9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Mother And Mother In Law

May 04, 2022

Few dates are marked special in our calendar to celebrate in an exemplary way and 8th of May is one of those dates. Though Mother's day is not the only day to show love and respect to our mother's day, but it's definitely a day to shower them with extra love, care, hugs and kisses. 

The love for mothers can not be described and expressed in words, but there's always way to make them feel loved. A mother never demands and does not even expect anything from kids, but her selfless love should be awarded in special ways and cherished like doing what she likes, gifting her presents, taking care of her health and beauty, motivating her for a fun-filled and stress-free lifestyle. During pandemic and work from home life, so many of us were lucky to have spent some good amount of time with our mothers, that we are going to cherish forever. She keeps doing endless things for her out of love, and mother's day is just one of the days to make her also feel special. 

Whether you are married or unmarried you can choose these gift options for both, your mother or mother-in-law to appreciate their love and endeavor.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Everybody has everything mostly, but giving gifts has two purposes: first is to let her know that you love & respect her, and second, to bring a smile to her beautiful face. Whether you give her a piece of fancy jewelry or do something nice for her, she is definitely going to appreciate it. 

1. Gift her a Handbag

Be it your mother or mother-in-law, gifting her a bag from her favorite brand is a great idea. You can choose from a variety of options - a clutch bag, flap bag, frame bag, baguette bag, quilted bag, wristlet bag, or a tote bag. She is going to keep it close, use it whenever possible, and cherish it forever. 

Source: Coach

2. A Piece of Jewelry

Jewelry is a women's best friend, so it's definitely a great gift idea that your mother will love is a piece of jewelry. If you are familiar with her taste and choices, choosing any piece is Ok, but if you feel hesitant about picking, we would suggest you go her any jewelry in pearl - like rings, earrings, and necklaces, anything in sterling silver, and if your pocket allows, you can go for gold or diamonds as well. This will not only make her happy, but in fact, the happiest!

Source: Cart Bird NYC

3. Outfits 

There are no women who have enough clothes and gifting her one would be a great idea. You can maybe research a bit to find if she is keeping an eye on something in particular or something that will look great on her. 

4. Gift her Plants/Saplings

Source: Little Saps

If your mother is a plan lover, then there's nothing better than gifting her plants or saplings. You can gift her something that she doesn't already have in her garden or waterless plants as decor. This will not only keep her occupied, but she would be happy to receive something that she likes. 

5. Book her a Massage session

Being available 24*7 for family and apt with all the responsibilities, She surely deserves a relaxing massage session as a gift. To give her ease from work and serenity from the hustle, a good massage session will comfort her as well as freshen her. We can imagine how much she will be relaxed after her session and will thank you for this wonderful gift.

6. Take her out Shopping

If you are confused, and not sure about what to gift your mother on this special day, we suggest you take her out shopping and gift her something of her choice. This way, she won't only pick something that she wanted or liked, but it will also be a great way to spend time with her, followed by lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant. Even if you guys don't end up buying anything, window shopping is equally great. 

7. Go to a Movie Together

Watching a movie in multiplex after ages surely feels great. There are some great movies released recently, we suggest you pre-book the movie that would interest her. Movie and chill, alongside popcorn and coke, has always been a great idea to spend time with your lovely mother. 

8. Book a Mani-Pedi Session for Her

Just like us, even she needs self-pampering and 'ME' time, away from her house and a number of responsibilities. Book her a mani-pedi session and let her enjoy the time. 

9. Breakfast in Bed for Her

If your mother/mother-in-law loves trying different dishes and cuisines and is not willing to go out, you can do something for her at home also. This idea can be incorporated in different ways like surprising her with morning bed tea if she is a bed tea person or cooking her favorite dish/cuisine that she loves the most or if there's a recipe she shared with you recently. Surprise her with a breakfast in bed or maybe a lavish lunch cooked by you on a nicely done table. 

Anything cooked or baked when served with love would mean special to her. 


Every daughter wants to make her mother feel special, not only on mothers day but literally every day and forever. But sometimes being far or your busy schedule takes away the opportunities of doing these little things. The gifts might not matter to her, but the love and affection you pour will touch her heart. The little gestures do mean a lot, even a tight hug and kiss would be enough to make her special day, more special.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Let us know which one you liked the most and planning to give to your mother?

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