together. Another year for discovering new things to love about each other. And another year to strengthen our amazing bond. I'll always be there for you. Happy Anniversary Love.”

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At the end of the day what matters is, that the words you write or speak to your partner are genuine and from the core of your heart. They do say that actions are greater than using words but sometimes a card filled with words straight out of your heart can make your partner feel one in a million and can change the whole mood and vibe. It makes your partner feel special and time-to-time these small gestures adds a spark to the relationship and what better day than a marriage anniversary to express your love to him/her. 

Written By: Gayatri Guha

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