3 Sister of the Bride Looks You Cannot Miss (Outfit, Makeup & Hair)

Aug 22, 2022

A bride's sister has to play a very vital role in the wedding. She has to not only look after the wedding planning, but also make sure that the bride has everything she needed. The sister of the bride will be naturally involved in all the decision making and get everything sorted like making sure she is coordinating with the DJ to play bride's favorite song as she walks down the aisle, constantly keeping in touch with the other vendors for wedding event and if they require anything in particular. But apart from all this, another important thing for her is to make a stunning sister of the bride. And who in this universe would not love to dress up at her sister's wedding? 

Sister of the Bride Looks

While managing everything from planning and handing the wedding tasks to making sure you are the perfect bridesmaids who is always there for the bride, assembling your event looks is a task, but fret not, Pyaari Weddings with the help of Cinderella Bridez, brings you a few looks/recommendations you can consider for your makeup, jewelry and outfit that will just fit perfectly and make you the star of the wedding ceremonies. 

Source: Cinderella Bridez

Wedding Look Inspo 1

Makeup: Glitter eyes with a matte face look (balances out, the eyes are the attraction) 

Hair: Half-tied hair with flowers + soft curls 

Outfit: Cropped lehenga, pastel color 

Whether you go for a subtle shine or dramatic sparkling eyes, glitter eyes will never go out of trend. And especially for an event like a wedding, it looks chic and glamorous. When you go for glittery eyes, try to go for a matte makeup look, as it will balance out the makeup. Now with the glittery eye, you can go for pastel or nude matte shades for the lips, even glossy lips will look amazing. 

With such shiny glittery eyes and matte makeup, usually outfits in pastels like a blush pink lehenga, peach-colored, or a rosewood pink lehenga will look superb. Take an inspiration from this look, where her shiny eyes with a subtle matte, a sleek ponytail look is complimenting her blue outfit just perfectly.

Source: Cinderella Bridez

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You can even go for a sequinned gold saree just like the actor Keerthy Suresh. Her glam look with captivating eye-makeup and nude glossy lip is accentuating her whole look!

Source: Keerthy Suresh

We loved how Katrina Kaif had a blue shiny eye going on and with that, she also went for a light glossy lip. You can select the color of the glitter matching your outfit color. 

Source: Katrina Kaif

As it is a wedding, go for a hairstyle with flowers in it. Try a half-tied hair with waves and florals in it. This hairstyle gives out a girl-next-door kinda look and as a sister of the bride is an ideal hairstyle for you. Even after adding florals, you can go for hair accessories or jewelry like a mathapatti. You can choose a look with just one statement piece of jewelry like a heavy maangtikka or a sheeshpatti and complete the look. 

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Wedding Look Inspo 2

Makeup: Nude and pink look (glossy lips)

Hair: Mermaid braid with flower accessories

Outfit: Modern stitched sari

As a sister of the bride, you might wanna go for a nude and dewy look. Dewy and glossy looks are very in trend and if your sister has opted for an outdoor day wedding, then do not think for a second and just say yes to a nude makeup look! It is almost like a natural or a no-makeup look. If you have oily skin then go for a matte base and pinkish shade on your cheeks and for lips shades of pinks and oranges work the best. For hairstyle, a mermaid braid with flower accessories looks absolutely gorgeous and flowers add a fresh and vibrant touch to any look. You can skip florals and go for pearls to adorn your braid. 

A readymade saree, with a mermaid braid, adorned with pearls and pearl jewelry will go perfectly with nude makeup. And again for the sisters who like to make a statement, go for a heavy piece of jewelry like the neckpiece, or the earrings, or go for a passa. For lip shades, you can experiment with bold colors too, as your whole makeup is on the lighter side and to add a bit of a shine go for a pink or a rose gold highlighter. White eyeliner will give a dramatic touch to your look and that alone can set your whole look. 

For inspiration take a look at Alia Bhatt - she is a perfect example of how natural makeup should look but if you observe there is a light pink tint and the lip shade is an orange shade, more like a coral. 

Source: Alia Bhatt

Wedding Look Inspo 3

Makeup: Gold makeup look to go with jewelry and bold lip color

Hair: Blow-out look with curls towards the bottom, maang tikka

Outfit: Sharara (kurti with flared pants)

Hello to sisters who love dressing up and like to go the traditional way, a golden makeup with blow-out curls, complimenting traditional jewelry, and heavy ethnic wear like a gharara or a sharara, is just the look you are looking for. A golden-based makeup is perfect for the wedding ceremony and if you are opting for heavy traditional wear, then it will pair perfectly. With such a golden highlighted look, an ox-blood red lip or a dark brown lip would be just perfect. You can also choose lip shades like pink, orange, or plum in a matte shade. And given if the outfit color is in a lighter shade but heavily designed with florals, or stones, then a light shade matte lip will look really good. 

For outfits, a light floral saree in organza or Anarkali suits in chanderi silk with golden motifs will look stunning. For hairstyle also, a messy lower bun with flowers or a blow-dried half-tied hair in a messy bun will complete your look and will be different too. 

And if you are into trying something new, how about a high pony braid wrapped in golden ribbon? 

Source: Pinterest


All these looks are perfect for a sister of the bride. In makeup, there are no rules as such but what matters is balancing your whole look. Too much of anything can make the whole look go for a toss. So if you are into experimenting and love trying new things, for each look try one new thing on one part. Like if you are going over the top with your eyes, even if you are going for bold lips, try to make your base look subtle. If you would like to have heavy hair accessories then do not go for a neckpiece or heavy earrings. But girls, do not fear new things or go crazy with your looks. The wedding of your sister wont happen again, so make sure to dress up to kill!

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