30 Sikh Bridal Lehenga Colors To Bookmark Right Now

Jun 15, 2022

As a bride-to-be, the quest to look for the latest bridal trends and fashion is always ongoing. You are looking for the best shade of lehenga, the right cut for your neckline, complementing jewelry, and loads of other wedding inspirations on Pinterest, Instagram, and the internet all over. While we always like a quintessential red lehenga bride, we can't help but also fall in love with brides opting for unique, unconventional bridal fashion choices like a bride wearing a pristine white lehenga, or donning a moss green lehenga. While there are several choices for brides in terms of color, designs, fabrics, and embroideries, a Sikh bride never fails to surprise us. 

There's something that attracts us to her - not sure if it's their exquisite jewelry, their distinctive aura, or their choice of bridal outfits, especially the color. More than work and prints, brides are experimenting with colors that we haven't ever thought about for wedding ceremonies. 

So, if you happen to be one of those to-be brides who have always been inclined towards something edgy, we have a really interesting list of hues that you can try for your Sikh wedding/Anand Karaj. 

Latest & Trending Bridal Lehenga Colors for Sikh Bride

Source: iNav Photo

The fashion choices of Sikh brides are undoubtedly astute and candid, which any bride would love to adore. Their simplicity and elegance are conquering the fashion world with the note-worthy appearances and ensembles that they showcase on their wedding day. They have upgraded the entire traditionalism with the whiff of contemporary designs without leaving the core of cultural feel in the outlooks. So, let's scroll and find their perfect looks that are trending everywhere in the wedding world. 

1. Classic Red Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

Red, the most traditional lehenga is almost everyone's favorite choice. The love for reds started way before when we were little, we were dressed as a bride in Mom's red saree, or red dupatta. And now, when you are actually going to be a bride, you can't imagine walking down the aisle towards the love of your life in any other color, but red. It doesn't always have to be a traditional red lehenga, but you can always experiment with the shades - going one shade loud or one shade down. You can also mix and match your red lehenga with a multicolored blouse or any other color complementing the lehenga. You could also get your second dupatta in green, pink, orange, or any other shade of red to give a different touch to your bridal look. 

This bride wearing a two-toned, beautifully embroidered red lehenga and looking truly exceptional. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you try and make sure which shade of red suits your skin. Sometimes a particular shade of red makes your face look dull and at times, some colors add more beauty and grace to your bridal look, so it's very very important to try and be open to experimenting with the colors. 

2. Brinjal Lehenga

Source: Vivah Collection

Brinjal is not a very common but very attractive shade of lehenga for your Anand Karaj. Day weddings give us options more than one to experiment with colors we have hardly thought of considering for weddings, just like this one. 

3. Baby Pink Lehenga

Source: Mehar Photography

Pink is one of the favorite wedding lehenga colors for a bride. There is hot pink, fuchsia pink, powder pink, baby pink, and many other shades of pink that you can consider from. You can choose to go for a darker shade second dupatta in pink or any other color or can add darker shade colors in the embroidery just like this bride has dark pink floral embroidery highlighting the design.  

PS: Dark maroon chooras and traditional gold kaleeras will look wow with a baby pink lehenga.   

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4. Moss Green Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

We have seen wearing shades of green for their wedding ceremonies, but a bride in Moss green lehenga is not a regular sight to behold. You can choose to opt for a red side dupatta and minimal gold jewelry with a moss green lehenga. 

Baby pink, red or dark maroon chooras will truly compliment your bridal look. 

5. Tangerine Lehenga

Source: Geet Grewal Verma

How beautiful this bride is looking in her tangerine-colored lehenga with gold embellishments all over the lehenga. She is further enhancing her looks with contrasting, heavy jewelry with a passa and maangtikka. This shade of lehenga will look great for your day wedding. 

6. Sunshine Yellow Lehenga

Source: Sunny Dhiman Photography

We earlier thought that a sunshine lehenga is best suited for pre-wedding ceremonies and not for the main ceremony, but looking at more and more brides decking in this extremely beautiful lehenga, we lost our heart to it. This shade will not bring out your bridal glow but would be an ideal choice for Anand Karaj. You can opt for an-all over a sunshine lehenga or add a colorful shade of dupatta with contrasting jewelry, and red choora. 

