Meet Two Love Birds: Manali & Raj

Oct 10, 2021

So you’ve checked out Pyaari Weddings and noticed two random people on the homepage. Who are they and what do they have to do with Pyaari Weddings? In today's post, meet Raj and Manali, the creators of Pyaari Weddings.

Meet Manali!

Professional Tag Line: “Consultant”

Hobbies: “Reading and Traveling”

Is cereal soup? “No”

What’s the best WiFi name you’ve seen? “Hey You Kids Get Off My LAN”

Childhood Fascination: “I loved all things related to the solar system.”

Toilet paper, over or under? “Over for sure!”

TV Show character that you resemble: “Leslie Knope”

Professional Background: Booth MBA, Digital Strategy Consultant, Creative Design Expert

Proposal Story: It was 2/23/20 and my sister told me we were taking family pics (we never take family pics so something was off). I picked some random outfits and got ready. My sister said no, wear something nicer. Now, I knew something was up because I was dressed fancier than everyone else. Then we drive to Adler Planetarium, which is where we were going to take pictures. It was freezing outside, so we went inside Adler. I get cold easily so I'm walking around and doing my steps to keep warm when I notice Raj's dad. All my suspicions were confirmed and I knew what was going to happen. My sister kept diverting my attention and took me outside where we met our photograph. The photographer accidentally blurted out that Raj wasn't here yet. At this point, I was just laughing. Then I noticed something up in the sky. It was an airplane with a banner. When I looked closely, the banner was about me. It said, "Will you marry me Manali?" I turned around and noticed Raj coming down the steps of Adler, where he was hiding. He was running down the stairs and finally came by me after greeting my family. He got down on one knee and said something I knew was coming, but still was waiting for.

"No measure of time with you is long enough, but let's start with forever". (Yes, it's Twilight-inspired).

And I was excited to say yes!

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Meet Raj!

Professional Tag Line: “Hustler”

Hobbies: “Sports, food, travel, & adrenaline!”

Is cereal soup? “Hell to the no”

What’s the best WiFi name you’ve seen? “FBI Surveillance Van”

Childhood Fascination: “Basketball (I know, boring)”

Toilet paper, over or under? “Over???? Ewwwwww”

TV Show character that you resemble: “ Kenan & Kel”

Professional Background: Kellogg MBA (obviously better than Booth), Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant

Proposal Story: Like all things me, I wanted it to be super extra. So, I got to work, months in advance, researching and finding the best possible way to propose given it was winter. A plane, a secret trip to Napa Valley in California, a surprise vacation to the Caribbean - it was all on the table. However, with Covid just starting and winter still kicking our butts, I settled for a slightly less (but hopefully still somewhat) extra proposal - airplane banner advertising. Besides the obvious screw-ups and total lack of us suspense, the plane still turned out to be a surprise, for everyone - nobody knew except me! Luckily when I got down, I didn't have to stay there, as Manali said yes and we started our journey...only to divert to Pyaari Weddings when we saw how complicated South Asian wedding planning was ;)

That's all folks! We hope you enjoyed getting to know us. We can't wait to grow Pyaari Weddings and share our journey with you along the way.

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Two Love Birds

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