Top 10 Shades Of Pink For Your Bridal Lehenga

Sep 09, 2022

While we are always on the lookout for new off-beat trends and love the brides who are embracing and trying out new styles and designs, we still love and have a thing for traditional things, and this time we are talking about the color pink. With its various shades, a bridal pink outfit captures our hearts like no other color. The color pink is known to be sweet and innocent and it reflects the feeling of warmth and safety. Same way different shades of pink are also associated with stirring and reflecting different emotions in us and all are positive ones. 

Shades Of Pink For Your Bridal Lehenga

Source: Nandita & Anurag's Picturesque Indian Wedding In San Diego

The true pink color is a mixture of red and white colors, and the other shades of pink carry a bit of other few colors. There are a few things you need to look for before deciding on which shade you want to select for your bridal outfit. Where darker shades of pink, like magenta and hot pink, are associated with love, passion, and vibrancy, on the other side, lighter shades, like salmon pink and lemonade pink, reflect childhood, nurturing, and sweetness. And then the next question is how much pink do you want in your outfit?

So, to help the to-be brides we went for a hunt and selected a few shades of pink that you might want to go for on your big day, and even if you do not want pink as your bridal color, you might consider it for the other events. 

1. Rose Pink

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

One of the sweetest shades of pink is the rose color. If you are thinking of going for a lighter shade but do not want to move away from the true pink too much, this is the perfect shade of pink for you. This color is known for gracefulness and elegance.

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2. Fuscia Pink

Source: Shot Stories by Varun Suresh

A Fuscia-colored bridal lehenga will be a fun choice and it’s perfect for the brides who like to keep it traditional with a touch of contemporary. And amongst so many shades, this is one of the best blends of red and purple, where it looks calming and soothing and yet sexy when used for designing a bridal lehenga.

3. Blush Pink

Source: Ayushi Bhasin; Wedding Trend Photography

Choosing blush pink will definitely give you a fairytale vibe on your wedding day and which bride does not want to feel that way. Blush pink has a way to people’s hearts without trying too much. The color in itself is so pure and innocent that everyone falls in love with it.

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4. Watermelon Pink

Source: The Ohaila Khan; Recall Pictures

Oo yes! Watermelon is another shade of pink and not red and there is a deep scientific reason behind it. The saturated shade of pink closely resembles other fruit-themed shades of pink like raspberry and cerise and it looks beautiful when chosen as a shade for a bridal lehenga. 

5. Flamingo Pink

Source: The Cheesecake Project

Flamingos are one of the most beautiful birds nature has to offer and so the color of the flamingo, the flamingo pink, is a symbol of the beauty of nature and it reminds us to honor the elegance and the rustiness of nature at the same time. So, choosing this shade of pink for a day wedding at a countryside destination would be ideal for the big day.

6. Salmon Pink

Source: Amrit Photography

Salmon Pink is one of the common shades of pink and yet is perfect for a destination wedding. The color is a blend of pink with a hint of orange, so you can see that the color is more on the orangish side than the red like the earlier mentioned shades. Same as the Flamingo, this orangish pink shade is named after the salmon fish.

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7. Peach Pink

Source: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

Another shade of pastel pink shades is the peach color which is quite a trend after a few celebrities decided to go for pastel shades for their wedding Anushka Sharma, Neha Dhupia, etc. The shade is near to the shade of Salmon Pink, so it might sometimes look the same. 

8. Strawberry Pink

Source: Trinesha Closet; The Wedding Rhymer

Whenever we say the word strawberry, somehow pink color is the first thing that pops into our mind, and the dark pink is near to the red shade. In general a strawberry flavor anything is presented with the color pink, but strawberry pink in reality and when applied to designs and art is a bit different. A bridal outfit with a combination of orange and strawberry pink would look amazing and would be perfect for the big day, or if you are more into experimenting and want the color to stand out pair it with an off-white blouse. 

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9. Rosewood Pink

Source: Jag Photo Studios

So, here we present the most ‘un-pink’ shade of pink. Rosewood pink, which looks more like a dark maroonish and is on the browner side, like a chocolate brown and pink mix. But, the rosewood color if designed into a bridal lehenga with fabric like silk or velvet would give a royal feel and you would certainly be the talk of the town. 

10. Lemonade Pink

Source: Sutej Pannu

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Source: JADE by Monica and Karishma

Another shade of pink that is commonly called baby pink or mistaken for a blush pink, is lemonade pink. Named after a drink, a lemonade pink shade would look straight out of a fairytale on your big day, and to add more charm, combine it with a teal blue shade to make the colors shine out and make your ceremony the event of the decade. 

11. Hot Pink

Source: Hansika Motwani

A true pink, as described earlier, is a mix of red and white in a selected ratio, but hot pink is more on the red side. Pink is more of a sensitive and sweet color, but you cannot describe hot pink as a sweet color, it is more aggressive, sexy, and holds a strong emotion. A hot pink bridal lehenga will make your appearance look more vibrant and colorful and will make the wedding day feel more eccentric and cool. 


These are a few shades of pink that are very much in trend and are not going anywhere so soon. But, feel free to look for other shades, it is all about the ratio of the colors and how many colors you are blending to get that perfect pink color that suits your vibe and personality. Pink is definitely a common color, and it is known to be a feminine color but the love for this color is still high and it won’t fade anytime soon. And now that we know there are so many shades that we know and there are so many still left to our explore and creative minds to create more shades, so go full pink or half, as long as it suits your taste, then no problem at all!

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