10 Most Beautiful Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Ontario

Apr 20, 2023

For couples, planning for a wedding is the most exciting, as well as a stressful time of their lives. Many couples opt to mutually decide each and everything for their dream wedding, be it vendors, venue, designers location, etcetera. Though handling and deciding everything is a task and takes a lot of patience, especially with the search for the best and most affordable pre-wedding shoot locations. It's one of the first tasks they have to do before the beginning of the actual wedding planning process.

A place where the couple planned to get their special moments captured should be special, perfect, and resonate with their liking. As it is going to be their first official shoot as a couple. The pictures will highlight their journey to their friends and families attending the wedding and later be saved as memories to cherish forever. 

If you are looking for pre-wedding locations in and around Ontario, then Pyaari Weddings, the best South Asian Wedding Planning platform has got you covered with everything. 

From discovering the best photographers/videographers to renowned makeup artists and best pre-wedding locations for any type of couple. Whether you are looking for beaches, gardens, monuments, or palaces, we have something for everyone that is visually appealing and will give you the most stunning photos.

Best Places for Pre-Wedding Shoots in Ontario

From waterfalls to parks to beaches, Ontario is full of nature’s best views. Couples can choose any place that they find easily accessible and cost-effective. All the locations have the best scenic beauty, natural light, and visually appealing views that can add more charm to their pictures.

1. Niagara Falls

Source: Michelle Godfrey Photo

Niagara Falls counts as the top and most beautiful location for pre-wedding shoots. The 187ft high Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls situated at the southern end of Niagara Gorge and between the borders of two states, Ontario in Canada and New York in the united states. It is also famous with the name, ‘horseshoe fall’ as it is the largest of the three waterfalls that collectively form Niagara Falls on the Niagara River along the Canada–United States border. Being the largest and highest waterfall in entire Canada, Niagara Falls has some spectacular nature views that couples can pick as a backdrop for their pictures. There are many great spots in and around the falls that can serve as a fine picturesque option. 

If you have got some good enough photos at Niagara Falls, and you still have some time left, then do explore these nearby places like Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Parkway, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls State Park, and Niagara Gorge for more unique and stunning pictures. For adventurous couples, this location has an endless variety of waterfalls, islands, parks, and a charming town to explore and give their pre-wedding theme a very fun-filled and happening to look.

2. Toronto Island

Source: Impressions by Annuj

If you and your partner are looking for a calm and peaceful place for your pre-wedding shoot with no hustle and crowd then Toronto Islands is an ideal location. It is a group of 15 islands located in Lake Ontario, just off the shore of downtown Toronto. It is a popular tourist destination with many wonderful parks, beaches, and scenic views. This island is only accessible via a ferry ride. If you have no budget restrictions, then you can also visit these nearby places like Centreville Amusement Park, Toronto Island Beach, William Meany Maze, Far Enough Farm, etcetera that will serve as great photo backdrops. 

3. Scarborough Bluffs

Source: Tirath Shergill Photo

The Scarborough Bluffs is a natural wonder with stunning scenery, towering cliffs, and stunning views of Lake Ontario. It's a convenient location for couples who want to have a photoshoot close to home. You can find multiple backgrounds for your photoshoot, including the beach, cliffs, trails, and surrounding parks. You will have stunning photos for your social media with different locations. 

If you have already been here with your partner before, then this place holds more significance for you both and would be a perfect location to begin this new journey.

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4. Muskoka Lakes

Source: Ally Billings Photo

With stunning scenery, crystal-clear lakes, lakes, lush forests, and picturesque landscapes, this is a perfect location for couples who want to capture stunning outdoor photos. The surroundings create a serene and intimate atmosphere that helps capture romantic moments on camera. 

You can indulge in outdoor activities, such as hiking, canoeing, and swimming for your photoshoot and create fun memories.

5. Distillery District

Source: Qurrat Ayun Photo

This is a historic district in downtown Toronto that has been beautifully preserved and restored till today. Many couples choose this location to give a royal touch to their pre-wedding shoot. The art galleries, Victorian-era buildings, and unique architectural features add a touch of elegance to the photos. The couples can also take a stroll through the neighborhood and pick the historic buildings highlighting the timeless beauty of this place. 

There are some popular ancient art galleries, fancy restaurants, and pretty surroundings that make for a happening spot for a pre-wedding shoot. 

6. Prince Edward County

Source: Candice Yurko Photography

With picturesque vineyards and beautiful beaches, Prince Edward is a charming county in southeastern Ontario that offers stunning backdrops for your photo shoot. There are many charming cottages and pretty surroundings that provide a romantic and intimate setting for a pre-wedding shoot. 

