The Ultimate Guide To Same Sex Wedding Planning

May 31, 2022

The same-sex wedding is just like any other wedding, where two people who love each other want to spend their life together. A same-sex wedding is made legal in most of the states in the US and many other countries including the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Austria, and many others. Whether you want to honor each other’s customs and get married in the presence of your friends and family or simply want to elope, whether you like a royal wedding or a boho one, we are here to help you plan your most romantic wedding. 

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To begin, here are a few things you need to consider before planning your big day. 

1. Proposal

There’s no guide or anything definite to how one should propose. You can either take your partner to a beautiful, romantic destination and let them know how you feel or you can get down on one knee and ask them to marry you with a ring as a token of love. There’s nothing more heartfelt than a romantic proposal, but if you don’t like to give your partner a ring, you can also consider gifting them a watch, flowers, or a memory book with photos of both of you over the years. Before deciding to propose, you must take care of these things:

Source: Bianca Maieli

What kind of ring your partner would like? A metal, stone, solitaire, or a simple band. 

Do you want to propose to your partner in the presence of family or friends, or do you want it to be just the two of you? 

Did your partner ever mention the idea of a proposal and how they want it to be? You can also check with their friends if they can help you plan the most memorable proposal.

2. Wedding Planning

Once you two are engaged, the next and the most obvious step is planning your dream wedding. Planning a wedding is no easy task, whether it's a same-sex wedding or any other wedding. 

The first step to planning a wedding is figuring out your budget, the number of people attending the wedding from both sides, picking a wedding date, and booking a venue that resonates with your idea of a wedding. It is recommended to book a venue early as most of the good ones are booked way in advance. 

Once the wedding venue is check marked, make sure your next task is researching and booking the photographer and videographer for your wedding, followed by a team of planners, caterers, florists, etcetera. Once these things are done, consider half of your wedding tasks are done. 

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3. Wedding Shopping

Should you go with matching wedding attires with different accessories, or go for different styles, colors, or cuts? That’s clearly upto you, as there’s no right or wrong way. You can either wear matching colors, matching designs or completely different or sew a piece of pride into your outfit. If you are going for a traditional wedding ceremony, you can honor each other's cultures by wearing their traditional wedding wear or you can also swap. There are many ways to make your wedding day, the most memorable one. 

4, How to Write your Wedding Vows

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There's no rule to writing your wedding vows, but writing vows for same-sex could be a little difficult as there are not many templates or inspirations available on the internet or around you. But at the same time, it also gives you wings to write your vows defining your love, commitment, and relationship. 

Find some inspiration

Whether you take inspiration from a just married couple or look at some real wedding videos online to write your own wedding vows. You can also check with your officiant to give you a basic template to help you take inspiration. 

Know why you are getting married

Writing your vows can certainly be a lot of pressure, but not impossible. Other than writing love quotes, and sentences, write why you are getting married to your partner. What made you look at them and forget the whole world. Write how they make you feel strong and weak at the same time with them. You can also add some moments as references or even mention a moment when you fell in love with your partner. Don't make promises just because you have to, make promises because you want to for your relationship. 

5. Wedding Ceremonies

Same-sex weddings are just like any other wedding, filled with love & commitment. It’s your day, and you two need to celebrate it in whatever way you want and like. Write your own vows, play love songs, and dance your heart out. Wear what you are comfortable in. Take your wedding as the best opportunity to showcase your LGBTQ pride via a rainbow cake, a photoshoot with a pride flag, a balloon decor in the colors of the rainbow, etcetera. There are many ways you can celebrate this day, and have fun, with pride!

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6. Love Songs for Same-Sex Wedding

From walking down the aisle to your first dance, here are a few song suggestions for your dream wedding.

1. Love is Love - Culture Club

2. She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert

3. Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens

4. What a Beautiful Day - Brett Every Ft. Belinda Crawford

5. This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies

6. If Only You Knew - Patti Labelle

7. Million Reasons - Lady Gaga

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