The beauty of darker shades always emphasizes the bride's looks and features and this bride is proudly soaring in sunshine lehenga with silver beads, stonework, and nude makeup.

7. Earthy Hued Lehenga

Source: Paran Singh Photography

Earthy-toned lehengas are ideal for brides who would love to make a statement with their bridal fashion. This color is not only offbeat but also gives a very regal look. 

Pro Tip: Go for Kundan or Polki jewelry with earthy hued lehengas 

PS: Loving the pretty peacocks embroidered in this bride's lehenga making the attire look scintillating.

8. Dark Green Lehenga

Source: Jag Photo Studios

How about this pretty deep green bridal lehenga that surely is an ideal pick for your day-wedding.

Green is a fantastic color and we have seen several brides rocking this colored lehenga at their weddings. Whether it's a small affair or a big fat wedding, this color looks unique and classy. The gold embroidery all over the lehenga brings out the color beautifully. 

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9. Coral Lehenga

Source: Jag Photo Studios

We are head over heels in love with this bride's unique choice of bridal lehenga color. You can add a hint of gold and green embroidery on the lehenga or go for a green-colored second dupatta. 

Pro Tip: You can wear traditional gold jewelry like this bride or go for green or any other contrasting jewelry that will enhance the beauty of this bridal color. 

10. Ivory Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

Loving how brides are ditching the traditional reds and pinks, and opting for unconventional colors like ivory. and making a statement This bride in her ivory-colored lehenga contrasting with complementing heavy jewelry is the right choice for your wedding day. You can also go for contrasting jewelry or dupatta, or maroon or red kaleeras to compliment your bridal look. 

11. Honey Yellow Lehenga

Source: Harkiran Basra

This masterpiece in honey yellow and ivory is definitely one of our favorite lehenga shades for a Sikh wedding. You can go for a single shade of lehenga or can add a contrasting colored embroidery or dupatta to pop out a color that will stand out.

12. Maroon Lehenga

Source: Sutej Pannu

Brides to be can take inspiration from this gorgeous diva looking ravishing in her dark Maroon velvet lehenga with a lighter tone dupatta and minimal jewelry in gold or contrasting color. We are loving how the focus is on the blouse, while the lehenga skirt is kept minimal yet classy. This color is perfect for a winter wedding or if you are opting for a destination wedding. It's an evergreen color that never fades and gives everlasting wedding photos. 

Bookmark this Dark Brown lehenga with intricate embroidery right away.

13. Midnight Blue Lehenga

Source: Jag Photo Studios

Another stunning color that you can opt for your bridal lehenga is this unique shade of blue - midnight blue. This color is perfect for day and night wedding ceremonies, especially if you are looking to wear something unconventional,  but royal. You can go for a contrasting second dupatta by picking any one shade out of many that are there in your lehenga. We suggest you try a red one for an unconventional yet traditional look. 

14. Dusty Pink Lehenga

Source: Brellow

No matter what shade you pink you pick, you will end up looking simply breathtaking. That’s why whenever we see brides wearing pink lehengas, we are sure it will make a statement. In awe of this bride who looked drop-dead gorgeous in her OTT lehenga that she paired with a peplum blouse. 

15. Multi-Colored Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

If one color is not your cup of tea, then choosing a multicolored lehenga is a great option to go by. This masterpiece in hues more than one makes a bride look not only beautiful but also makes her feel beautiful. Brides choosing this fusion are definitely up for experimenting with bridal fashion and setting an example for making a statement at the wedding. 

A multicolored lehenga is a perfect choice for a day or night wedding.

PS: This full-sleeved blouse instantly makes us fall in love with it. 

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16. Cherry Red Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

Sabyasachi never fails to impress us with his remarkable designs and this cherry red lehenga is what we are swooning over. If you are a bride who always wanted to wear red, but never loved the idea of wearing a traditional red and is open to experimenting, then this cherry red lehenga with multicolored flowers and contrasting jewelry surely needs to be bookmarked right away. 

17. Grey Lehenga

Source: Mehar Photography

Grey is the new favorite for the brides of millennial times. Looking at her looks makes us so sure, that any bride can make surreal effects with this shade on her wedding day.     

