15+ Mid-Night Phera Snacks Your Guests Will Love!

May 23, 2023

It's often said "it takes a village to plan a wedding", well, rightly so! There’s so much to do - from outfits to makeup to decor to food, every little detail has to be taken into consideration to make the wedding, a memorable one. And if you are having late-night celebrations (or even daytime), we may have found the perfect snacks to serve to your guests, during pheras or way after dinner time. The guests are sure to enjoy these delicious snacks that are perfect for this hour of the day and are super easy to eat. 

You can also consider these snacks for your reception party or any other pre-wedding or post-wedding party you are hosting. After hours of non-stop drinks and dancing, your guests may get a little hungry and need some snacks. These delicious treats will keep the party fueled and have the guests hit the dance floor one more time!

Mid-Night Phera Snacks To Server Your Guests

Source: Premini Events

If you are someone who would love to keep their guests engaged and serve them amazing snacks, then these midnight phera snacks are all you need!

1. Fries & Coke

Find us a person who does not like french fries! Satisfy your guest’s midnight cravings with the best midnight snacks "Fries & Coke" and become their favorite hosts!

2. Corn Cob

Source: The Tom Kat Studio

Corn is a perfect snack to serve your guests, especially in winter. It's refreshing and easy to eat! You can serve some toppings to make it tastier. 

3. Nachos with Dips

Nachos accompanied by toppings or dips make for a perfect choice to serve to your guests. 

4. Cotton Candy

For a fun and unexpected midnight snack, treat your guests to cotton candy! You can also go for multiple-colored cotton candy on a stick, served in a traditional style.

5. Popcorn

Source: Saint Clements Castle and Marina

Set up a popcorn station, with different flavors of caramel, cheese, butter, or chocolate, and serve them in monogrammed to-go boxes to your guests.

These are easy to serve, and we are sure popcorns are so addictive that you can't stop eating just one. 

6. Dim Sums

Well, who wouldn't love to eat dimsums at this hour of the day? You can serve a variety of dimsums, that are super easy to eat and will become a huge hit among your guests.

7. Macaroons

Macaroons are the most popular dessert that your guest will love to have to satisfy their midnight cravings!!

8. Roasted Makhane (Fox Nuts)

If you wish to serve something healthy to your guests, makhane also known as fox nuts gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. 

9. Dried Nuts

There is nothing better and more nutritious than letting your guests munch on roasted dry fruits. Especially, if you are planning your weddings in winter, this would be a perfect choice.

You can include peanuts, pistachio, almonds, and chestnuts in the mix.

10. Snack Boxes with Mini Burgers or Sandwiches

A full burger may be a lot, especially after dinner, but how about serving mini-burgers? These bite-sized burgers are simple but tasty snack to serve with tomato sauce or cheesy dip.

11. Mini Sandwiches

Mini sandwiches are the best things to pass around at weddings, and we are sure these will be a hit. Just keep the size smaller and don't add too many sauces and veggies, keep them light. 

12. Samosas

Source: The Gastronomic Bong

Samosas are the heart and soul, especially at Punjabi weddings. But how about serving smaller-sized samosas to your guests with mint chutney at this hour? I am sure they are going to be so impressed!

13. Spring Rolls

If you are not sure about serving samosas, then spring rolls should definitely be your next choice. You can fill them with a variety of flavours, and make them in different shapes and sizes. 

14. Mini Pizza

Well, who says no to a pizza, especially to kill your mid night cravings? You can serve mini pizzas of different flavors or you can set up a DIY pizza bar where guests can make a pizza with the topping of their choice. 

15. Noodles Counter

If you are getting married in winter, then serving a box of noodles is definitely going to be a hit among your guests. Make sure the boxes are smaller in size with just enough quantity to serve your guests. 

16. Doughnuts and Cupcakes

Bite-sized cupcake and donuts sounds like a perfect ending to your wedding celebrations, isn't it?


The snacks mentioned above are lighter snacks that are finger foods, making them easy to eat. Another great way could be - to have them presented on a table when guests exit the reception so they can enjoy them on their way back home.  

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