15 Adorable Mother-Daughter Photo Ideas For Your Wedding Day

May 06, 2022

This saying is as old as time, “Pictures are the greatest memories anybody could have”. We adore and love pictures like anything. We care and save them for the right time. From childhood to the wedding, all the pictures are nothing less than a treasure for us. And what makes the images more attractive and the best are the poses and the faces we make while facing the camera. Sometimes watching them back and examining the poses makes us laugh and makes us emotional at the same time.

Although weddings in the South Asian Community have always been a big affair. And now with the grand entries, extravagant decor, smashing outfits, and out-of-the-box pictures of anyone be it the bride, the groom the couple, the parents, with the mothers, it has become more niche but of course with more thought behind everything. When we talk about getting photographs clicked at a wedding, there was a time when mothers used to feel shy and awkward about getting their pictures clicked.

Even at their own weddings, you won’t find a lot of pictures with different poses and elements. But time has changed and with moving time we are and have been witnessing some amazing wedding poses of mother and daughter that will leave you in awe or excite you to do the same. Everyone has started acknowledging that it is important to get pictures clicked as these are the memories we will carry forward and that includes a photoshoot of a mother-daughter duo. 

In honor of mother’s day, we present you with these photo ideas that will help and inspire the to-be brides and their moms to be ready with the poses and get some amazing photos clicked.

15 Best Poses of Mother-Daughter

These poses are nothing but the highlight of your weddings and a sheer example of being glamorous and outstanding. How to pose like a pro is evident in these mother-daughter pictures and we cheer for this. Let's scroll through these pictures together.

Pose 1: The Classic Pose

It is believed that God couldn't be everywhere so he sent us mothers and for all the love she has always showered on us, a photo of you sitting by her feet seems very symbolic and emotional. Look how gorgeous the picture looks of this mother-daughter duo!

Source: alixeeshantheaterstudio

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Pose 2: Your Mother Getting you Dressed for the Big Day

The day where you can't miss being your mother's replica and we have the proof! This pose shows the journey your mother had with you from the time you were in her womb to the time you held her fingers with your tiny little hands and now standing in front of her in a bridal avatar. Your bridal vision is like a reflection to her of the journey you two had till now and this is one of the sweetest poses.

Source: Artfoto Studios

Pose 3: Protection from all the Evil Eyes

How a mother can forget to apply ‘Kaala Tikka’ to her daughter on her special day after all this is the day her daughter is looking like a princess and she does not want anyone to cast an evil eye on her. Another pose is more like a moment between a mom and her little angel, and this moment will be cherished forever by both of them.  

Source: dramaeinbaaz

Pose 4: Kiss of Pure Love

We love the way the mother and daughter are sharing the kiss. Her one kiss is above and beyond anything! After all, a mother’s love is unconditional and is the purest form in this whole universe. 

Source: lekha_thecutcollective

Pose 5: A Gaze of Love

A mother gazing at her daughter with all the love and care in her heart is something you won’t get in a fake candid pose. This is the moment where the photographer has to be ready with his instinct and when clicked, just look at the result. The genuine smile of the mother is something worth capturing.

Source: lekha_thecutcollective

Pose 6: The Queen and Her Princess

This is one of OG poses of mother-daughter photoshoot ideas. It looks elegant and chic. Especially the mother sitting and the daughter standing next to her is such a royal vibe!

Source: Mak Images

Pose 7: You are the Reason Behind My Smiles

One thing is absolutely true, your mother is your best friend. Laughing, crying, holding her hand, sleeping on her lap, leaning on her shoulder, sharing the gossip, everything seems so easy with her. Yes, the mother and daughter relationship does have its own ups and downs but it is always “us against the world” and that is what makes this bond more precious. And this pose is a perfect reflection of the fact that she is gonna hold your hand always.

Source: Amritkaur Artistry

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Pose 8: Always Standing Tall Next to Each Other

Simply a stunning and mandatory pose. This pose is a classic one, standing tall with your mother by your side. 

Source: Israni Photography & Films

Pose 9: Shower of Flower with Love

This is such a pretty and candid click. You do not have to pose also, just ask your mom to take some flowers and shower on you, rest the photographer will do. Showering love is every mom’s topmost element, just combine love with some florals and viola, and you get a feeling and picture to treasure forever.

Source: Sam & Ekta

Pose 10: Your Cuddle Buddy

Girls, we do love cuddles, right! But the cuddle hug from our mom hits different, right, and especially during the wedding, there is happiness with a mixture of sadness to it and it just makes your eyes teary and then you smile like a fool because you just don't wanna cry now. Cuddle her as tight as you can! Because the photo with this pose is what will make you feel the warmth of her embrace, maybe not the same way but at least something is better than nothing. 

Pose 11: Your Dance Partner

Dance like no one is watching and make this your moment. A sudden dance routine with your mother is another fun thing that no one will get. The ‘thumkas’ with your mother is something else and a picture in this pose is another thing you would love to treasure. This Mother-daughter is setting major goals! 

Source: Sam & Ekta

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Pose 12: Gogappa Eating Partner

Remember the time you and your mom used to go shopping and at the end, you both used to lose count of how many plates of chaat and golgappas you had. How about recreating that same memory at your wedding! It will be super fun and something intimate you will share with your mother.

Source: Red Veds

Pose 13: The Black and White Image

A Monochromatic frame with a vintage vibe is what we love and this image is just stunning!

Source: Sam & Ekta

Pose 14: Forehead Kisses are the Sweetest

Forehead kisses are supposed to mean that you are loved and protected no matter wherever and whomever you go with. This is something that the mother conveys to her daughter without saying so many words and forming sentences. 

Source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

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Pose 15: The Look of Admiration

The universal truth is we will always be a kid to our mothers. But on the wedding day, a mother realizes that her little angel has grown up. There is a sense of admiration toward the daughter when the mother sees her in her bridal avatar. This pose is a perfect reflection of the mother’s admiration and love for her daughter. 

Source: Dollyouup_bys


This mothers day cannot be celebrated in a better way than by posting pictures that signify the wholesome love, affection, and blessings of mothers for their daughters. All these poses not only win hearts but highlight the changing trend and the thoughts behind those poses. And as we mentioned that time is evolving, and everyone wants their own set of photos with the different elements to incorporate and stand out. We hope our wedding poses can inspire you with more innovative ideas. Happy posing!

And happy mothers day to all beautiful mothers out there reading this blog!

Featured Image: Artfoto Studios ; Sunny Dhiman Photography

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