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18. Cupcake Hues Lehenga

Source: Singh Photos

A lehenga in cupcake hues is giving us all the right reasons to make us fall in love with it. This lehenga looks perfect for your Anand Karaj ceremony, resulting in absolutely beautiful photos. You can either don the same color or go for a darker shade or any other shade seen in the lehenga for a second dupatta to steal the limelight. 

19. Rosewood Lehenga

Source: Jag Photo Studios

Don't you think this rosewood lehenga with gold embroidery and kundan jewelry seems like a match made in heaven? We definitely want to see more brides wearing this color and setting #bridalgoals. You can wear this hue for your day wedding or an evening wedding. 

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20. Floral Lehenga

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Your perfect day could be more perfect by adding flowers to anything. Whether it's the decor or your wedding outfit. Flowers make everything look so refreshing and lively. This baby pink lehenga with dark pink and green flowers on it, makes a perfect wedding lehenga, especially matching with your floral decor. 

21. Teal Lehenga

Source: Badal Raja Company

Teal lehengas have become so popular in the recent past. It has two different hues - one that's more like green and the other more like blue. They look great for pre-wedding receptions, reception night, or for your day-wedding. It's a shade that can go well with silver or gold, with floral or embellishment, or even if you decide to keep it plain. 

22. Salmon Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

We are hooked on this bride's outfit and loved how she chose to complement it with matching jewelry and red choora. 

23. Silver Lehenga

Source: Badal Raja Company

We absolutely adore a bride who ditches the traditional colors when it comes to her bridal outfit and instead picks something unconventional and this exquisite ivory lehenga with embellishments and pearls exuding oodles of magnificence. 

24. Mustard Lehenga

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Sikh brides have been experimenting with the lehenga hues and serving us with inspirations almost every day. And this mustard bridal lehenga gave us a glimmering vibe for obvious reasons.

Pro Tip: Adding a red or pink color second dupatta would make the bridal look more striking. 

25. Stone Blue Lehenga

Source: Amrit Photography

Every time we look at this stunning lehenga, our hearts skip a beat. Such pretty colors, such pretty flowers embroidered at the lehenga skirt with a contrasting pink dupatta look edgy and breathtaking. 

26. Lilac Lehenga

Source: Harkiran Basra

For brides who want to stand out and make people drool over their looks, Lilac is a perfect hue that will look wonderful for a day wedding. It looks so fresh, and vibrant. 

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27. Pristine White Lehenga

Source: Harkiran Basra

We haven't seen many brides wearing white/off-white on their wedding day, but with brides being unconventional with their wedding choices like going for minimal jewelry rather than heavy, wearing pastel-colored chooras then opting for traditional reds, or even trading lehenga colors that are not really traditional like red, pink or orange with pastels, whites, and ivories. 

It's your wedding and trusts me, you will look stunning in whatever you wear on the most beautiful day of your life, but wearing something that resonates with your personality will bring out the best in you. So if you have been wanting to wear an off-beat lehenga for your wedding, go ahead, rock a white attire with a pop of jewelry. We really would love to see more brides wearing this color and make a statement. 

28. Gold Lehenga

Source: Jag Photo Studios

Whether it’s a day wedding or night, a gold lehenga is all about glitter and glamour. So brides go shine on with the sparkle in your wedding outfit and a twinkle in your eyes. You can choose to go for all gold with matching jewelry or add a pop of color with contrasting jewelry or by taking a red or pink or even green dupatta to add more vibrance. 

29. Rose Gold Lehenga

Source: Gautam Khullar Photography

How about it keeping it simple in a rose gold outfit like this one? This bridal lehenga looks like million bucks, even with monotone. 

Ps: Lover her peach-colored chooras to compliment her minimal bridal look.

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30. Beige Lehenga

Source: Pinterest

This bride is setting the benchmarks high for the brides who are looking for something unique and shimmering, especially with contrasting jewelry that looks so fresh.


A wedding is the most important day in one's life, and with the right makeup, jewelry, and lehenga, any bride would look like a dream. It's your day, and you must look the best, and with the options given above for Sikh brides, we are sure nothing can stop you from looking like a million bucks. Even if you want to opt for a traditional route, experiment with the different hues of reds, pinks, oranges, etc. It will give a more traditional yet, contemporary look. 

Featured Image: Amrit Photography

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