35+ Easy & Minimal Mehndi Designs For Eid 2024

May 01, 2022

Eid-ul-Fitr, a festival celebrated with full vigor and enthusiasm is here. It is said that the festival is a celebration of having a successful month of fasting, worshipping, and refraining oneself from all kinds of negativity. In simpler terms, it is a way to pay respect and show your love to Allah. It is also believed that Prophet Muhammad got the first revelation of the Holy Quran during the holy month of Ramadan. The celebration begins soon after the sight of the crescent moon. There is an organization of lavish feasts at homes with families and friends. Everyone come under one roof to embrace each other and bask in each other's love and respect. The whole vibe of this festival is absolutely warm and soothing. 

Best Mehndi Designs For Eid Celebration

When we are talking about the vibe of the festival, how can we not talk about how we celebrate it. Apart from good authentic food, which is a mix of sweet and savory dishes, people love to dress up in new outfits and look their best on this day. After a long month of fasting, the celebration lasts for three days where everyone is in their best and warm form. Women apart from getting new outfits and jewelry get Eid mehndi design on their hands and feet. Putting Henna is another way to celebrate this auspicious event. And in honor of Eid-ul-Fitr, we present you a few traditional and chic minimal Eid design mehndi for you to go through and get inspo from. 

1. Square Shaped Henna Design

This oh-so-pretty square henna design can make you love it even more if you are minimalistic by choice. Also, going for circular designs is a bit outdated now, choosing this square one will bring some freshness to the design.

Source: Henna by Saamia

2. Pretty Floral Backhand Mehndi Design

To all the lovelies, we are sharing one of this pretty floral backhand mehndi Eid designs which is neither heavy nor minimal to choose for celebration.

Source: Nehanxhenna

3. Full Backhand Henna Design with Spacing

If you are looking for a full backhand coverage design and something to match with ethnic wear. Go for this Eid mehndi design simple and attractive that looks great.

Source: Henna_By_Agila

4. Intricacy at its Best

We love everything from the intricate detailing to the coverage of this design, whether on the fingers, wrist, or upper side of the palm. It is perfect to pair with a heavy and traditional Eid outfit.

Source: Henna by Saamia

5. Cutest yet Minimalist Henna Design

Prettiest yet minimal! Yes, these cutest and simple mehndi designs for Eid are a great choice if you are in search of minimalist imprints of henna. You can carry it with all styles of clothes and looks!

Source: Crimson Stains

6. Bold and Curvy Floral Strokes

The designs that speak for being ethereal and charming are right here in front of you! The bold strokes of flowers and leaves are nailing the whole outcome and highlight the fact that this could be your statement design for celebration.

Source: Hennah by Shifa

7. Traditional with Morrocon Touch Mehndi Design

What not to love about this design? It is a perfect fusion of traditional and Moroccan prints. The slight shading by Mehendi and the finishing of bold and thin strokes are just bringing this design into the FAB list.

Source: The Hazel Hue

8. Flowers Aligned in Circular Rings Henna Design

How beautifully the flowers are aligned with circular rings to give us the moonish vibe! You can choose this style for your Eid celebration with sharara, Anarkali suit, or plain salwar kameez.

Source: Henna by Gulnaz

9. Simple and Tasteful Henna Design

This design is JUST LOVE! We are short of words to appreciate its simplicity and catchy vibe.

Source: Lune Lure

10. Simple Henna Design from Front and Back

To cherish your henna vibe around for the Eid celebration, this design is simply stunning both in making and in looks. We can imagine your good looks and the way you will flaunt them.

Source: Henna by IBKA Official

11. Semi-Netted Henna Design

We can't resist the beauty of this semi netted henna design which looks equally stylish on the backhand as well as palms.

Source: Anzee | Henna artist

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12. Classic Henna Design

This partially minimum and heavy design is a vision to behold on this EID. Get yourself this magnificent design to rock and roll the celebration. 

Source: Advika Makeup Artist

13. Arabian Style Henna Design

In case you are looking for a design that could be used for both the sides of the hand and is stylish enough to adapt. This Arabian style henna design is the perfect one to get into.

Source: The Henna Bella

14. Floral Mandala Mehndi Design

A floral mandala at the backside of your hand looks gorgeous and simply perfect for the Eid celebrations. 

Source: The Henna Bella

15. Detailed Mehndi Design with Perfection

We won't stop admiring this so detailed and truly exceptional design, till we make it the reality on our hands.

Source: Henna by Saamia

16. Symmetrical Mehndi Design

Symmetry has never looked so pretty and apt. Each line and curves are so perfect on the backside of both the palm that we are not able to take our eyes off.

Source: Henna by Saamia

17. Minimal Mehndi Design in Symmetry 

If you do not want to go too loud on the backside of your palms with designs, then this is the ideal design for you. 

Source: sharanika_

18. Pretty Netted Pattern for the Win

Something is fascinating and soothing about clean netted patterns in a Mehndi designs. The neatness and details of the designs reflect the artists and the wearer’s eye for details and patience!

