Latest and Trending Nude Makeup Looks To Try In 2024

Dec 15, 2022

With the rise of a minimalistic approach over every part of our life, people are going minimal in make-up too. Many are promoting the bare skin, no makeup look, and even the nude makeup look. Although the classic red lips and smokey eyes will never go out of fashion, but a no make-up look is something that is versatile and doesn’t require any special moment to carry it.

Latest Nude Makeup Looks To Try In 2024

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As the name suggests, a nude makeup look tends to use the minimum products on the skin to keep it nude or bare. From college-going girls to office-goers and from housewives to celebrities everyone nowadays prefers nude makeup looks for their day-to-day looks. Not just the everyday look but some people including the celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif have given a thumbs up to nude makeup even at their weddings. With so much hype you must learn some nude makeup looks for your upcoming events as well.

Nude makeup look uses minimum makeup hence to make it look flawless you need to have well-prepped skin. It is advisable to have a complete skincare routine like facials or scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing to get the best effect.

1. Nude Makeup Look for Indian Skin Tone

Let us begin with the nude makeup look for Indian skin tone. This makeup look will suit most Indian women. The look begins with the foundation and some concealer to even out the skin tone. The highlighted part of this look is the eyes which are so dreamy and make you the confidence to look straight into the eyes while talking to others. Mascara is the star of this look as eyeliner is very basic. A subtle shade of lipstick and some blush and you are good to go!

2. The Sunday Nude Makeup Look

This is one of the long-lasting and light makeup looks to spend your Sunday carefree and enjoyable. This look begins with moisturizer again to prep and hydrates your skin. After that, a foundation and concealer are used to even out the skin and dusted with the powder. The wow factor for the eyes has been brought by using a bronzer for the Lil glam without much color.

Instead of any kajal the under eye is highlighted with an eye shadow to avoid the dramatic effect and keep it subtle. Mascara and a blush completed this look with fresh strokes of lipliner to enhance the lip line and a coat of nude color Huda Beauty lipstick. 

3. Dewy Skin Nude Makeup Look

Dewy Skin is again a trending skin look that women prefer for having a fresh look on day today occasions. Dewy Skin is insured by Korean makeup which makes your skin look flawless and hydrated. This makeup look also uses drugstore makeup which is under 1000rs and that makes this look all the more doable. The look begins with using a primer and a concealer to have an even skin tone. Foundation and dusting powder are used next. Eyes are kept minimum with a natural color eyeshadow and upper lids and eye corners are highlighted.

Kajal is again avoided and just mascara is used. Minimum blush and highlighter are used on the cheekbones to give the Dewy look and then it's finished up with a lovely nude color lipstick by nyx and a makeup fixer. 

4. Perfect Nude Party HD makeup 

HD is the most demanding makeup these days. The high-definition era in television and screen makeup too has got inspired and brought HD features. HD makes your skin look visually flawless and it's the perfect makeup for weddings or festivities. This look uses bio-oil in the foundation to make your base HD.

Concealer and dusting powder are used next. To make this makeup party-ready, heavy falsies are used on light eye shadows to keep the makeup minimum but give a little effect for the party. Highlights and contouring are also done since it's party makeup. This makeup will help you to achieve the best party look without having to be glittery and smokey. So for the next party try this look and stand out from the usuals. 

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5. Nude Glam Makeup Look

 Everyone wants to look glamorous and they think shimmers and glitters are the only way to achieve that glam makeup look! Well, well, stop, don't be surprised when we will present you with the nude Glam Makeup look. This is the look with the perfect amount of glam to increase the level of your nude makeup to match all your special events. So without any hesitation move further and check this look. This look is just like the others but what makes this so appealing is the right amount of drama in the eyes which will give you a more finished and glam look.

To make the eye pop up, the outer corners are darkened with eyeshadow and little sparkle is used inside the lid. The Winged eyeliner here is giving your eyes a more defined look. The lipstick is more towards the creamier side and a bit glossy in the nude shade. This is such a dreamy wow look that will be perfect for any event. 

6. Nude Pink Valentine's Look

If you enjoy pinks but also want your makeup to not go overboard with the pinky stuff then this look is for you. This is a beautiful pink nude makeup for valentine's day. It has the right amount of pink to make your nude makeup pop up on Valentine's. The base is as usual but what makes this look different is the pink eye makeup and the lipstick in the pink shade. Again dark Kohl kajal is avoided but little hints are given to define the eyes.

Try this look if you have some experience with eye makeup as multiple shades of pink are used to complete this look. So get going and create the pinky magic this valentine. 

7. Soft and Dewy Nude Pink Makeup Look

If you loved the above pink nude makeup but need a more elaborate one then this one is for you. This tutorial will show the basic level of eye makeup that everyone can try. After completing the base, the eyes are first set and base eyeshadow is applied. Then a dot of primer is applied in the center to add the shimmer eyeshadow. The primer makes the shimmer stay intact.

The lower eyelid is also highlighted with the base color. A more pinkish shade is used on the cheekbones. Finally, a Nude color lip crayon is used to not get overboard with the pinks all over. You must try this look to see the magic, it's never going to disappoint Barbie lovers! 

8. Nude Makeup Look for Dusky Skin

We often assume that since nude makeup doesn't require a lot of products hence flawless and fair skin is the best for this look. But no, my dear dusky girls, this is a myth! Nude makeup goes well on all skin tones. This makeup tutorial shows the dusky skin nude makeup look. You can see how well this nude makeup look is complementing the dusky skin tone too. Here first the base is set. Foundation is chosen according to the skin tone and the skin is not tried to make lighter.

Eyes are defined using two shades in similar nude colors to set the crease and the base. Tight Lines and white lines of the eyes are done and two kinds of mascaras are used to highlight the eyelashes. Highlighters and blushes are also not very poppy colors but subtle shades are used keeping in mind the skin tone. This look also shows the perfect use of the combo of two lipsticks which gives the desired lip color as per our personal choice. So, try this one out and show your skin confidently! 

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Some Do's and Don'ts of Nude Makeup Looks

1. Never go overboard with colors. Keep them minimum

2. Always prep your skin enough to have natural shine and hydration.

3. Keep Kohl away and focus on your eyelashes more. Use falsies, and dramatic mascaras for a bold eye look.

4. You can combine lipsticks to get your desired lovely shade.

5. Instead of layering foundations that can cause creases to focus on achieving the dewy look with face oils and primers.

6. For beginners in makeup, this look is more achievable as face contouring is not required. 


As you see nude makeup requires minimum skills, effort, and even products one can sport this look easily and affordably anywhere and anytime. 

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