11 Brides Who Broke The Wedding Norms & Won Our Hearts

Mar 04, 2022

Pink is for girls and blue is for boys, to be honest, I have never understood this concept of labeling the colors based on gender. But we live in a society that is predominantly patriarchal and have seen a lot of gender stereotypes around. 

In today’s world, women can do almost everything that a man can do, whether it’s home or workplace, but still, we expect women to be and behave a certain way. Even when it comes to weddings, a lot is expected from brides - what is she wearing, when is she getting married, to whom she is getting married, if she is following the traditions, etcetera. But with time, we have seen a lot of women stand for the right and reject what’s wrong. They no longer want to do things only because there are certain wedding rules set by society, they want to do it only if they feel it’s right. For example, a woman is expected to wear traditional outfits or even certain color at her wedding, let her father do the kanyadaan and give her away, cry at her bidaai, and many other things, but now with progressive steps taken by brides, the stereotypical rules set by society are being broken. 

Brides Who Broke The Wedding Norms & Won Our Hearts

​​Indian weddings have evolved in many ways. From wearing a white lehenga to having a female priest perform the wedding rituals and even having their own baraat, brides have been breaking the stereotypes and we all are loving it. 

Let’s take a look at these brave-hearted South Asian brides, who broke the stereotypes in one way or the other and gave inspiration to fellow brides. 

1. Weddings Should Have A Male Priest

Source: Dia Mirza/Instagram

If there’s one wedding that broke the stereotypes in the truest sense has to be of Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi. 

Unlike other weddings, Dia’s intimate home wedding was simple, and elegant, breaking the age-old patriarchal norms like having a female priest rather than a male priest. which are seen rarely around. 

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2. The Bride Who Wore A Pantsuit Rather Than A Lehenga

Source: Sanjana Rishi/Instagram

The bride Sanjana was sure that she doesn’t want to go the traditional route just because everyone else is going. Instead, she wanted to incorporate her style on her big day, which is why she ditched a lehenga and went for a pastel pant-suit that really looked wow on her. 

3. The Bride Who Wore #NoMakeup

Source: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

The bride, Avantika Singh posed with a no-makeup look at her wedding. She said goodbye to the layers of makeup, unlike other brides we come across these days. 

4. The Bride Who Put Sindoor On Her Groom's Forehead 

Source: Patralekhaa/Instagram

Raj Kumar and Patralekha’s wedding looked no less than a dream. Soon after the wedding, the couple shared their wedding video in which towards the end, when after Rajkummar Rao applies sindoor (vermilion) on Patralekhaa's forehead, he bends forward and asks her to reciprocate the gesture saying ‘Tum Bhi laga do’. While smiling, Patralekhaa also applies sindoor on her husband's head as a sign of equality.

5. This Bride Who Entered Her Wedding On A Horse With A Proper Groom-Style Baraat

Source: Fotowalle - The Story Folks

A baraat is no longer considered to be a groom thing. Brides these days are entering their wedding on a horse having their own baraat in style!

6. The Bride Who Walked Down The Aisle With Her Step Daughter

Dia Mirza’s wedding had given us more inspirations than one, not only did she have a completely natural and waste-free wedding, but she also chose to forgo the age-old rituals of Kanyadaan and vidaai. Not only this but something that truly melter our heart is when she chose to walk down the aisle with her husband's daughter from his first marriage, leading her way. We have often seen brides walking down the aisle with her father, both parents, brothers, sisters, or even girlfriends, but when we saw Dia bonding with her stepdaughter, it was definitely a highlight that we would love to see more.  

7. The Bride Who Wore White At Her Wedding

Source: Kaabia Grewal/Instagram

Though white is often considered to be an inauspicious color for Indian brides, Kaabia Grewal ditched the traditional tones of reds and pinks and opted for a beautiful off-white embroidered lehenga for her wedding that looked breathtaking. 

8. The Bride Who Forgo The Tradition of Kanyadaan

Source: Shutterdown Photography

Pallavi, the bride knew what exactly she wanted and which is why she did not feel comfortable with doing rituals such as Kanyadaan, Bidaai, mangalsutra, or even head veils. 

9. The Bride Who Flaunted Her Grey Hair

Source: The Grape Studio

TV actor Dilip Joshi's daughter, Niyati Joshi did not hide her grey hair at her wedding, in fact, she embraced them with confidence and we loved every bit of it. 

10. The Bride Whose Husband Touched Her Feet

Source: Diipa Khosla/Instagram

Out of several rituals in an Indian Hindu wedding, there’s a ceremony where the bride is supposed to touch the groom's feet. But the South Asian blogger, Diipa Khsola, and her husband Oleg touched each other's feet to mark mutual respect at their wedding. 

11. Who Says The Bride Is Supposed To Cry At Her Wedding

Source: Reels & Frames Photography

Considered the most emotional moment of the entire wedding, Vidaai is the time when the bride bids adieu to her family and embarks on a new journey with her partner.  Contrary to what is expected from them, brides nowadays leave their homes smiling, and dancing. Celebrity brides like Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor are perfect examples of happy brides. 

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Featured Image: Dia Mirza/Instagram

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