Source: Henna by Mayaa

19. Intricate Mandala Henna Design

We love a Mehndi with intricate detailing! 

20. Floral Netted Mehndi Design

Classic Net patterns with floral motifs are one of the OG patterns that you can never get bored of. 

Source: Kam Sidhu Mehndi 

21. One-sided Floral Mehndi Design

A perfect last-minute design does exist and that is a one-sided floral design with one finger completely covered with henna design and a lot of negative space that will not look bad.

Source: Kam Sidhu Mehndi 

22. Peacock Mehndi Design with Lotus on the Palms

Peacocks and lotus incorporated mehndi designs are to die for. How stunning this design is looking and each detail is on point. Whether it is the feathers of the peacock or the backside of the palms - just perfect!

Source: Loto Mehndi

23. Gorgeous Lotus Mandala Henna Design

Talking about bold yet minimalism, this is a design that we were hooked on. The lines on the fingers and the lotus petals on the tip of the fingers are taking the whole design to another level.

Source: Bridal Mehndi Queen

24. Diamond with Floral Motifs Mehndi Design

Ok, this one is for the ladies who would like to go absolutely minimal, yet a bit of a good design won’t hurt them. A blend of traditional design with contemporary is what reflects the evolving times and it looks super cute too, isn't it?

Source: Mehendi Gallery

25. Classic Rose Mehndi Design To Bookmark Right Now

Roses are symbols of love and what better way than to incorporate the flower in a arabic mehndi designs for Eid on an auspicious day where everyone celebrates the love amongst each other. 

Source: Henna by Rihana

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26. Detailed Peacock Mehndi Design

Peacock incorporation is a tough task as it takes a lot of patience and skills to make those feathers and attention to small details is needed. Look at this stunning mehndi designs for Eid front hand with peacock, so subtle and minimal yet so gorgeous. The pure simplicity of this design is taking our hearts!

27. Flowers and Leaves Henna Design

Another  Eid special mehndi design traditional look is flowers and leaves. But that is the beauty of mehndi designs with florals and leaves, you can experiment and place them wherever you want. Every time you place the design elements and blend them differently, you will get a new design. There is no end to creativity. 

Source: our_volgs

28. Out-of-the-box Mehndi Design

To all the out-of-the-box thinkers and artists, this one is for you. Instead of flowers, leaves, and circles, choose this square or diamond shape design to get compliments the whole night.

29. Intricate Finger Mehndi Design

If you are not into palm designs, go for these intricate yet  Eid easy simple mehndi design for fingers. Even if your front side is covered the backside of the palm with this subtle design would look stunning. 

Source: Henna by Mk

30. White Henna Design

Another  Eid easy mehndi design idea for the unique and chic look is this minimal and cute white henna design. White henna designs are in trend and adorning your hands with them is gonna earn you many comments and compliments. You will definitely steal the spotlight choosing this. 

Source: Raya Beauty

31. Identical Patterns on Both Back Hands

Do you also like identical mehndi designs on both hands? If yes, then this very attractive design is perfect for you! It's super easy to make, but guaranteed to give you great results. 

Source: Sonika's Henna Art

32. Jewelry Mehndi Design

Jewelry henna designs are not new, but they definitely adds a charm whether you like to make it a part of your heavy mehndi design or decides to go for a stand alone jewelry design - either way it looks amazing!

33. A Mix of Leaves and Flowers

We have all seen and loved a lot of leaves design and a lot of floral designs winning our hearts, but how about we mix them both and create a  Eid arabic mehndi design that grabs everyone's attention.

Source: Henna by Dilna

34. A Unique Square Patterned Mehndi Design

We have seen hundreds of mehndi designs, but this one with a unique square pattern grabbed our attention and has become one of our favorites for festivals and special events. 

Source: Henna by Aman

35. Bold Vines with Leaves and Flowers

The bold, the better, isn't it? The addition of flowers is only making this Eid simple mehndi design look more beautiful and catchy.

Source: Henna by Aman

36. Same Same, but Different

This mehndi design looks similar if you look at it the first time, but if you look closely, the details are different and very pretty, and that's what makes this design a perfect choice for festivals and weddings. This easy mehndi designs for eid will complement well with your any traditional Eid outfit.

Source: Henna by Kush


A festival like Eid-ul-Fitr would be incomplete without Eid Mehndi designs. It looks ethereal when from the youngest girl to all the women of the family’s hand is inked with henna. The dark color of the henna brings joy to their already joyous festival. The options we presented to you are quite varied even in the minimal mehndi category, so feel free to scroll and incorporate the designs the way you want to. Always remember Mehndi designs are supposed to be fun and experimentative. Do not stick to one design, explore more and have fun. This is the time to sit with all your girl pals and sisters and cousins to just have a gala memorable time while selecting designs and maybe even drawing on each other’s hands. Not everyone can go for an artist, and that is why sites like Pinterest and Pyaari Weddings exist, to help you with the various options and niche it down. So, happy scrolling, and do send us your best eid Mehndi designs.

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