The Ultimate Marriage Proposal Checklist You Can’t Do Without

Mar 10, 2022

So you’ve found your significant other- the person you want to laugh, cry, and live with! But now comes the hard part. How do you tell them that you actually want to spend the rest of your life with them? Read on below for our proposal checklist so you can make sure you’re prepared to pop that question!

1. Ring

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This one goes without saying! You’ll need a ring (preferably a diamond ring, not an onion ring) in order to profess your love. Size and design matter a lot here. You can ask her family to get her ring size for you or use the ring you’ve given her on a previous occasion to get her ring size. Her friends or siblings might know what ring design she is looking for and can give you insights on that. If you have an honest relationship with your significant other and it’s not a surprise that you’ll get married soon anyway, you can always take them to a jewelry store and have them pick out the ring. While they might know of the ring, they won’t know how they’re getting it.

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2. Proposal Spot

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Find a proposal spot that is related to your love story. For example, this might be where you’ve first met, where you first said “I Love You”, or a place you’ve always wanted to go to as a couple. Not all proposals need to be by a famous landmark. Make sure there is plenty of room and a hiding spot for friends, family, and a photographer. Stay tuned for our future blog posts where we’ll list out some proposal spots in New York, LA, SF, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and DC.

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3. Wow Factor

This is optional but highly recommended. Give a proposal that’s filled with thought and surprise- one that will truly blow away your S.O.’s feet. If you’re not sure what extravagant proposal you want to go for, check out these ideas from The Knot, Hitched, or The Heart Bandits. If you go with these ideas, coordination is key! Make sure you have thought about your proposal thoroughly minute by minute.

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4. Photographer

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You need someone to capture your proposal memories for you because you’ll be looking back on them in the future. Invest in a good-quality photographer who can capture this. Check out our professional wedding photo vendors in New York, LA, SF, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and DC. They may have packages where they can shoot your proposal. It’s also a great test run to see if this photographer is right for you on your wedding day! If you’re looking for photographers that are freelancers, look into Thumbtack, Snappr, or Before using these sources, please check their quality and reviews! Not all cheap photographers are great. With photographers, also check if they will show you what poses to do. Have a few poses you want on hand as well!

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5. Family and Friends

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Inform friends, family, and anyone you might want to be a part of the proposal. Give them a heads up on the logistics and make sure they are all in their hiding spots.

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6. Outfits

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It’s so important to dress for the weather! Whether you’re planning your proposal in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, make sure you check the weather the day of the proposal and don’t assume based on the season. Guys- pick out a fancy formal suit and clean shoes, get a fresh haircut, and have flowers on hand.

7. After the Proposal

Pick a lunch or dinner spot after your proposal and celebrate. Plan ahead with the restaurant so they know that you’re coming in for a big occasion. After all the excitement, you’ll want some good food to complete the day. 

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