10 Minimal Mehndi Designs For Your Intimate Wedding

Mar 28, 2022

From choosing jewelry to outfits to decor and everything in a wedding, a bride is very particular about her choices. And nowadays almost every other thing has so many varieties and categories that there is a vast ocean of choices for her to select and decide.

Every bride is different and not all brides like everything to be over-the-top and glamorous or larger-than-life for their wedding. Modern brides are more aware and want things to be fuss-free yet chic and elegant. Thanks to the pandemic, weddings are becoming intimate and personal.

Source: Henna by Dixita

Minimal Mehndi Designs For Your Intimate Wedding 

Mehndi ceremony is an important part of a wedding ceremony, and even here we have a chance to opt for different themes, go for DIY or eco-friendly decor, minimal mehndi or full hand mehndi designs, and more. Not all brides want to go for heavy mehndi designs, some only want to apply a simple design, or maybe decorate their hand with their hashtag, a flower, or some element that's close to both of you. If you are one of those to-be brides or bridesmaids who loves minimalism and needs some inspiration for simple designs, we are here to help you out. 

1. Simple Mandala Designs

If you want something simple, without any lines or leaves and flowers, mandala designs are perfect for you. Mandala designs are intricate and they look stunning on the bride’s hand. This simple detailed circular design with a few lines and dots adorning the back of the hand looks pretty. 

Source: Henna By Isha Iqbal

Source: Pinterest

Source: Henna by Divya

2. Circular Designs

Another go-to and the most common design is the circular design in the center of the palm which can be a flower or any other pattern which will look like a circle. If you are confused and do not want to go much into choosing designs, ask your Mehndi artist to go for this one. It’s the simplest and quickest design that will look pretty. And the same design you can do it in the back of the hand with a few lines and netted patterns on the fingers. 

Source: The Lotus Project

Source: Saras Henna

If you only want this design on the front hand, and want to go for something simpler at the backside then ask your henna artist to only make a circle in the center and put a few dots around it. It will not only look minimal but also elegant. 

Source: Henna by Divya

3. Simple Prints and Patterns

A perfect design or pattern like flowers or leaves or some other motifs placed all over the palm looks very simple yet elegant.

4. Side Half Designs With Floral Motifs

The mehndi design starting from the lower side of the palm and going up diagonally or straight towards one finger is the quickest design you can get done by the artist. The half circles, with netted patterns and the leaves and flowers, make it look minimal yet pretty. 

Source: Sara Henna

Get your artist to do the exact design on both hands to create symmetry, it will look wow!

Source: Alankritaa

If you like full hand Mehndi on the front side and want half design on the backside, bookmark this one for inspiration.

Source: Deep Joshi Gallery

5. The Jewelry Mehndi Design

Why wear a piece of jewelry like haathphool or bracelet with connected rings or wristlets when your Mehndi artist can create stunning designs that will look alike your hand jewelry. 

Source: Nabilas Exquisite Henna Art

Source: Manasi’s Bridal Henna

Source: De Green Henna

6. Intricate or Bold Patterns With Negative Spaces

A henna design with circular, floral, leafy, or netted patterns with negative space gives a minimal vibe. The beauty lies in the negative space, and more than the design it is about the placement of the design and the space. You can have multiple designs placed in different spaces in your hand and the negative space can be anywhere. Bookmark these mehndi designs for inspiration.

Source: De Green Henna

7. Portrait Designs

Want something unique for your Mehndi design but do not want many details? Then this portrait mehndi design is for you! Ask your artist to create just the portraits and do not go overboard with the designs. 

Source: Vows & Tales

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8. Contemporary Designs

We all have witnessed different designs of Mehndi with different patterns and some of them became trends too. But creativity has no end whatsoever and an artist can create anything and everything. Check out these contemporary designs that are not designed traditionally.

How cute and ethnic this rose and leaf design will look on your fingers!

Source: Pinterest

And this geometrical pattern with squares and dots and more squares.

Source: Toko Mehndi

Source: De Green Henna

How simple and subtle these centered circles and the lines drawn on the fingers look!

A netted pattern design that looks like a beehive is also a beautiful and unique minimal design for your Mehndi design.

9. Folk Tales Inspired Mehndi Designs

Mehndi designs are no more about drawing circles, squares with leaves, flowers, and the circular patterns which we are so used to. The modern henna artist is expanding their horizon and so are the brides. They are creating designs inspired by different folk tales and myths. 

Here is one design created by Henna by Jen where the design is inspired by Folk Tales, gicing the traditional vibe too. 

Source: Henna By Jen Mehendi


Mehndi designs complete the bride’s whole look. It is an essential part of the bridal look. A bride takes several days to select the outfit, jewelry, and even a good Mehndi artist, who will fulfill her demands. Selecting a design is also a task and you need the artist to understand your vision. Brides nowadays are selective and they want their choice to stand out so they spend days achieving perfection. Minimal, full-hands, backhands, just circle in the middle and color in the finger, there are several options to choose from.

Minimal and simple designs are very much in trend nowadays and believe that beauty lies in simplicity. We gave you a few minimal mehndi inspirations above that you can show to your mehndi artist and give an improvisation as per their own creativity. 

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