How to Make a Glowing Bride with the Right Indian Wedding Makeup in Houston

Jan 24, 2022

Indian weddings are a celebration and symbolize the union of two families rather than just two people. Being an Indian bride can be stressful as she gets the most attention. Guests will throng to see her makeup, attire, and jewelry and form opinions about the bride and her family. 

How to Make a Glowing Bride with the Right Indian Wedding Makeup in Houston

While many bridges focus mostly on their bridal outfit and jewelry, you should not forget your makeup. Indian wedding makeup in Houston can make or break your look. If you have the right makeup, you will glow and look gorgeous. On the other hand, if the makeup is wrong, it will be your downfall even if you have the best jewelry and bridal attire. 

1. Find the Right Makeup Artist

Hair & Makeup: Royal Blush Studio

Do not wait until the last moment to find a bridal makeup artist. You will have to settle for the second-best if you do this. The makeup artist you choose will hide your flaws and enhance the best features of your face.  It is essential to remember that Indian wedding makeup is always a little over-the-top. Hence, you need a makeup artist who knows how to apply makeup for Indian weddings. The best to find a specialized Indian makeup artist is to look online. You use platforms, like Pyaari Weddings, to find professional makeup artists. 

2. Ask for their Portfolio

Hair & Makeup: Black Swan Studio; Photo: Cineart Photography

A professional makeup artist will be willing to show you their portfolio. Not every makeup artist has the skill to apply Indian bridal makeup, and that is why checking the professional’s portfolio is a must. If the makeup artist has a website, browse through the pictures on the site. If they do not have a website, do not hesitate to ask them for a physical album or digital photographs. It will show you their expertise and help you decide if the makeup artist is right for you. 

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3. Coordinate the Makeup with your Bridal Attire

Outfit: Rimple & Harpreet Narula

Many Indian brides opt for contrasting makeup. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the contrast does not clash with your bridal attire. So, make sure you have your attire in place and get the artist to do a trial run so that you can see if the makeup is right or you want to make changes. That way, you can be certain that your Indian bridal makeup in NYC is perfect and you become the cynosure of all eyes on your wedding day. 

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4. Less is More

Hair & Makeup: Sameen Khan; Photo: Photos by Hiedi

It is easy to go for garish makeup but remember that when it comes to makeup, less is always better. Look for a makeup artist, who has the skill to give you a natural look and make your face appear radiant. The makeup should not be too obvious. It should highlight your best features and still make you look natural and fresh.  Use these tips to get your makeup right on your wedding day and you will look confident, beautiful, and gorgeous, just the way a bride is supposed to look. 

Feature Image: Tirath.Shergill

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