Top 9 Women South Asian Wedding Planners in USA

Mar 21, 2022

A wedding is a beautiful union where two individuals take their first step to a new beginning, that is celebrated by the families and friends. Grand, intimate or just a simple party, an event like a wedding needs ideation, execution, and planning. Executing a wedding according to the couple’s vision needs a lot of attention and not just big parts even the smallest of details need attention. And when it comes to planning a South Asian Wedding, there are events apart from the main ceremony which needs to be organized with full attention. To achieve the dream vision for your wedding, and at the same time enjoy the rituals without stress is a dream in itself. But to make your dream, a reality, you can hire a planner so you can enjoy the rituals without any stress. 

Women South Asian Wedding Planners in USA

Hiring a planner will not only reduce the stress but the load and work will be divided when designing the wedding of your dreams. If you are confused about how and what, they will help you to have a wedding that not only you, but even your guests will remember. A good wedding designer will know exactly what their clients need and they will know how to cater to the client’s needs and desires, under a given budget. It is about multitasking and women are known to be the best in multitasking, isn't it? In honor of women's day, we would like to applaud the women wedding planners who are killing it in this industry with their design game and making your dream turn into reality. 

Please note, these female wedding planners listed below are in no particular order. 

1. Blue Lotus Insights

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Blue Lotus Insights is a Boutique Wedding & Special Event Design, Planning & Coordination company founded by Neha Shah that has continued to grow over the past 12 years. Neha is known for her ability to manage high-stress situations and that is one quality that her clients love and recommends her to others too. She believes that a solid connection and collaborative efforts with good vendors and the team’s dedication to keeping the client in mind is what leads to a successful event. Her team is given the liberty to make their own creative choice in the respective departments and the space given is what makes them thrive and be consistent in their job. When the pandemic hit our world, she introduced Virtual Wedding Planner for couples who are planning their wedding. This program will offer budget advice, timeline guidance, design insights, vendor suggestions, tools, and an expert guide who will constantly be in touch till the event becomes a success.

2. Event Design by Marianna Idirin

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Best events are minutely layered and are made of unforgettable memories, personal details incorporated, seamless and creative with a bit of environmental element, and Marianna Idirin and her team of talented professionals understand and also believe in it. They are a team of perfectionist who looks at the big picture and works with the smallest of details to make the event what it is supposed to be. Marianna’s curiosity, intuitiveness, and artful approach are what make her event design stand out. But what makes her unique is that she keeps learning and evolving, and is always looking to reinvent the traditional event experiences. The team takes on a limited number of clients each year as they strive to deliver the perfect service to each client. 

3. Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants

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Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants has over 18 years of experience and has designed and planned over 1200 weddings. As a perfectionist and a dedicated person, she has been creating a luxurious experience for all of her clients with her amazing team that includes a talented bunch of innovators and trendsetters. The team believes in making relationships stronger with the vendors and with a no-nonsense attitude they have been striving to make every wedding unique and unforgettable. Sonal is known for her dedication, attention to little details, and her team is an extraordinary blend of artists and intelligent professionals and all of them share only one passion- making the wedding event a spectacular and a cherishable one. 

4. Jennifer J. Events

Jennifer Johnson is the Creative Director, as well as the principal wedding designer of Jennifer J. Event where she and her team specialize in Indian and all Southeast Asian Weddings. Jennifer J Events is quite a popular and preferred event and wedding planner at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, The Breakers, The Biltmore, and many other high-end venues through Miami, Palm Beach, and Florida. Her firm has a fabulous in-house design team who can make a client’s vision come to life with the latest in decor and lighting.

5. Sara Kovel Events

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From designing intimate tented estate weddings to elegant black-tie celebrations, Sara Kovel Events is an experienced full-service event planning & design firm specializing in weddings, celebrations, and high-level corporate events based in Boston. Sara established and found this firm back in 2015. From start to finish the team will take their clients through the entire planning and design process and most importantly will create an overall custom design for the celebration. 

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6. Crain and Co. Events

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With a dream and loads of hard work, Meagan Crain launched Crain + Co Events, in 2013 and, along with her team, has grown it into the leading event planning company in Southern Arizona. She now designs and plans weddings, non-profit and corporate events throughout Arizona and beyond. The team specializes in creating timeless and breathtaking moments and is set apart by their high standards and excellent attention to detail while also remaining laid back and easy-going.

7. Premini Events

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Elizabeth Priya Kumar is another known woman wedding planner who has brought the world full-service events that have earned national recognition, including winning "Planner of the Year" in 2019 by the Wedding International Planners Association and she is the founder of Premini Events. From upscale weddings to opulent anniversary celebrations, the team at Premini Events will work with the client from idea to execution, no matter the size, number of guests, or level of complexity. They are always ready to transform the event into a sophisticated, luxury experience, one that is meaningful, magical, and everlasting.

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8. Events by Zeiry

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One thing which describes Zeiry is that she represents all the working mothers out there who are hustling and doing what they love but at the same time giving equal importance and love to their children too. Zeiry was always a renowned event planner but she never was able to start her firm as she had responsibilities as a mother, but eventually, she made the decision of making Events by Zeiry a reality. Events by Zeiry is a boutique destination wedding planning firm based out of South Florida that specializes in creating intimate luxury weddings near and far for couples. They provide the utmost personalized service and always tries to maintain a stress-free planning experience. The clients mostly describe Zeiry as one of the sweetest and calmest wedding planners. 

9. Tara M Events

Drawing on her multicultural Dutch-Indian heritage and 12 years in hospitality and event management living in Europe, Dubai, India, and New York, Tara Manchanda has planned over 100 weddings and events from New York to Dubai including South Asian weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, destination weddings, fusion ceremonies, and large scales events such as the Dubai International Film Festival and World Cup. Her firm Tara M. Wedding Events is a full-service wedding planning company based in New York and with her experienced and talented team, they strive to create chic weddings for clients who are looking to have an unforgettable and out-of-the-box experience. They work with a local and international network of the best vendors and partners to meet the client’s set budget. Based on the client’s ideas, they will meticulously plan every event detail from concept design to venue selection to the day of event production and coordination and will work tirelessly to give a beautiful experience to the clients and their guests. 

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