Couples can also opt for food and wine in their photoshoot as this place is known for its delicious food and award-winning wines. 

7. Royal Botanical Gardens

Source: Katie Marie Photography

This stunning botanical garden is another popular spot for pre-wedding shoots. This botanical garden located in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario is considered one of the largest botanical gardens in Canada. The divine collection of flora and fauna and the themes of gardens with a colorful variety of flowers step you into the most heavenly place if you are a nature lover.

8. Stratford

Source: David and Kara Wedding Imagery

A picturesque town in southwestern Ontario, known for its charming downtown, stunning gardens, and historic buildings. You will find many beautiful backgrounds for your photos here which makes it a popular choice for couple photoshoots. 

This place also has a deep cultural significance, especially for couples who appreciate art and theatre. You can also incorporate the same into your shoot.  The small-town charm of the city makes it an ideal choice for a romantic photoshoot. 

9. Elora Gorge

Source: Ally Billings Photo

The town of Elora, located in southwestern Ontario, is known for its historic charm, stunning cliffs, majestic waterfalls, and picturesque surroundings that provide a great backdrop for photos. You can also incorporate some adventure and fun into your photoshoot - from hiking, kayaking, and exploring natural landscapes, all these make for a fun and memorable photoshoot. 

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10. Blue Mountain Village

Blue Mountain Village is a picturesque resort area located in the scenic Blue Mountains of Ontario. From the pedestrian village and mountain slopes to the nearby Georgian Bay shoreline, you can create memorable moments with the backdrop of stunning mountain views and lush forests. 

If you like outdoor activities, then how about incorporating skiing, snowboarding, or hiking into your photoshoot? These fun experiences will only make your photoshoot more memorable.

Tips for a Successful Pre-wedding Shoot

Certainly, the best pre-wedding shoot does not consist of only the locations, there are many things that couples should keep in mind before choosing the right location. These mentioned-below things are basic, but extremely crucial to have a memorable shoot. 

1. Choose a location that suits your style and personality

Source: brooklynnleitchphotography

Considering your style and preferences, a location should match your vibe and reflects the idea or theme of your pre-wedding shoot. The selected destination should have some reverberation that you could match with your outfits, props, or vision to get the perfect pictures.

2. Pick the right time of the day

Lighting plays a vital role in photography. The right light and exposure can get the couple ten times more perfect pictures than with the software. The lighting can make a big difference in the quality of your photos. So, planning according to the perfect time of the day could be a smart choice. Many photographers recommend getting a shoot done during the golden hour, an hour before sunset, or after sunrise, to get the best lighting for your photos.

3. Coordinate your outfits

After location, outfits are the most noticeable thing. The coordinated outfits set the right color palette in the pictures. A couple should choose contrasting outfits with the location or background, and matching outfits with your partner also result in beautiful photos. To add a glam effect, you can also contrast or match your outfits so everything looks coordinating and gorgeous.

4. Add props

Source: Ally Billings Photo

Although Ontario is full of natural beauty and breathtaking views, but if a couple feels the need to add props, they can consider flowers, balloons, picnic baskets, etcetera to add a fun factor and enhance their photo shoot. 

We don't recommend adding multiple props or elements in one photo, as it takes away the essence of the photo. The best way to add props is where there is no fancy background or all negative space.

5. Always hire a professional photographer

As it is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, hiring a professional photographer can ensure that your photos turn out beautifully and perfectly. Look for a photographer who specializes in pre-wedding shoots and is based out in Ontario to save on the traveling cost.

6. Be ready for the weather

The weather in Ontario can be extremely unpredictable, so be certain to check the forecast and plan accordingly. Bring an extra layer of clothes, an umbrella, or other weather-appropriate gear to ensure you stay comfortable during your shoot.

7. Relax and have fun

Source: Sophia Tubman Photography

Last, but not least, if you are not having fun during your shoot, it will be visible in your photos/videos. This should be a fun experience and you must enjoy the moment, relax and be yourself. Let your unconditional love for each other shine through in your photos.

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No matter what you will choose, all the spots are beautiful and have something unique to offer. Some have extravagant beauty and some are truly mesmerizing and some have historical touch. All location serves as monumental spot with stunning backgrounds and beautiful nature. The couple can choose what suits them the best and fits their pockets. They can enjoy their best time and make lasting memories during the shoot so that they can remember this beautiful phase of their life forever.

Co-Author & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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